Privacy Policy

WPCommerz congratulates you on becoming a part of our community and encourages you to enjoy the privileges. We are committed to holding back your personal information safely and ensuring your privacy rights. For any questions, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

Upon visiting our website and using our services, we believe you trust us with your personal information. We don’t take privacy terms lightly. In this message, we are to describe our policies in brief. You have the right to know, and we are obliged to explain the methods of collection & usage of your personal information as clearly as possible.

You are to read the message carefully and agree upon the terms. If you can’t agree to any particular privacy policy, we strongly suggest you stop using our site & services.

This privacy policy applies to everything on the website & the activities regarding the collection of information (through the website or any related services including affiliates, sales marketing, events, social platforms, all referred to the privacy policy of this site)

Please read carefully.


When referring to information collecting methods, we follow the community standard protocol and use such well-known and widely used tools. We strongly protect your personal data, although the collected information does not disclose your specific identity.

The information is collected automatically.

  1. Cookies are used to authenticate your visit to a website and may consider you with an anonymous identity. We use cookies to improve your readability and page viewing experience. Learn all things about cookies:
  2. Logs keep track of your actions within the site, including IP address, ISP, time stamps, and browser information.
  3. Electronic files (tags, pixels) that record your browsing preferences.
  4. Analytic tools (Google, events) that stores site interaction & traffic data.
  5. Public databases (social media) often provide the user name, profile, address, gender, location, contact, identifications, and relative information leading to marketing research.
  6. Order information that a user submits upon purchasing a product.


We use your personal information (provided by you when ordered) to meet any requests that may need us to cooperate (payment, shipping, invoices) on our website.
In addition, we seek information to-

  1. Connect with you and build a proper communication bridge.
  2. Perform security screening & invoicing for purchased products.
  3. Advertise relevant services or products.
  4. Avoid fraud by cross-checking user data with browser interaction.
  5. Finalize account creation & login interface.
  6. Display testimonial with identity, location, & contact info.
  7. Ask for feedback regarding our services.
  8. Seek future business opportunities.


We may share your credentials if accepted by the terms of the law. Hence, we may proceed to disclose your data:

  1. Upon your consent which you’ve agreed to and use your data only in specific criteria.
  2. For Legal business interests, we may proceed to share your data as necessary to achieve our goal.
  3. Upon taking a contract with you, your data may be processed by us and used to fulfill the contract terms.
  4. For Lawful Obligations, we may disclose your data if it was intrigued by government, law, judicial office, court order, or other legal authorities who hold such rights.
  5. For violating our terms & condition by you or to prevent fraud, potential threats, illegal actions, or evident prosecution that involves us.
  6. For business transfers involving hand-over total ownership of the business, negotiations, company mergers, asset sales, or partnerships with other businesses.
  7. For advertisements that require a 3rd-party to display advertisements to pique your interests that may concern us.


WPCommerz is committed to keeping your personal information only for the time being it is needed. We may store the information for an extended period for the cases of tax, accounting, or other lawful requirements. We strongly assure you of keeping your data no longer than the necessary period of maintaining your account with us.

If we no longer need your data for any legitimate reasons, the information will be either erased or made anonymous or isolated in safety if necessary. We will not process your personal information once you have finished business with us and no longer want to connect with us.


WPCommerz has partnered with quality & eligible security organizations to ensure the complete safety of your personal information across our server. Although we can take pride in our security scheme, the online world is at risk and not 100% safe. We will perform the best of our capabilities to keep personal data transmission safe and protected within our site. We advise you to access our site only through reliable services in secured networks. Otherwise, we are not responsible for any data breach that has been triggered from the user end.


You are to possess the authority to access your personal information anytime you want through the proper channel.

By logging into your user account, you can-

  • Change user information or update current information.
  •  Request change of data or contact us through the contact methods.
  • Request account termination, and we are bound to erase your account with all your personal data. We may retain minor information to avoid fraud activities, troubleshoot errors, satisfy legal needs & Terms of Use protocol.
  • Reject/remove website cookies through proper means and opt-out of advertisements from various advertisers. Visit to initiate the opt-out process. Remember, rejecting cookies may affect some of our services or features on our site.
  •  Unsubscribe from our mail list to prevent us from reaching you through email marketing campaigns. However, this doesn’t include service emails.
  • Contact us for other contract bindings or set your preferences from your account settings.

Other than that, you may activate the DNT or Do-Not-Track feature from your browser/device that prevents tracking of personal information through user preferences.

We are not currently responding to any DNT calls as it is not abiding by any community standards or has any certified legal practice. If such a standard for online data tracking is adopter by authorities, we are bound to follow them. Hence, we will inform you regarding this in a revised version of the Privacy Policy.


Suppose you are staying in the European Economic Area, and you claim to believe we are unlawfully handing your private data. In that case, you can exercise the right to complain to your local data protection supervisory authority. You may find the information here:

If you are a resident in California, you may request once per year for your personal information disclosed to 3rd party for marketing purposes, including the party’s name & address. This act is backed by California Civil Code Section 1798.83, named the “Shine The Light” law. You are requested to contact us to exercise this right.

If you are a resident in California and aged under 18, you have the right to get your personal information deleted or removed from any publicity or unwanted advertisements. To exercise this right, you must contact us, and we are bound to fulfill your request. Note that the personal information may leave residue in the system that in no way would bring any harm to the user.


WPCommerz may require to update this privacy policy at times. To ensure safe transmission of information & fulfill law obligations, we may update our policy according to the current trend. It will read as a “Revised” policy and be defined as an updated policy version. It will be effective upon implementation.

If we change our policy, we may inform you by posting a notice or by direct contact (email, personal notification, etc.). We strongly suggest you review the privacy policy from time to time and understand how we protect your data.


If you have any inquiries regarding our privacy policy, don’t hesitate to contact us through this email: [email protected].