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Quickly Build an Easy Webinar Registration Form in 2 Minutes

Webinar registration form is not a new term or practice. Whether you are launching a new product or introducing new facilities to your users, arranging webinar programs is a smart way to connect to your audience to increase engagement. And, to kick start that plan, you would need to make a webinar registration form for the viewers.

Surprisingly, it has become quite a popular thing over the years that helps grow businesses. Besides, if you are running a WooCommerce store, you would want to engage with your customers and make them involved in interactive sessions more often.

If you can pull it off right, interactions with viewers in webinar sessions can be quite powerful.

Besides, If you are new to this practice, you might get overwhelmed while searching for interactive web form builder tools to build a webinar registration form.

There are many wordpress form maker plugins available in the market but in this article we will show you how simply and quickly you can build your webinar registration form in less than 2 minutes!

Yes, you have read it right, you do not need a separate form builder plugin.

We will be using WP Guidant to create registration form in wordpress site. Stay rest assured, it will be worth your while. Continue for more details.

Create Webinar Registration Form with WP Guidant: Introducing Ready-Made Templates

WP Guidant

WP Guidant, a smart multi-step guided selling process that helps convert your leads to customers. One of its various amazing features is interactive web form builder.

This tool enables you to create custom forms of any type you wish. With its help, you can create a registration form for webinar in no time.

And, good news for you, WP Guidant has introduced a brand new “Templates” feature recently. With its help you can see demo guides of various types and also directly import them in one click if you want.

How simple is that! And not only this, you can also further edit and customize those imported guides to your likings. That means, you have all the necessary freedoms to build stuff in your own way.

So without any further due, let’s get down to action and build a webinar registration form for your site.

Note: To be able to get your hands on the new templates feature you must have a premium subscription of WP Guidant. If you are not a pro user yet, you can check out the pricing and plans before continuing with any purchases.

1. Access the Templates Option

So to start off, go to the WP Guidant plugin page on your WordPress admin panel. After that, if you take a look at the top right side, you will see the plugin menu options.

You can see an option called “Templates”. Simply click on that.

webinar registration form builder

2. Find the Webinar Registration Template

After that you will see a collection of ready-made templates. From there you can find a Webinar Registration guide as shown below.

interactive web form

3. Demo and Import

There are two options for you to try out here. One is the “Demo” option and the other one is “Import”.

When you click on the demo option, the demo webinar registration form guide will open on a new tab like that.

create registration form in wordpress


If you want to create registration form for wordpress on your own, you can simply take help from this demo guide.

Now, to import this template inside your WP Guidant plugin, click on the “Import” button from the template card.

registration form for webinar

That’s it, go check your guide list. The newly imported template will be listed there like that.

registration form online

Now as with other guides you do, simply copy the shortcode and place it on your desired page.

interactive web form builder

4. Customizing the Webinar Registration Form Template

If you have followed all the previous steps properly, you have successfully imported the ready-made registration form for webinar on your site.

But, you can customize the whole template from start to end!

WP Guidant plugin

Click on the “Manage Filters” option and you can add or remove as many filters as you deem necessary.

You can also include card conditions inside filter settings and all other sorts of tinkering to finish your webinar registration form that meets your needs.

webinar registration form making

Note: Check out this video tutorial on how to create and customize form filters in WP Guidant to get a clear idea.

On the other hand, to customize the template design, filter outlooks, form visuals, in short the complete guide design, you can do that from “Guide Settings and Design” option.

create webinar registration form in wordpress

Note: Watch this video tutorial on customizing guide appearance for a better understanding.

Moreover, If you want to know more about building guides and smart forms, whether it’s a webinar form or something else, you can check out this detailed step-by-step guide to start off.

Final Words

In this article we have shown necessary steps to create your own webinar registration form in less than 2 minutes. With the addition of the brand new templates feature of WP Guidant, you can import or watch demo of different kinds of form or guide models.

On top of that, to save you the trouble, you can start customizing the imported templates right away and make your own version in no time.

No need to opt for a complex form builder tool because WP Guidant has got your back.

We hope the article served its purpose, please do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. If you have suggestions, you are more than welcome to share them with us!

Until next time, stay safe and stay tuned.

Md. Hasnain Habib

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