Terms of service

This website, WPCommerz.com, (Hereinafter known as WPCommerz.com, site, website) is owned and solely operated by WPCommerz. (Hereinafter known as WPCommerz Web Tech company, WPCommerz, we, company, our).

We urge you to carefully go through our terms of service before making any kind of purchase or downloading any products from our website. Our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service cover every aspect of our products or services that should be informed to our clients in prior. Any kind of transaction made from the client’s side considers as an agreement to our Terms Of Service and other Policies and further subjected to measures according to the company rules.

If you have any objections about our terms or you don’t agree with them, we strongly discourage you to involve further with WPCommerz.com.

1. Limitation of Liability

WPCommerz will not be accountable to customers under any circumstances that involve direct, non-direct, collateral, or incidental damages, (not limited to), loss of data or profit, from using, or inability to use, the products on this website, even under the suggestions of potential damages by WPCommerz or authorized personnel from the company. If you face any issues outside the boundaries with our products that require repairing, servicing, or correction of data, you are liable to bear consequent costs therefor.

2. License

All products from WPCpmmerz are released under GPL Public License. We strongly discourage you from resale, modification, redistribution of any kind. The license connects our products to our main server which allows updates. If you do not activate the license, our product will not work.
Our products have 1 year validity for yearly subscription and lifetime validity for lifetime subscription plans and the counter begins by the minute of completing the purchase. Without a valid license, you can not download a copy of the purchased products. A valid subscription is needed in order to activate the plugin.

3. Ownership and Liability

All products of WPCommerz are the sole property of the company and the company only. You may not claim exclusive authority or ownership of any products belonging to WPCommerz. All products are provided “as is” and do not fit under any warranty, committed or uncommitted. In no situation shall our legally constituted entity be liable for any kind of damages (collateral, direct, indirect, etc.) or other losses through the use or inability to use the products. The User Account and the License Code are non-transferable.

If you are related to the person held accountable for purchasing the product, we advise you to ask him/her/them to purchase the product directly from us. It saves any unnecessary trouble as well as ensures proper conversation if needed follow up with support tickets.

4. Refund Policy

We are very confident in our products that will satisfy your needs. If you are not satisfied with our products, having any issue or trouble, we are obliged to get you a full refund within 30 days of purchase. However, we may inquire you about the issue and suggest a solution to your problem and we seek your advice to improve ourselves while refunding. We also encourage you to share with us your trouble in deciding on a refund. Please Read Our Refund Policy Here.

5. Warranty

We provide all products “as is” without any viable warranty. We do not claim our products will function on all browsers, nor do we claim the products are compatible with all versions of WordPress. We strongly suggest you read the product info from the product description to get knowledge about compatibility and other settings before purchasing. You can contact us anytime for additional support.

6. Product Updates

All products purchased directly from WPCommerz include free updates for up to 1 year for yearly subscription and lifetime for lifetime subscription plans from the date of purchase. We guarantee frequent updates for the improvements of our products and the betterment of our clients. We do not hold the liability or promise updates for products that we see as perfect or need no modifications. We always set the latest WordPress version for our product compatibility to ensure the proper flow of the products. We do not guarantee our products will run on older versions of WordPress.

7. Account Suspension and Termination

WPCommerz holds the right to suspend and/or terminate any user account by providing prior notice. This may happen for the following reasons: Abusive/negative/aggressive behavior towards any staff and/or customer belonging to WPCommerz.
Repetitive false, defamatory, or malicious statements including slander against our company or trying to persuade potential customers away from making any purchase on our products. Promoting products from competitors, involved in software piracy, hacking, spamming, or other illegal acts that fall under the Digital Law.

We strongly believe that your user account has been compromised, shared with others for personal benefits, or any other security reasons. All decisions in the above events are final and termination or suspension of accounts are irreversible.

8. Privacy Policy

We do not hold any of your personal information for any other purposes, but for the purchase of the products. Any kind of user information that falls under the vital information category will not be shared/sold/rented to any third party. You understand our Terms of Service and give your consent in following those. We will notify you via our website or email of any change or update to our Policy. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn the whole extend of your rights.