Increase Conversion Rate up to 10X with WP Guidant

Satisfied Visitors

Higher Conversion Rates

Lower Bounce Rate

Packed with Powerful Features to Improve Purchasing Experience

Improve your store purchasing experience with effective product recommendation quizzes. WP Guidant offers flexible guide customization with elements like cards, sliders, and filters.

Make Efficient Purchasing Guide

It’s very natural for a customer to get lost in a large category of products. Guide plugin takes note of customer preferences and guides them to their desired product. It’s a very simple step-by-step sales funneling method that integrates into your online shop.

Showcase the Right Product

Product Recommendation Quiz Builder filters out miscellaneous items and brings out the only products the customer wants. The entire process is super fun and easy so the customers can shop comfortably. An easy way to boost conversion rate!

More Leads with Conversational Forms

Engage users with a quick fill form inside the guided process and directly create sales funnels according to the user’s decisions. Unlike any standard conversational form builder, This plugin efficiently picks up more leads that convert into customers.

Store and Analyze Data Logs to Win New Potential Customers

You can track the whole process data of multi-step sales funnels & conversational contact forms. Analyze the data from your dashboard to generate maximum leads with minimum effort.

Advantages of WP Guidant Guided Selling Plugin

Easy Guided Selling

Make super easy multi-step guides among a variety of products by sorting with the easy guided selling process.

Lots of Filters

Drive customers through a variety of organized filters to choose the right product they desire to purchase.

Cards & Sliders

List product categories in cards and sliders to let users make their way through the final product easily

Conversational Forms

Pique user's interest through a planned multi-step form and make them into potential customers

Smart Conditional Logic

Separate filters according to the user behavior in the previous form. Only what they want to see the result.

No Coding Required

The whole process requires zero coding knowledge! We already made it into a super easy interface.

Integrate Website Data

Use existing data for your guides

Post Data

Running WordPress LMS courses? Let WP Guidant handle your courses data and arrange them into small categories for the guided selling process.

Your WooCommerce store fails to meet the target sale due to the overbearing product category. Let WP Guidant rearrange the products into consumer-guided sales cards and sliders.

WP Guidant plugin is multi-language compatible and it works well with WPML. So, people from all around the world can feel comfortable with the guided selling system.

WP Guidant blends with the Advanced Custom Fields for WordPress and lets you push all product data into the system without any difficulties.

Get your post data listed in WP Guidant and make it work as a part of the guided selling process. Anything and everything in one place!

How Does WP Guidant Work?

Create A Guided Selling System in 4 Simple Steps And Sell Like Crazy!

Create Guide

It Starts With A Guide Book

The first thing you do is creating a guide. Just click on the “Create New Guide” button, give a name to your new guide, add a title that will be displayed on the page, and add some description to read from it. Keep simple, aim bigger.

Organize Filters

Let User To Choose From

Create filters to let people choose the product type. Just type a filter name, a title, some description, and then select the filter type. You have sliders, cards, and form types at your hand. Select the filter type and then add conditions to each individual filter element.

Fully Customizable Design

Design on Your Own Way!

Arrange the necessary filters in one place and make them into a guide. WP Guidant lets you sort the filters as you want as well as set titles and short descriptions to the guides. Design as you like with a seamless customization menu.

Publish Guide With Shortcode

Display Selling Guide Anywhere

Just copy the guide shortcode and paste it inside your target page. Easy! No need to do anything else. Just like that your guided selling process is ready to engage your visitors in a way you never thought before.

More Advantages of The WP Guidant Plugin

Customize Guides

Fully customize the guides to fit into your taste and type of website

Easy Integration

Integrate with WordPress and all kinds of themes without exceptions

Advise Your Visitors

Recommend good products to your visitors and increase the sales

Increase ROI

WP Guidant specialized in fast product selection and delivery which increases ROI

Awesome Design

Beautiful layout and appealing interface design to mesmerize the customers

Error Free Code

WP Guidant has an expertly coded structure with ZERO error and it’s totally bug-free

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