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Top 7 WordPress Backup Plugins Compared (Free & Premium)

The internet world is a place of unfortunate events. Anytime you might lose the data of your website. It can happen for various reasons, such as malware attacks, plugin updates, server crashes, etc.

No worries, you can easily store your website data with the backup plugins. We are going to introduce you to the 7 best WordPress backup plugins. Each plugin has efficient functions for you. Choose any of them to backup your website data.

Best of luck with your WordPress website journey!

Why is it Important to Backup Your WordPress Website?

You might be confused about the significance of backup on your WordPress website. Well, there is no guarantee about the security of any kind of website. That doesn’t mean that every website is vulnerable. But, proper website backup is important to keep safe in the long run.

In this section, we are going to discuss some points of the importance of WordPress website backup. So explore them.

1. Safe from Malware Attacks

Malware attacks could happen at any time or for any reason. Because websites are built on the digital platform. There are thousands of malicious software available on the internet. 

As a result of a malware attack, you could lose the entire data of your WordPress website. So it becomes a huge loss for you. For example, you have built a well-organized WooCommerce store.

Your online store has various product data. Now, your website has a malware attack. It will automatically erase all the necessary data from your website. You can’t recover your website data unless you have already backed up your website.

So, it’s important to backup your website as soon as possible. To prevent malware attacks on your website, you must follow these factors.

  • Add a secured authentication system on your website.
  • Ensure proper spam protection and email security.

2. Reduce Hacker Attack Damage

WordPress website backups play a crucial role in preventing hackers and enhancing the security of your website. 

Even with the best security measures in place, determined hackers can find vulnerabilities and breach your website. Having a recent backup allows you to quickly restore your website to a state before the breach occurs. 

Hackers often inject malicious code, spam links, or malware into compromised websites. With a backup, you can clean your site by reverting to a version before the infiltration. 

When a hack occurs, it’s essential to identify the entry point and the extent of the compromise. With a backup, you can set up an isolated environment to analyze the breach and understand how it occurred. 

Hackers often exploit software vulnerabilities that are not yet known to the developer or security community. In the event of a zero-day attack, having a backup allows you to roll back to a secure version of your website, protecting your data and users until a fix is available.

A hacked website can lead to data leaks, compromised user accounts, and a loss of trust among your audience. By promptly restoring a clean backup, you can mitigate the impact on your users and maintain their confidence in your website’s security.

3. Data Recovery From Server Crash

There is no confusion that WordPress is one of the prominent platforms for building any type of website. People always feel secure in building their website on this platform. But server crashes can happen at any time.

Basically, this is an unfortunate event for the WordPress website owners. As an owner, you must be prepared to prevent the loss of this problem. Here, the website backup plays a huge role.

If you regularly backup your website data, it will be stored on another server or storage. So you don’t have to be worried about the data loss issues. Your server might have crashed, but your website data is safe.

However, your website server crashed for multiple reasons. Some of the common reasons are –

  • Problem with the hosting service provider system.
  • Sudden rise in the traffic of the website.
  • Unexpected WordPress plugin-related errors.
  • The website domain name expired problem.
  • Content management system update related problem.

So you should always focus on these factors of your website. Analyze each of them carefully to prevent website crash-related errors.

4. Plugin Update Related Issues

Sometimes, WordPress plugin updates can create critical issues on your website. It may create problems like plugin conflict, website broken, data loss, security errors, etc. So, you must be careful while you are updating your website’s plugin.

At this time, the backup feature of your website can be really helpful for you. Because an accidental update can crash your website. So, the backup data will automatically recover your site.

When encountering WordPress plugin update errors, you can try the following steps:

  • Update WordPress and Plugins: Make sure your WordPress core and all plugins are up to date. Sometimes, conflicts arise due to outdated software.
  • Deactivate Problematic Plugins: If you suspect a specific plugin is causing the issue, deactivate it temporarily to see if it goes away.
  • Check for Compatibility: Verify that the plugin is compatible with your WordPress version. Older plugins might not work well with newer WordPress releases.
  • Review Error Messages: Check for any error messages that appear when updating the plugin. These messages can provide clues about the issue.

Plugin Conflict: Test for conflicts by deactivating all plugins except the one you’re trying to update. If the update works, gradually reactivate plugins to identify the conflicting ones.

Tips for Choosing the Right Backup Methods

Before going to backup your website, you must focus on some important factors. We are going to share with you the most important points about it. So, let’s jump on that.

  1. Consider Your Website’s Size and Complexity: The size and complexity of your website can influence your backup needs. Larger websites with more content, plugins, and customizations might benefit from more frequent and comprehensive backups.
  1. Frequency of Updates: If your website undergoes frequent updates, such as regular content publishing or plugin installations, consider a backup method that allows for automated and frequent backups.
  1. Type of Content: Depending on the type of content you have, such as media files, articles, or user-generated content, you might need a backup method that ensures all these elements are included and backed up properly.
  1. Backup Storage Location: Decide where you want to store your backups. Off-site storage, such as cloud services, ensures your backups are safe even if your website server experiences issues.
  1. Backup Retention: Consider how many backup copies you want to retain. Some backup methods offer options to retain multiple versions, allowing you to revert to a specific point in time if needed.

Ease of Restoration: The chosen backup method should make it easy to restore your website in case of a disaster. Test the restoration process to ensure it’s straightforward and efficient.

7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins For WordPress

1.VaultPress Backup

  • Current Version: 2.2.4
  • Active installations: 30,000+
  • 3.8 out of 5 stars(73 reviews)

When you are searching for the backup plugin, VaultPress will frequently appear in your search results Because it’s the prominent backup plugin that was specially developed by the WordPress authority.

VaultPress has the easiest interface and functionality to backup your WordPress website. Any beginner can easily backup their website without doing any complex things. It’s an automated backup plugin.

So you can easily backup and restore your website data from the mobile apps. Besides that, you don’t need to know any advanced coding knowledge to operate this plugin. It also has a strong backup data protection system. Safeguard will be the advanced data protection system of your website.

Proper data recovery is always important for your site. That’s why Vaultpress has an instant recovery function. It will help you to recover your website data while your website is down. If you have a WooCommerce store this plugin is the right choice for you.

Because it has special features for the WooCommerce websites. It will help you to protect your customers’ data.

Leading Features

  • Complete website backup system.
  • Real-time backup with daily frequency. 
  • Faster restore within a click.
  • Advanced malware scanning facility.
  • Specially built for the WooCommerce websites.
  • Firewall protection for the websites.


  • Current Version: 1.23.9
  • Active installations: 3+ million
  • 4.8 out of 5 stars(7,146 reviews)

When talking about backup plugins for WordPress, UpdraftPlus comes in first place in the whole market.

UpdraftPlus is popular among the netizens with stunning 3M+ active installations. The plugin offers a complete site security package alongside the backup service. You can easily backup your data on servers like Google Drive, Dropbox, DreamObjects, etc.

However, it has a powerful option for website migration. It will help you to migrate your WordPress website to a different hosting server. Sometimes you need faster data restoration for your website. UpdraftPlus has a faster data restore function for users.

Leading Features

  • Incremental backup (Full website).
  • Manual & custom scheduled backup. 
  • Automatic backup system before update.
  • Numerous remote storage locations.
  • Restore data from the other backup plugins.
  • Fully compatible with multisite systems.
  • Database encryption system for websites.

3. Duplicator – WordPress Migration & Backup Plugin

  • Current Version:
  • Active installations:1+ million
  • 4.9 out of 5 stars (4,147 reviews)

Duplicator is our favorite pick, despite being the last one we introduce you to. This plugin has the most straight-line development history with a jaw-dropping 25M downloads.

Duplicator works fast, is reliable, and has an automatic backup function. It has the fastest backup storage record that allows your website to avoid any kind of misfortunes. Although it has no malware shield, it’s a perfect backup plugin as an original.
With the help of a Duplicator, you can easily create pre-optimized sites. It will save a good amount of time while you are managing your site. Besides that, you can easily migrate your WordPress website.

Leading Features

  • Instant backup.
  • Automatic backup schedule.
  • Drag-drop site migration.
  • Multiple cloud storage for backup.
  • Auto database creation.
  • Email notifications.
  • Hosting available.

4. BackupBuddy – Full Fledged Backup Solution

  • Active Installations: 1 Million  

BackupBuddy is another expensive backup plugin, providing backup for WordPress for more than 10 years. This popular tool has the power to create backup files automatically prior to any breach in site security. It gives you the option to backup manually using in-dash control on your website.

A proper backup storage system is always important. That’s why BackupBuddy has an advanced remote backup facility for users. The users can easily store their site data on various remote storage locations such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Besides that, it will also notify about backup completion through email. The plugin is favored by more than a million people and it continues to provide quality services. 

Leading Features

  • Database and site backup.
  • Custom backup plan for the scheduled operation.
  • Tamper protection & anti-hacker shield.
  • Multiple FTP & cloud backup platforms are supported.
  • Backup customizer.
  • Selected restore function.
  • Developer tools.

5. BlogVault WordPress Backup Plugin – Migration, Staging, and Backups

  • Current Version:5.24
  • Active installations:100,000+
  • 4.3 out of 5 stars(184 reviews)

BlogVault is an under-dog backup plugin that has been exposed to the market very largely. But, it’s a pretty solid plugin based on the number of features and the quality of services. This is a premium plugin that had no free version until very late. 

The plugin works swiftly as it stores incremental backups and restores differential files. Most of us face problems with the data recovery of our website. But BlogVault has the fastest data recovery functionality for the users. You can restore your WordPress website data in offline mode.

This is one of the most dynamic WordPress backup & restore plugins. If you have a WooCommerce store, it’s the right option for you. This plugin has real-time data recovery functionality for WooCommerce. Although the pricing plan seems a little complicated, the plugin itself is worth it.

Leading Features

  • Real-time backup feature
  • Full website backup
  • Fast restore option
  • Backup test drive
  • Free staging & migration
  • WooCommerce integrated

6. Total Upkeep – WordPress Backup Plugin plus Restore & Migrate by BoldGrid

  • Current Version:1.15.7
  • Active installations:80,000+
  • 4.7 out of 5 stars(343 reviews)

The Total Upkeep backup plugin is developed by BoldGrid, a popular WordPress plugin developer company.

This plugin is a dedicated tool for backups with no other features or functions involved. It’s a powerful tool that works automatically and prevents your site from crashing. Again, it can restore any WordPress website while the WordPress server is down.

Total UpKeep also has advanced remote backup functions. It will give you a secured remote backup system with FTP/SFTP options. Besides that, it supports automatic backup options on Google Drive and Amazon S3.

You can operate it with remote settings including scheduled backups. The restoration process only needs a click to initiate. Also, you can easily check the errors with the help of built-in website diagnostic tools.

Leading Features

  • Dedicated WordPress backup system.
  • Site health monitor.
  • Custom backups.
  • Total web data backup.
  • Google Drive storage enabled.
  • Easy site migration.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

7. BackWPup – The perfect WordPress Backup Plugin

  • Version:4.0.0
  • Active installations:700,000+
  • 4.4 out of 5 stars (1,005 reviews)

BackWPup is an old player in the backup plugin department. WordPress has had it for more than 13 years now and people have downloaded it more than 12 million times.

This plugin is very easy to use and has been proven as one of the best WordPress backup plugins. It perfectly backups your site data whenever it senses any attack or crash signal. You can also pick schedule backups with it.

You can easily backup your website data on prominent platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Azure. Besides that, it has options for the FTP Backup.BackWPup also supports multi-site customization.

Although this plugin has been on the bad side of people a couple of times, it is a good alternative for some of the top-line products.

Leading Features

  • Full database backup.
  • Backup log notification.
  • GZip compression.
  • Lots of optional storage.
  • Premium customer support.

Final Words

In a world where your website’s safety and data integrity are paramount, choosing the right backup plugin is crucial. After comparing the top 7 WordPress backup plugins, it’s clear that each option comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. 

Whether you prioritize user-friendliness, comprehensive features, or budget-friendliness, there’s a plugin tailored for you.

Remember, a well-chosen backup plugin is like an insurance policy for your online presence, providing peace of mind and safeguarding your hard work. So, assess your requirements, weigh the pros and cons, and make an informed decision to ensure your WordPress website stays secure and resilient.

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