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Best WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Every WordPressians is waiting for the most anticipated Black Friday and Cyber Monday event. Because they can grab their desired product at a discounted price this time. Most famous WordPress plugins are often sold for between 40-80% discounted price. 

Isn’t that amazing??😀 It’s very easy to grab the deal. Just you have to search and find out the Black Friday deals of your favorite plugin. You will get specific coupon codes for the deal. Just copy the coupon code and paste it during the purchase. 

You can easily get various essential plugins within your budget and boost your site performance 🚀

Well, we are going to make your search effort easier. Because we will list some essential and famous plugin deals here. So are you excited to know more about those attractive Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals?

Let’s jump on that! ⚡

🔥 Featured WordPress Black Friday Deals

Darklup – Get Up to 45% off!

Enabling dark mode in websites has become the hot cake in the digital World. Now it has become a trend in website design. That’s why we have introduced an advanced dark mode plugin called Darklup specially for the WordPressians.

Deal: 35% OFF Date: 21 Nov – 28 Nov Coupon: Not needed

wcEazy – Get Up to 50% off!

Are you tired of managing your WooCommerce-related tasks? We know it’s very difficult to manage all the WooCommerce-related tasks. Well, wcEazy can be the perfect solution for you. It’s an all-in-one solution plugin for WooCommerce stores. wcEazy has 11+ efficient modules for online stores. 

WP Guidant – Get Up to 60% off!

Improving your store’s purchasing experience is a crucial factor. Well, the purchasing experience means how easily the customers can find their desired product. Here the WP Guidant plays the real game. With the help of this powerful WooCommerce plugin, you can improve your store’s purchasing experience. 

Deal: 35% OFF Date: 21 Nov – 28 Nov Coupon: Not needed

Exciting WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals in 2023

Who doesn’t love attractive offers and deals while they are purchasing any product or software. Basically black friday and cyber monday is one of the biggest events for the WordPress development industries. 

We enlisted most of the lucrative deals & offers that are offered by the most famous companies. You can easily grab the right deal at your desired price. However we will also constantly update this list with the latest offer information. So stay with us to know more about the offers.

📌 Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for WordPress Plugins

There are lots of WordPress users always waiting to purchase their desired plugin on this event. So lets see the best deals of the famous WordPress plugins.

WP Rocket – Get Up to 50% off!

If you are searching for a caching WordPress plugin, WP Rocket is the best choice for you. WP Rocket is an all-in-one performance boosting plugin for WordPress sites.

With the help of this essential plugin, you can easily boost the performance of your site. It will also help you to speed up the core vitals of your website. This plugin equally helps bloggers and WooCommerce business owners to boost their conversion and audience engagement.

Large size web pages always create a bad impact on the performance of your website. Basically it slows down the transition speed of the page. WP Rocket will help you in this situation. 

It has powerful GZIP Compression functionality. It automatically compresses the webpage and decompresses on the browser. As a result, it speeds up your website. 

In fact, WP Rocket keeps your website database clean. A clean database is always essential to boost the speed of a WordPress site. Your site must be connected with the right CDN server. If you choose this plugin, you don’t have to be worried about it.
Because it has its own RocketCDN service for the users. You can easily configure this custom CDN for your website within a few moments.

⭐ Major Features

  • Effective page caching function.
  • Powerful GZIP Compression system.
  • Boost the growth of eCommerce.
  • Highly compatible with most themes and plugins.
  • Advanced browser caching option

Deal: 50% OFF Date: 21 Nov – 28 Nov Coupon: Not needed

Monsterinsights – Offers Up to 50% off!

Will you be able to improve your website growth without proper analytical data? Monsterinsights is the most powerful and efficient Google analytics plugin for the WordPress websites. 

By installing this powerful plugin you can access Google analytics dashboard and use Google analytics tracking function. This feature will show you proper analytical data on your WordPress dashboard.

Besides that, analytics will provide you real time stats about your WordPress website. This plugin is easily integrated with most of the famous plugins called WooCommerce, Yoast, MemberPress, etc.

Monsterinsights has lots of essential tracking functions for the eCommerce websites. It can track the performance of your marketing campaigns, product list, refunds, category pages, refunds, product impressions, etc.
Right purchasing data is always essential to create an effective marketing plan. That’s why Monsterinsights has an essential feature called UserID tracking. This function will show you data about regular and repeat buyers.

⭐ Major Features

  • Accessibility on Google Analytics Dashboard.
  • Advanced eCommerce tracking.
  • Real time report with page insights.
  • SEO score tracking functionality.
  • Outbound and affiliate link tracking facility.

Deal: 50% OFF Date: 21 Nov – 28 Nov Coupon: Not needed

All in One SEO – Get Up to 30% Off!

re you looking for a plugin for a WordPress SEO plugin? Well, AIOSEO is the best choice for you.  With this single plugin you can properly analyze the on page SEO factors of your website such as keywords, meta descriptions, title tags etc.

Also, AIOSEO will help you in optimizing the local SEO of your website. Especially, you can use AIOSEO for growing your WooCommerce store SEO. It will help you to make your WooCommerce product and category page SEO friendly.

Another fascinating feature of this plugin is local SEO. We know that the local SEO is important to make your website visible to the native peoples. So that they can easily find your Google my business page on the search result.

Well optimized image is always significant to improve the SEO performance. AIOSEO will automatically add alt text and title attributes. It will save a significant amount of time while you optimize your website.
An effective SEO strategy built based on efficient analytical data. It’s very hard to randomly plan a strategy and implement it. This plugin has a powerful SEO audit function. It will analyze the overall SEO status of your site. It can easily find out any SEO related errors of your website.

⭐ Major Features

  • Proper on-page SEO analysis.
  • Social media integration functionality.
  • Fully optimize WooCommerce SEO.
  • SEO audit checklist function.
  • Integrated with famous social media platforms.

Deal: 30% OFF Date: 21 Nov – 28 Nov Coupon: Not needed

WP Forms – Get Up to 50% off!

WP Forms is the most famous and useful form builder plugin for the WordPress user. More than 6,000,000+ users use this powerful plugin to craft various forms for their website. Can you imagine the numbers?!!

It has the drag to drop functionality. So you can easily create a form within a few moments. Besides that you can choose pre-built templates for creating the forms. WP Forms has 800+ different form templates. As a result, it saves a good amount of the users.

However, all these forms are 100% mobile friendly. Currently most of our visitors come from mobile devices. So you must ensure that your website is entirely mobile friendly. WP Forms always make sure that.

Sometimes you might have lots of data to input on forms. If you input all this data on a single page form, it will badly impact the user experience. No worries, because WP Forms has options for multi-page form building functions. 

You can create various types of multi page forms such as registration forms, application forms, payment order forms,etc. 

There are lots of people who want to remove and hide some specific information in forms. Here conditional logic plays a huge role. WP Forms contains a smart conditional logic function. It will help you to create smart dynamic forms.

⭐ Major Features

  • Easily craft multi-page forms.
  • Advanced drag to drop form builder.
  • Extensive numbers of templates for forms.
  • Integrated with the famous tools.
  • Create 100% mobile responsive forms.

50% OFF Date: 21 Nov – 28 Nov Coupon: Not needed

Optinmonster – Get Up to 40% off!


Optinmonster is another full fledged tool for the WordPress users. This efficient plugin helps the WordPress owners to boost their website traffic and improve the conversion rate. Famous companies like Pinterest, McAfee, PATREON are the successful users of Optinmonster.

This powerful plugin works for any kind of WordPress site. You can use it for your WooCommerce website. For instance, it has recovery cart abandonment functionality. It will help recover those sales that are abandoned by the potential customers.

Another essential function of Optinmonster is onsite retargeting. It will automatically retarget the customers based on the customers’ stats. 

However, you can also create various forms with this tool. It has 65+ pre-generated form templates for its users. Additionally, Optinmonster has an A/B testing facility for the user. If you want to boost the performance of your site, you must focus on A/B testing.

The retargeting system of this plugin works in various ways such as geo-location retargeting, cookie retargeting, device-based retargeting, etc. So you can target your audience in a very filtered and precise way.

⭐ Major Features

  • Advanced drag and drop editing.
  • Choose a variety of campaign types.
  • Precisely target campaigns for customers.
  • Flawlessly integrated with famous tools.
  • Advanced A/B testing feature for site.

40% OFF Date: 21 Nov – 28 Nov Coupon: Not needed

Elementor – Get Up to 40% Off!


As a WordPress enthusiast, you must have heard about this most influential plugin called Elementor. If you dont you are not a WordPress lover. Well, Elementor is the website builder for the WordPress platform.

It allows users to create custom websites and web pages visually, without needing to write any code. It was first released in 2016 and quickly gained traction due to its ease of use and powerful features.

With Elementor, users can build pages by dragging and dropping various elements, such as text, images, buttons, and forms, onto the canvas. This intuitive interface makes it accessible to both beginners and experienced developers. It also offers a live preview feature, allowing users to see their changes in real-time as they build their pages.

One of the key strengths of Elementor is its extensive library of pre-designed templates and blocks, which can help users kickstart their website design or easily insert specific elements into their pages.

⭐ Major Features

  • 300+ Well designed template for designers.
  • Flexible drag to drop functionality for editing.
  • 100+ Advanced widgets for customization.
  • Specialized WooCommerce editor.
  • Efficient landing page design facility.

40% OFF Date: 21 Nov – 28 Nov Coupon: Not needed

ShortPixel – Save Up to 60%!

Short pixel

There is no doubt that the image is one of the core parts of a website. Your website will remain useless,if you don’t have any images in there. But you should remember one thing: that the image should be properly optimized.

Here the Shortpixel helps WordPress users. This powerful image optimization plugin automatically resizes website images. We know that the unoptimized images play a crucial role for the performance of the website.

There is a myth that image compression reduces the overall quality of the website image. But the shortpixel has the most advanced smart compress functionality. It compresses the images without reducing the overall quality of it.

Do you know that the image size depends on the format of that image? Currently WebP and AVIF are very popular formats for the images. Because these formats are small in size but the image quality is quite good. In Shortpixel, you can convert those images in those formats.

⭐ Major Features

  • Faster image compression facility.
  • Time efficient auto-generated image compression.
  • Advanced Smart image compression function.
  • Convert images WebP and AVIF format.
  • Specially optimized for the WooCommerce websites.

60% OFF Date: 21 Nov – 28 Nov Coupon: Not needed

Essential Addons for Elementor – Save Up to 50%!

Essential Addons for Elementor

We already know the importance of Elementor in our WordPress website. Without Elementor you can’t even think of creating your website on the WordPress platform. 

Essential Addons is that plugin which will boost the performance of the Elementor. It has 90+ premium elements and extensions for editing with elementor. In fact, you can use various 4000+ various ready to blocks and templates.

However, each module is fully customizable. So you have full flexibility of editing your WordPress website based on your own demands. Besides that Essential Addons has 50+ effective elementor widgets.

Some of the common widgets are Post Gird, Countdown, Gravity Forms, Flip Box,etc. You might think that this plugin will be heavy for your WordPress websites. Because it has lots of extensions and widgets.

But no worries. Essential Addons is a very light and faster performing plugin. It will never slow down your website, rather it will improve the overall performance of the site. So you can choose this powerful plugin, without any hesitation.

⭐ Major Features

  • Boost the Elementors functionality.
  • Most easiest and flexible interface.
  • 4000+ efficient ready templates and blocks.
  • 90+ Premium elements and extensions.
  • Accessibility of famous WordPress widgets.

50% OFF Date: 21 Nov – 28 Nov Coupon: Not needed

Choose Your Favorite Tool at an Affordable Price 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday events are the best moments for WordPress regular users and developers. They can easily purchase their product at a very affordable price.

We have gathered some exciting Black Friday deals for you. From this list, you will be able to choose various efficient plugins for your website. However, we are also offering some fascinating offers about our products such as 

  • WP Guident – Guided Selling Process (Discount %)
  • Darklup – Advanced Dark Mode Plugin (Discount %)
  • wcEazy – All-in-one WooCommerce Solution (Discount %)

Use these plugins to skyrocket the performance and sales of your WordPress and WooCommerce stores. So never hesitate to choose these plugins. Best wishes to you and enjoy your favorite plugins.

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