Dark mode plugin- How to enable dark mode plugin in WordPress website

How to Enable the Dark Mode Plugin for WordPress on Your Website

Are you thinking of adopting dark mode plugin to have a better working experience? The Darklup Dark mode plugin for WordPress will be the most suitable dark mode provider plugin for your website.

Dark mode is becoming more popular these days as a result of its excellent compatibility with dark mode. The majority of people are suffering from a variety of issues as a result of their exposure to bright light, which is extremely dangerous to health. Dark mode ensures that color and light contrast are properly balanced. Its user-friendly support allows them to have a visually appealing journey.

Dark mode plugin has come up with a lot of features and advantages. Its user-friendly nature helps to access the plugin without having any extra knowledge as it provides all instructions. When you are using dark mode in your WordPress website, it will help to increase traffic and conversion rate.

Let’s learn more about Darklup Dark Mode plugin.


To add dark mode Plugin to WordPress, download the best plugin.


The best way to enable dark mode on a WordPress website is to include a powerful plugin that fulfills all requirements for dark mode. Since you may use a plugin to configure and access all dark mode-related features, depending on your needs.

Now is the time to choose a plugin that is appropriate for your website.

You need to consider a plugin’s effectiveness and adaptability. Due to this, the Darklup Dark Mode plugin will be ideal for you. Due to the fact that it offers all highly desired features and enables the functions you need.


Darklup Dark Mode Plugin with its Benefits.

Dark mode is now the most requested feature.It shields you from all of the hazards that come with using a bright display. It provides a better working experience with the suitable dark color scheme. Users who prefer to work in dark mode  because of the numerous benefits it provides. The Darklup WordPress plugin has a bunch of popular features. This excellent plugin can greatly aid in the enrichment of your website and the easier engagement of your audience.

Some of the most important benefits are listed below.

  • Content readability can be improved.
  • Allows you to spend a long period with your devices without causing eye strain.
  • Prevent eye strains, headaches, dry eyes, and other health problems.
  • Provide a pleasant working atmosphere.
  • Any device’s battery life is extended.


How to enable Dark Mode Plugin in WordPress?

Do you want to add a trendy dark mode plugin to your site? The Darklup dark mode plugin is ready to help you out as quickly as feasible. The Darklup WordPress plugin comes with a slew of high-demand features. Different dark color schemes and styles can easily be added to your website. This fantastic plugin can greatly aid in the enrichment of your website and the easier engagement of your audience.

If you are convinced with the convenience of Darklup Dark Mode plugin then let me instruct you about enabling dark mode in your WordPress. 

To add the dark mode plugin get the DarklupLite (Free version) or Darklup dark mode plugin ( Pro version)

Adding DarklupLite

Step #1

Get the plugin from WordPress.org and add it to your dashboard. Else go to the Plugins >> Add New  search the plugin by name and you will find DarklupLite.

Dark mode plugin for WordPress -darklup free version - 7.1

Step #2 

After completing installation, activate the plugin.

Dark mode plugin for WordPress -darklup free version activate plugin - 7.2

Once finishing the installation and activation process you can see a tab of Darklup. Click on the tab and have over all access to this plugin with free features.

Dark mode plugin for WordPress -darklup free version final look - 7.3

Now let’s turn into the pro version


Step #1 

First of all go to Darklup’s website and get a pro version of the plugin. Download the zip file of the plugin and collect the provided license key. From your dashboard  go to Plugins  and click on Add New. You can find a button for the Upload Plugin. Click on that button.

Dark mode plugin for WordPress -upload plugin -1

Step #2

Click on Browse  and upload the zipped file of the plugin.

Dark mode plugin for WordPress -darklup browse plugin -3

Step #3

After uploading the file click on Install Now.

Dark mode plugin for WordPress -darklup install now -2

Step #4

When your installation process is done, the system will ask for activation of the plugin. So, activate the plugin.

Dark mode plugin for WordPress -darklup activate plugin - 4

Step #5

After completing the activation process you will get a tab of Darklup. Click on the tab and provide your collected license key and email.

Dark mode plugin for WordPress -darklup license -5

Step #6

The overall activation process 0f Darklup dark mode plugin is completed. Now you can access all its features from settings.

Dark mode plugin for WordPress -darklup final tab - 6

Get the plugin and balance the light of your screen. 

To eliminate any issues associated with bright screens. For you, a black background with white lettering might be the ideal option. In order to provide you with all of the dark mode-related features. The Darklup Dark Mode plugin for WordPress has rapidly risen to the top of the list of service provider plugins. It will aid in the removal of blurred vision, eye strain, and fatigue, as well as the creation of a magnificent website with a well-balanced dark mode scheme.


Final Thoughts

The WordPress Darklup dark mode plugin turned out to be a really helpful plugin. Because it eliminates any problems associated with using a bright screen and boosts a website’s conversion rate. As users can use the dark mode whenever necessary, visitors feel secure reading the website’s content. I can only conclude that dark mode is really helpful.

Create a website that can offer a welcoming space with excellent color contrast while the site is in dark mode. That will help your company grow and foster a favorable atmosphere for traffic and conversion rates.


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