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Why Guided Selling is the Next Big Thing to Scale Your Business?

Due to the rapid growth of B2B and B2C businesses globally, marketers are adopting Guided Selling solutions, like WP Guidant, to take a foothold on the massive competition of getting their sales right on track.

The guided selling process is a new term that has been introduced in the market just 2-3 years ago, but it’s already changing the altitude of the marketing system. It’s an AI-based process that can read your existing shop data and lead the customers through a sale process without your involvement.

Sounds fun, right? Well, it’s more than just a couple of words. Our traditional marketing system is changing faster into online businesses where our customers becoming impatient for shopping. Speed is one of the most demanding things for an online shop right now and the Guided Selling Solution can increase your sales speed by another level.

Considering all the other possibilities, let us tell you in detail why Guided selling is going to be the next big thing to scale your business.

What is Guided Selling Process? How does it work?

By definition, the Guided Selling Process means an algorithmic software that combines AI and WordPress user database to guide customers to the product they desire.

This is no guess-work process but actual AI that reads user behaviors and thinks the next step based on existing data and machine learning. You can think of the Guided Selling System as logistic support, instead of a feature, that improves sales by helping the seller to be more active from a broad perspective.

The traditional sales method required the seller to memorize all details about every product in the shop. Most of the time, the seller needed to rely on instinct to recommend products to the customers while being ready to introduce new products instantly. All of these were the tiresome process of handling customers to elevate the business.

But with the Guided Selling Solution, you don’t have to deal with everything yourself. The process actually trains the sellers for engaging the customers quickly and efficiently. By going through the existing shop data, the process informs the seller to recommend the products that the customer will fall for.

Now, another word for guided selling refers to business solutions that guide the buyer into buying a product without the seller getting involved. Like how Amazon recommends products to the users based on their behavior on the site.

Like that, the guided selling system is built to focus on some key points-

Customer Engagement

The first target of any eCommerce website is to engage with customers successfully. It’s a tough challenge and takes a lot of considerations to come up with a proper plan to do that.

The fact is, you don’t know what a user wants who visited your site for the first time. There are two things you could do in this situation, 1. let the user stroll aimlessly, or 2. Give him something to engage. The first option will fail you more times than getting you any sales. But the second option is the right strategy, to engage with the user through some activities.

This is important because unless you can convince the users to like and spend time on your website, you won’t be selling anything soon. Good thing is, the guided selling process is a user-interactive system that engages with the users in a systematic way.

The more customer the guided selling process deals, the more enriched its database becomes, resulting in a never-failing virtual sales representative to boost your conversion rate.

Avoiding Choice Paralysis

It’s common problem for customers to feel insecure while choosing a product out of hundreds of choices at once. Having a large variety of products is good for your shop but too many options are bad for sales.

In times like this, a guided selling system can greatly reduce the choice paralysis problem by limiting the number of products based on the user recommendation. It can be a quick QA session to get the user preferences beforehand and only show the results that they want.

Easily Complete Sales

Normally, it takes a considerable amount of time to convince a customer to buy your product. Your sales reps need to put in a lot of effort before closing the deals with the customers.

Using the guided selling solution, you can minimize the effort and reap sales faster than before. Because of the interactive guided selling system, the user gets to choose from the products they desire the most. Thanks to the system, you won’t be suffering from the horror of recommending less interesting products and losing a customer.

That’s how the Guided Selling system is meant to function. One way or another, the goal is to get the customer what they are looking for; fast and precisely.

Guided Selling Ecommerce Solution

The Guided Selling process mainly aims at the E-commerce market while trying to enrich the overall marketing strategy. The available quality guided selling solutions in the market can dig through a ton of user data and analyze them to build the perfect system for eCommerce.

Every guided selling tool is different based on the build and purpose. But the common thing about them is that this kind of tool works similar to a search engine for finding the right product out of the whole shop for the customer.

As the number of tools for the guided selling system is increasing along with the number of features, the definition of a standard guided selling process is becoming more complex.

But still, any B2B or B2C market can use the tool to process their shop data to build the guided selling system. The resulting system empowers the buyers to complete their product search and purchase way faster than anything before. That’s why you can visualize a steep incline in the sales data and growth rate of your shop.

How to configure Guided Selling

There are available guided selling tools on the market that uses AI to analyze and differentiate user data for accurate results. One such plugin is WP Guidant for WordPress

WP Guidant is a unique guided selling solution that can build sales guides for finding and recommending products to customers. It’s a recently built system that does more than a regular guided selling system. Take a look at its features-

  • Create a multi-step guided selling process
  • Interactive filters for engaging with the customers
  • Cards and Sliders for filtering data & user-interaction
  • Conversational Forms for collecting user data
  • Lots of filter elements for precise data control
  • Very easy setting process (beginner friendly)
  • Conditional logic for smarter user engagement
  • Customizable Result attributes
  • Guide report management system for building sales funnels
  • Downloadable guide reports for data analysis
  • Email notification on the completed selling process

So, the plugin is smart enough to round up all the existing WooCommerce data to let you build user-interactive guides with interactive filters. As for how do you set up guided selling, the process is very simple.

  • Install the plugin
  • Click on Create New Guide
  • Fill in all info
  • Click on Create New Filter button
  • Then select the filter type (card, slider, or form)
  • Add a title & image to the filter element
  • Set filter condition
  • Save settings
  • Get back on the guide dashboard
  • Copy the guide shortcode and display it on your web page

That’s how easily you can create a fully functional Guided selling process using the Wp Guidant plugin. There’s nothing complicated going on and even a 6 grader can use this plugin.

How to Create a Guided Selling Process on Your WordPress Website – Beginners Guide


You can watch this video to get all the details about the guide creation process. It won’t take more than 5 minutes to completely build a guide. That’s all about the basic configuration of the guided selling solution we have built.

The fact is, you can display the guide simply on a blog page or your homepage and let users interact with it. The users get to use the frontend version of the guide that leads them to their desired product by filtering all the data.

That leaves us to the question-

Who is the editor of guided selling blog?

Mainly, the admin of the website gets to edit the guided selling system from the website backend. Especially for plugins like WP Guidant, you will get all controls neatly arranged in the backend or WordPress dashboard.

Generally, only the admin gets full control. This is because the guided selling solution comes as a license pack that the manufacturer puts in a cold box before delivery. That leaves the plugin manufacturer no way of accessing or modifying the system installed on your website.

In the case of a separate guided selling platform, the admin gets to customize only the frontend. Here, you won’t be enjoying full privacy and bad things may happen anytime. That’s why we suggest getting a reliable guided selling solution that isn’t connected to the mother server (i.e. WP Guidant).

Now that we fully understand the basics of a guided selling system, from top to bottom, let’s learn about some practical applications of that system

Helpful Guided Selling Examples

Real-time Response

In the case of a regular eCommerce website, the sales reps can’t respond to every call from the customers. Things get worse during the peak hours of business when the reps fail to respond to the overwhelming number of customers and their inquiries.

In fact, it takes a lot of time to educate the customer about a product in person. If your online shop is bigger, either you own a 1000 person sales team or you get more than you can chew.

For this type of eCommerce shop, real-time responses from your guided selling system help a ton. Not only it can converse with the clients, but it can also decide the next step judging by the user behavior.

The result is, you won’t be having any customers return empty-handed.

Full View On the Product Pipeline

It’s really hard to track every new update on a large variety of products, especially in an online shop. Although your website database contains everything you need to notice, it’s not possible to determine the current progress or status of the products (supply, stock, sales, etc.) instantly.

The guided selling solution helps you deal with all the data updates by improvising a smart interface that tracks everything on your website and displays them with graphs and grids. The system helps you analyze the success and failure of the current strategy and suggests improvements.

Like that, you and your sales reps will have it easy on tracking the overall progress on the sales.

Generating Reports For Better Sales Funnels

Of course, the WP Guidant guided selling solution can generate reports on the existing guides stacked and separated by their label. The report contains a detailed track of the user behavior on your site (on the guide) including their choices and personal information.

The reports can be downloaded on your local computer which you can later sort out to build a refined sales funnel. Also, you could extract the user emails and make your own mail list for leads.

Faster Selling System

The most common problem all eCommerce site faces is the proper system to display the right product in front of their customers.

As we already have told you, the guided selling solution can move sales faster by providing a straight-line selling process. The whole process includes highlighting the products, providing recommendations based on user behavior, and educating the user about new products.

WP Guidant is an interactive system that lets the users go through some product questionnaires to find the correct product they were looking for. The whole process takes only a couple of seconds where traditional systems take more than a couple of minutes, sometimes hours.


Days are gone when people had to through hundreds of pages to look for one particular product. Now, people want to get recommendations more so that they can choose faster.

WIth a proper guided selling solution, you can fulfill the demand and give people the fastest-selling system that recommends products according to the users’ needs. No doubt, the guided selling system is going to blow up the traditional marketing strategy very soon.

Fun fact, you have WP Guidant, the perfect guided selling process, on your side. So, no more worries. Enjoy boosted sales with WP Guidant.

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