5 Best Dark Themes For WordPress Websites (Expert Pick)

5 Best Dark Themes for WordPress Websites (Expert Pick)

Is designing a WordPress website easy? The answer is it’s easier than you think. Because WordPress has multiple pre-developed themes for the website owners. You just have to find the right one for your site. Now dark themes have become very popular among audiences. Dark themes have numerous benefits such as improving content readability, reducing eye strain, and enhancing website looks.

Who will help you to find the right dark interface theme for your site?

No worries 😃. We are here for you! We are going to introduce you to the 5 best dark themes for WordPress. We have tested each theme on our site. As a bounce, we will discuss an advanced dark-mode WordPress plugin called Darklup. So let’s jump on the full discussion.

Benefits of Dark Themes on WordPress Websites

Using dark themes on WordPress can offer several benefits for both website owners and visitors. Here are some advantages to consider –

  • Reduced Eye Strain: Dark themes are easier on the eyes in low-light conditions, making it more comfortable for users to browse your website for extended periods without experiencing eye fatigue.
  • Enhanced Readability: White text on a dark background can improve text readability, as it reduces the contrast and glare that can strain the eyes when reading on a bright screen.
  • Energy Efficiency: Dark themes can be more energy-efficient on devices with OLED or AMOLED screens, as individual pixels emit their own light. Using dark backgrounds can help save battery life on smartphones and laptops.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Dark themes often have a modern and stylish appearance, which can make your website stand out and leave a memorable impression on visitors.
  • Branding Opportunities: Dark themes allow for creative customization and branding opportunities. You can choose colors and design elements that align with your brand’s identity.
  • Highlight Content: Dark backgrounds can make colorful images, videos, and text elements pop, drawing attention to your content and creating a visually engaging experience.
  • Improved Focus: Dark themes can reduce distractions by emphasizing content and minimizing visual clutter, helping visitors stay focused on your message.
  • Accessibility: Some users with visual impairments or sensitivity to light may find dark themes more accessible. Implementing accessible design practices can broaden your website’s reach.
  • Compatibility: Many popular plugins and themes are designed to work seamlessly with dark themes, ensuring that you can maintain functionality while enjoying the benefits of a dark aesthetic.
  • User Preference: Some visitors simply prefer dark themes, and accommodating their preferences can lead to higher user satisfaction and longer time spent on your website.
  • Reduced Blue Light Exposure: Dark themes can reduce blue light exposure, which can disrupt sleep patterns when viewed at night. This can be especially helpful if your audience includes night owls.

By the way, you can enable the dark mode on your existing WordPress theme. You just need a plugin named Darklup. It’s a smart algorithm-based dark mode plugin for WordPress sites. This plugin will help you to implement a dark interface within a few seconds

Darklup Plugin

Darklup has various essentials for the dark interface such as dynamic dark mode, time-based dark mode, color presets, and backend dark mode. If you love your existing WordPress dark mode plugin, choose the Darklup.

5 Must Have Dark Themes for WordPress Websites

In the WordPress theme store, you will get numerous free and premium themes. In this section, we are going to give you some ideas about some essential dark themes for your site. So, are you interested in jumping on the list? Let’s go there.

1. Dark Fusion

Dark Fusion

Are you looking for a simple and user-friendly dark interface theme for your website? Dark Fusion is the best option for you. It’s a lightweight and modern design dark theme that is available on the WordPress theme store.

Specially, you can use this theme for your WordPress blog website. By the way, you can also choose it for your regular WordPress site. Besides that, Dark Fusion is a translation-ready theme. So you don’t need to worry about the current language of your site.

Dark Fusion Preview

Also, it is compatible with most of the essential WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, etc. Along with the website design, the text style of the website is an important factor. The resemblance between website text and design makes the overall look more attractive.

2. Gutenify Business Dark

Gutenify Business Dark

When we are talking about a modern-style WordPress black theme, Gutenify Business Dark comes first in our minds. Because it’s an updated block-based dark theme for the WordPress website.

This good-quality theme will allow you to customize your WordPress website with the WordPress block editor. That means you have the full customization facility where you can edit the layout, typography, and color of every single page website.

Gutenify Business Dark Preview

By the way, there is also a Gutenify website builder available on the plugin store. This builder plugin is fully compatible with the Gutenify Business Dark theme. Because both are the products of the same company. 

Additionally, you will get various pre-customized builder templates for this plugin. You can say Gutenify Business Dark is more than a regular theme. Because it will give the user various benefits. So you can do anything from organizing a website to implementing the final design.

3. Formula Dark

Formula Dark

Now we have come up with a lightweight and faster dark theme for you. Everyone wants a lightweight theme for their WordPress website. Because heavy themes reduce the speed of the site. 

The simple interface of this theme is fully adaptable to any type of WordPress website. You can create websites like blogs, portfolios, newspapers, interior design, fitness, etc websites. Basically, it suits most websites.

Formula Dark Preview

Whenever you choose a theme for your site, the theme should be fully compatible with the page builder of your website. That’s why Formula Dark is compatible with most of the famous builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc. Besides that, it supports most of the prominent WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO, WPML, Shortcode, Mailchimp, etc.

4. Monster Dark

Monster Dark

Are you trying to find a full-fledged theme for your business website? We can assure you the Monster dark theme is the perfect option for you. Monster Dark is specially built for online business and entrepreneur websites.

So for your WooCommerce store, you can definitely choose this theme. We know mobile internet users are increasing day by day. So your website appearance should be appropriate for them.

Monster Dark Preview

This theme is fully designed based on the mobile-friendly layout. In the mobile browser, your website will look appropriate. As a result, users will be satisfied. Also, you don’t require any advanced coding knowledge to customize the template of this theme.

You might think that this theme is only for the business website. No worries, this beautiful dark-shaded theme is suitable for various types of WordPress websites such as education, fashion, construction, blogs, magazines, travel agencies, etc.

5. Dark Mode Blog

Dark Mode Blog Preview

Hey blogger, are you ready to make your site more attractive? Then the Dark Mode Blog theme is the right option for you. The overall design of a blog site is very important. Appearance creates the first impression for the visitors.

Generally, we know the content is the main factor of a blog website. But you must present your content in the right style. Otherwise, why will people like your site? However, the Dark Mode Blog theme is minimalist and simple.

Readability is a crucial factor for the blog site. People don’t like bright and multi-color interfaces on a blog website. So the design needs to be cleaned and polished. Moreover, your theme impacts the overall SEO performance of your site. 

For example, you have chosen a heavy theme for your website. It will make your website heavy. So the website will become slow. As a result, it will increase the bounce rate issue. Will you choose a heavy theme? Definitely not. Dark Mode Blog is very lightweight and it will make your site faster than ever.

Final Words

Choosing the appropriate theme for your own website is critical. Each type of theme comes with different benefits. For example, dark themes can make your WordPress site more user-friendly and visually appealing. Basically, the dark interface became very popular among visitors because of its numerous benefits. In this article, we have discussed some essential dark themes. Choose any of them to give your site a new look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why is the dark theme better?

Dark themes are often preferred because they reduce eye strain and save battery life on devices with OLED screens.

Q2: Is a dark theme good for the eyes?

 Yes, a dark theme is generally considered better for the eyes, especially in low-light conditions.

Q3: Is the dark theme a trend?

Yes, dark themes have been a popular design trend in software and app interfaces.

Q4: Is a dark theme better for coding?

Many coders prefer dark themes as they can reduce eye fatigue during long coding sessions.

Q5: Does a dark theme use less power?

Dark themes can save power on devices with OLED screens, but the difference may vary depending on usage and device settings.

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