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3 Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugin Tools in 2022

If you are running a WordPress site, then you already know how popular and useful a WordPress dark mode plugin is. A dark mode plugin has many benefits that come along with it, such as lowering eye strain of the users, increasing user engagement and conversion rate etc.

If you are running a WordPress site, then you already know how popular and useful a WordPress dark mode plugin is. A dark mode plugin has many benefits that come along with it, such as lowering eye strain of the users, increasing user engagement and conversion rate etc.

In this article we will talk about what dark mode is, why it is so popular and what are the best WordPress dark mode plugin tools out there in the market.

So, stay tuned and continue reading ahead for more details.


What Exactly is Dark Mode and How Does It Work?

To put it in simple terms,  dark mode is a display setting that changes a website’s UI (User Interface) to a light-on-dark colored scheme. By generating a well balanced dark color combination of low contrast lights, it increases comfort of readability, especially at night times.

Besides, this low-light UI reduces the harmful white light emitted by the screen, which gives an eye-pleasing experience to the readers/users.

Which is why having a WordPress dark mode plugin installed on your site is a really good practice especially in recent times.


Why is Dark Mode Getting So Popular?

There is hardly any day that goes by when we are not engaged in something on the internet. A big portion of our everyday life is spent on the web for various purposes.

Whether it be searching for something or watching your favorite shows on Netflix, playing games, reading news and articles, you are always connected to the web.

Even though we rely on the internet for most of our everyday activities, it comes with some demerits also. Spending more time surfing the web puts a considerable amount of pressure on our eyes.

Besides, staring at the screen of our devices for hours has quite some negative impacts on health too.

Many of the websites we visit appear in dazzling bright layouts. And so, longer exposure to those bright lights hurts the eyes, mostly at late night hours or in low light conditions.

Which is why in recent times, using dark mode on devices has become quite popular. More and more people are opting for many dark mode solutions while using the web.

So, if you run a WordPress blog site or eCommerce website, then it is a perfect time for you to bring in a wordpress dark mode plugin.

Having that will increase the user engagement on your site. Because, people who like using the dark mode will get a comfortable reading experience and they will visit your site more often. But, most importantly it will be beneficial for the readers’ eyes.


Top 3 WordPress Dark Mode Plugin Tools in 2022

There are many WordPress dark mode plugin tools (both paid and free ones) available in the market. Each of them offers a variety of features and functionalities. But, we got you covered.

To save you the trouble of going on and surfing the web for a good one, in this article we have brought you the top 3 WordPress dark mode plugin tools for your site.

Along with having the dark mode for the front-end of your site you can also enjoy WordPress dashboard dark mode in your admin panel as well. This is just one example but there are many other interesting features to find out ahead.

So without any further due, let’s dive right in and check out the amazing tools.

Darklup – WP Dark Mode
wordpress dark mode toggle

First on our list of best WordPress dark mode plugin tools, we have Darklup – Wp Dark Mode. This powerful tool has much to offer than just being a wordpress dark mode switcher.

This WordPress dark mode plugin houses 15 floating switch styles for you to choose from and 12 color presets for designing your site in dark mode (for both front-end and backend).

WordPress dashboard dark mode can be applied directly with this tool. Just a click of a button and you can have dark mode enabled on your dashboard along with the front-end of your website.

If you think of applying WordPress dark mode without plugin, then it is not something that everyone can do or has the expertise to do so. That’s where Darklup – WP Dark Mode saves you from all those troubles in one go.

Forget about compatibility issues as this tool is fully compatible with major and popular page builder plugins such as Elementor, Guttenberg, Visual composer etc.

Like the previous tool, the floating switch can be placed at any place on the site. Not only that, you can customize the visuals of each and every element of the floating switch. This is a pro feature which requires you to purchase a pro plan.

Darklup is WooCommerce supported as well, so if you are running a WooCommerce site then with the help of Darklup you can include or exclude WooCommerce products and categories to be able to use the dark mode.

You can also include/exclude HTML elements using Custom CSS which is available in pro plans. If you want to automatically turn on or off dark mode on your site you can easily do that with the schedule timing.

Top features of Darklup include:

  • Dark mode for both front-end and backend
  • Time based dark mode (pro).
  • OS Aware Dark Mode.
  • Floating switch animation and positioning (pro).
  • Customization of switch size and colors (pro).
  • WooCommerce product and categories support (pro).
  • Image effects and usage analytics (pro).
  • Keyboard shortcut support.
  • Compatible with Major page builders.

Pricing: The free version is available on wordpress repository and pro plans start from $29/year for one site (starter pack).
NOTE: Check out whats new in the latest version of Darklup – WP Dark Mode (v2.0.9)

Droit Dark Mode
wordpress dark mode switcher

Next on our top 3 list of WordPress dark mode plugin tools with a popular one, Droit Dark Mode.

What is impressive is that no level of coding or changing WordPress theme is required for you to be able to use this dark mode plugin. You can very easily do that from its dashboard.

There is a floating switch / WordPress dark mode toggle button for the front-end part for the users to be able to turn on the dark mode with just a click. Besides, you can position your floating switch on any page or anywhere on a page of your site.

You can easily increase or decrease image brightness and contrast to match the dark mode in the pro version.

On the other hand, you can also set specific pages, categories, posts, products, etc., to be in dark or normal mode.

Interestingly, you can set different images separately for normal mode and dark mode. Moreover, there is also an option for you to include or exclude different html elements to be in dark mode using the custom CSS settings.

Looking at the top features quickly,

  • Ready-made color palette/presets
  • Different stylish switch styles
  • Custom CSS settings (pro)
  • Custom switch/button position
  • Image quality optimizer (pro)
  • Enable or disable dark mode on specific page, post, category (pro)
  • Page-wise dark mode (pro)
  • Shortcode support (pro)
  • Compatibility for popular page builder tools.

Pricing: The free version of Droit Dark Mode is available on WordPress repository. The pro version is $35/year for one site.

WP Dark Mode

WordPress dashboard dark mode

Another noteworthy mention on our list of WordPress dark mode plugin tools is WP Dark Mode. This awesome tool has many important and useful features under the hood that will give you an immersive experience.

With WP Dark Mode you can easily set dark mode both on the front-end and back end. There is a floating switch button available for using to turn on or off the dark mode in the front-end.

Not only that, this powerful tool has widgets for Elementor, Gutenberg, Divi, etc., so that you can easily insert the switch button on any page or post you want. So, having WordPress elementor dark mode is absolutely possible using WP Dark Mode.

Core features of WP Dark Mode:

  • OS-based color mode.
  • Time-based dark mode (pro).
  • Shortcode support (pro).
  • Multiple switch styles.
  • WooCommerce support (pro).
  • Custom CSS support (pro).
  • Ready-made color schemes.
  • Custom position, CTA and attention effects.
  • Popular page builder support.

Pricing: WP Dark Mode free version is available on the WordPress repository. On the other hand the pro version starts from $34.30/year for three sites.

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In this article we have brought up the top 3 WordPress dark mode plugin tools for your website. We recommend that you go through each of them before settling down with one.

Try out the free versions before going ahead with any purchases. Dark mode can help you gain more user attention and thus has good chances of getting a higher conversion rate and more engagement.

Give your users the option to comfort their eyes at night time. Make your sites stand out awesome in the dark.

Do not forget to leave a comment down below to share your feedback and thoughts. If you have any suggestion regarding the topic then you are most welcome to share them with us.

Until next time, stay safe and stay tuned!


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