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Darklup VS WP Dark mode | Which Plugin is Better for your Website?

Why is dark mode popular right now? The answer is difficult to say in one single sentence. It has become an essential function for the WordPress website. Because a dark mode plugin can easily do that. 

But the problem is choosing the appropriate plugin. That’s why we are going to compare two different dark interface plugins – 

  • Darklup – The most Advanced and Uprising WordPress Dark Mode Plugin
  • WP Dark Mode – Best Dark Mode Plugin for WordPress with Social Sharing

By reading this full comparison blog, you will get to know about these plugins from every perspective. Are you ready to deep dive into this? Let’s start!

🧩 What is Dark Mode in WordPress Website?

The digital world is evolving every day. Especially the field of website design and development growing faster than ever. Once people thought coding was the only way to build any website. 

But now we know that WordPress is the easiest platform for creating websites without advanced coding knowledge. Then what is the dark mode? Well, the dark mode is specially focused on the design of the WordPress website.

When you enable the dark mode on your website, it will turn the background of your website into a dark color. Basically, most of the website has a colorful user interface with a light theme. Dark mode implements a low-light user interface with dark or shady themes on the existing website.

Currently, this type of user interface has become very popular among most website owners and users. You can consider it as a current trend of website design. Famous platforms like Google, YouTube, and Facebook included dark mode options on their websites and apps.

However, dark mode is also popular among various operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows.

β€œNow the question arises – Why has dark mode become so popular?”

Well, there are some impactful reasons behind this. 

  • Dark mode saves the battery life of devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
  • Improve the content readability of the websites. 
  • Ensure a better user experience of the websites.
  • Drastically changes the overall look of any type of website.

As you can see there are various essential benefits of the dark mode on your website. So it’s difficult to ignore the necessity of dark mode on any website. You are lucky that you have built your website on the WordPress platform. Because WordPress has various types of dark mode plugins for the users.

β€œBut which dark mode plugin is the right option for your website?”

Are you ready to jump on the full-fledged comparison between these two plugins? Let’s go there.

πŸ”₯ Darkup VS WP Dark Mode – Full Fledged Logical Comparison

Before choosing any plugin, you must compare its features with similar and famous plugins. It will show you a complete picture of the features and benefits of those specific types of plugins. 

You will get in-depth knowledge about these dark interface plugins. So that you can choose independently the right plugin for your WordPress website. Basically, we are going to compare these two different plugins with some important factors. Here are those factors.

  • Auto-generated Dark Mode.
  • User Experience.
  • Page Speed Optimization and Memory Usage.
  • Plugin Pricing.
  • Core Features Comparison.

1. Auto-generated Dark Mode

There is no doubt that modern technology is evolving every day. You have noticed the revolution of artificial intelligence in the digital world. There are numerous types of AI tools available on the internet.

Already famous software and plugins add AI-based features. Because it saves a huge amount of time for the users. Because AI works on automated processes. WordPress plugins also come under the radar of AI advancement.

We will see which plugin entered this path of advancement. First, let’s explore the Darklup – the most advanced dark mode plugin. Currently, Darklup has the most advanced dynamic dark mode function.

It is a smart artificial algorithm-based feature for turning on the dark mode of your website. Dynamic dark mode will automatically detect the user’s website design and apply the dark mode based on that.

As a result, users don’t have to customize the dark mode manually on their website. Isn’t that amazing? Here is the main interface of the dynamic dark mode feature.

Dynamic dark mode

In the dynamic dark mode settings you can also customize the intensity of the dark mode of the website. It will help you to reduce and increase the darkness level. You can set the intensity level from 60 to 100.

Let’s show you an example of it. We have set the intensity level to 60. Let’s see how it looks on our live website.

Dynamic Dark Mode live site

Now we will increase the intensity level. Let’s set the intensity level to 90.

Dynamic dark mode live site 2

You can see the difference between the intensity of the level of the dark mode. However, Darklup has an option for the branding color intensity changing feature. If you want you can easily customize the dark mode color such as text, border, link, etc.

Each of the settings is essential for changing the overall appearance of your website. It will make your WordPress website visually appealing. 

FeaturesDarklup WP Dark Mode 
Dynamic Dark Modeβœ…βŒ
Dark Mode Intensityβœ…βŒ
Branding Color Intensityβœ…βŒ

In the current situation, any of the dark mode plugins don’t have this type of advanced feature. So, If you look at the WP Dark Mode, you never see any of these advanced features at all. 

We can consider Darklup as the winner πŸŽ‰ in the category of auto-generated dark mode.

2. User Experience

A smooth user experience is a crucial factor for any kind of product. It’s especially important for digital products and platforms like websites, software, plugins, etc. The term user experience means how the customers and users interact and feel about using that specific platform or tool.

That’s why the user experience highly matters. Bad user experience can be a strong problem for the growth plugin. Especially if you use the cracked WordPress plugin, it will create various issues on the user experience of your website. Basically, the user experience of a plugin is influenced by various factors.

  • User interface of the Plugin – First the user interface of the plugin should be clear and concise. Also, the interface design plays a crucial factor.
  • Proper Navigation – Another factor is the navigation system of the plugin’s functionality. If the user can properly navigate and use each setting, it creates a positive factor in the user experience of the website.
  • Valuable – The plugin should be valuable to WordPress users. Otherwise, why should the users choose this for their website?

Let’s talk about the user interface of the Darklup plugin.

Darklup User Interface

Darklup has the most modern style user interface. Users can feel a premium vibe while using this plugin. Nowadays most of the famous WordPress plugins have implemented modern and minimalist designs on their plugin.

Besides that, each function is oriented in the right manner. So that the user can easily navigate to the right settings. Now let’s explore the user experience of WP Dark Mode.

WP Dark Mode User Inteface

This is the WP Dark Modes user interface. As you can see the design of this interface is classic. The text size of each function is smaller. It also creates difficulties for the customers to navigate the functions properly.

In comparison between the user experience of Darklup and WP Dark Mode, both plugins are similar. But Darklup wins the user interface design factor. Because it’s designed as a modern UI.

3. Page Speed Optimization and Memory Usage

Do you know why users feel irritated while browsing a WordPress website? If the page transmission speed remains slow, users will immediately leave your website. In any way, you must focus on optimizing the speed of your website.

You have built your website on the WordPress platform. As we know it’s the easiest platform for building and customizing a website. You can access various plugins from the WordPress plugin store. 

Each plugin will help you customize your WordPress website properly. But do you know the plugin can impact the performance of your website? 

Definitely, it impacts. If you choose the wrong plugin, it can create problems like slowing down your website, security issues, etc. We have compared page speed optimization factors between Darklup and WP Dark Mode.

Page Speed Comparison

We have used the WP Hive comparison tool to do this. First, look at the difference between the front page transmission speed between these two plugins. As you can see the average page speed change of Darklup is – +0.06s. On the other hand, WP Dark Mode’s average page speed change is +0.12s. Almost it takes double the time!

At the end of the day, it will slow down the speed of your website. Besides that, it will speed up the backend of the WordPress website. So you can customize your website faster than ever. 

For example, look at the other pages of your WordPress admin page, post page, upload page, etc.  Darklup provides faster results than the WP Dark Mode. By the way, the plugin memory usage is also a huge factor in the performance of the website.

Suppose a plugin consumes a significant amount of memory on the hosting server. Now the speed will automatically downgrade. Because you have other plugins in your store. They are also running in the background.

Now let’s compare these two plugins in terms of memory usage.

Memory Usage Comparison

As you can see, Darklup significantly consumes a lower amount of memory than the WP Dark Mode. Darklup consumes +68.89KB of the server memory. On the other hand, WP Dark Mode consumes +396.09KB of memory on the server. 

There is a huge difference between the memory consumption of these two dark interface plugins. Also, you will see the difference between the other page’s memory usage.

PerformanceDarklup WP Dark Mode 
Page Speed Faster ⚑Slower πŸ˜‘
Memory Usage Stable πŸ™‚Too much πŸ™

We have compared the performance factor of these two plugins based on page speed and memory usage.

So we can declare Darklup as the winner in terms of plugin performance. Because it consumes a very low amount of memory and speeds up page transmission.

4. Plugin Pricing

There is no doubt that the price of the plugin plays a huge role. Because every WordPress owner has a specific budget for website management. So the price of the plugin should be appropriate based on the value of the product.

Otherwise, it will be signified as a bad factor. As an owner, your goal is to reach the maximum number of customers. Also as a user, you want the most convenient one at a reasonable price. So setting up the right price is kind of difficult and confusing.

By the way, each plugin has free versions available on the WordPress plugin store. In the free version, you will not access all the necessary features at all. If you want to enjoy the full-fledged versions of the plugin, you have to choose the premium version of it.

In this section, we are going to compare the price of these two plugins. Let’s see which is more budget-friendly and efficient for the customers.

Darklups Annual Price

  • Starter – $19 $48 (1 site license)
  • Ultimate -$79 $226 (1000 Sites License)
  • Business – 39$ $98(10 Sites license)
Darklup Price

Darklups Lifetime Price –

  • Starter – $39 $130(3 sites)
  • Ultimate – $129 $860(1000 Sites)
  • Business – $69 $230(100 Sites)
Darklup Lifetime price

These are the prices of the Darklup. Let’s see the price of the WP Dark Mode plugin.

WP Dark Mode Price

Annual Plans of WP Dark Mode –

  • 49 $ for a single website.
  • 89 $ for five websites.
WP Dark Mode Lifetime Price

Lifetime plan of WP Dark Mode –

  • 249$ for the 50 websites.
  • 349$ for the 1000 websites.

First, compare the first package of Darklup with WP Dark Mode. Annually Darklups starter package charges 48 dollars for one single website. Also, the WP Dark Mode charges 49 dollars for the same package. So there is no such big difference at all between these two packages.

But WP Dark Mode charges annually 89$ dollars for 5 website licenses. On the other hand, Darklup charges only 98$ annually for 10 website licenses. So this package is more convenient than the WP Dark Modes package.

Now let’s compare the price of the lifetime packages of these two plugins. WP Dark Mode charges 249$ dollars for 50 website licenses in lifetime durations. But Darklup charges 230$ for 100 site licenses in lifetime durations. As you can see there is a huge gap.

We compared the prices of both dark mode plugins. Darklup offers each package at a more reliable price than the WP Dark Mode. In the game of price comparison, Darklup wins the game.

Core Features Comparison

In the previous section of this blog, we have discussed the comparison between the overall factors of these two plugins. You have noticed that Darklup wins almost all the sectors such as price, user experience, performance, etc.

However, there are some major limitations of features between these two dark interface plugins. We are going to give you a proper idea about this. So let’s start!

Darklup has some advanced features that WP Dark Mode doesn’t have. Those features are –

  • Preserves Branding Colors – After enabling dark mode branding color will remain.
  • Switch For Different Devices – Various switches for enabling dark mode on websites.
  • Login Page Dark Mode – Turn on dark mode for the WordPress admin login page.
  • Backend Color Presets – Various color presets for the admin panel of the WordPress website.
  • Background Image Overlay – It will add a background image overlay while dark mode is on the website. 

You can find any of these features on any dark mode plugins that are available in the current market.  However, we have a well-researched comparison page of our dark interface plugin. You will get a full-fledged idea about it.

Final Thoughts – Who is the Winner in this Comparison Game? 

After a comprehensive comparison between Darklup and WP Dark Mode, we have come to the end of our discussion. Now the time has come to declare the winner of this game. This is the full overview of our whole comparison process.

  • Darklup has the most advanced dynamic dark mode. But WP Dark Mode doesn’t have this feature at all.
  • The overall user experience of Darklup is far better than WP Dark Mode. Darklups user interface is modern and well-designed.
  • Also, Darklup consumes less amount of memory than the WP Dark Mode plugin. So the page speed will automatically boost.
  • One of the biggest differences is the price between these two plugins. WP Dark Mode is more expensive than the Darklup.
  • There are some limitations between the features of Darklup and the WP Dark Mode plugin.

Well, there is no confusion Darklup beats WP Dark Mode in most of the sectors. So you have already got the idea about the winner of this game. 

The Final Winner is:  πŸ† Darklup – Most Advanced Dark Mode PluginπŸ†

Just grab the Darklup from our website and enjoy all the powerful features of it. Best of luck for designing your website.

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