How to Add Magnifying Zoom for Images in WordPress (Expert Guide)

How to Add Magnifying Zoom for Images in WordPress (Expert Guide)

Are you thinking of improving the functionality of your WordPress website? Adding magnifying image zoom can be the right option for you. Through the magnifying zoom option, visitors can zoom in and out of the pictures on your website. It’s especially beneficial for the WooCommerce product and category pages. So, are you excited to know about the process of adding magnifying zoom on your site? Let’s focus on that.

Why Magnifying Image Zoom is Essential for WordPress

When you add the magnifying zoom option to your WordPress site, it will improve the user experience of your website. Through this option, visitors can zoom in and out images to inspect them properly.


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So it definitely helps your website visitors. If you have a WooCommerce store, image zooming is the most essential factor. Because the potential customers can easily inspect the product images before purchasing it.

For example, you have a clothing online shop. Now a customer wants to buy a T-shirt from your shop. Before buying the t-shirt, he will obviously check the images of the shirt. Here the magnifying zoom plays a crucial role. 

By zooming the product image customers can check the product quality and design and take the decision to buy the product. As an online store owner, you can build a strong group of customers. Because customers always want a smooth purchasing experience. 

However, if you want to improve your customer’s purchasing experience never hesitate to try these plugins –

We hope these plugins will help you in the long run.

How to Enable Magnifying Zoom for Images in WordPress

Adding magnifying zoom is one of the easiest tasks in the WordPress platform. You already know that WordPress has thousands of plugins in its store. Just you have to pick the right plugin. 

After that, you can do whatever you want. We are going to introduce you to the best image zooming plugin called WP Image Zoom. It’s the most commonly used and famous WordPress plugin for zooming the images in the WordPress platform.

🔆 Core Features of WP Image Zoom

  • Adjustable function for zoom window position.
  • Apply Zoom on the WooCommerce variations.
  • Fully compatible with the lightbox.
  • Advanced custom theme support option.
  • Image zoom works on the portfolio images.

As you can see, each feature is equally essential for the WordPress website. Are you excited to explore all the features of this plugin? Let’s focus on the installation method. 

Step 1 – Install WP Image Zoom on Your WordPress Website

Before using the WP Image Zoom, you have to install the plugin on your site. It’s a very easy process. Just go to your WordPress Dashboard > Add New. Now search with the plugin name on the search box of the store.

WP Image Zoom Installation Proccess

Now install and activate the plugin. By the way, you can also follow another process for installing the plugin. First, download the plugin from the WordPress plugin store page.

WP Image Zoom WordPress Org Page

Now upload plugins on your site by following this path – WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Upload Plugin

Plugin Upload

Step 2 – Enabling Magnifying Zoom for Images in WordPress

As you have installed the plugin, let’s explore the functionality of it. Navigate to the following direction – WordPress Dashboard > WP Image Zoom. It will take you to the dashboard of the plugin.

General Settings

First, let’s understand the general settings of WP Image Zoom. In the general settings, you can access different image zoom-enabling options. 

  • Enable the zoom on WooCommerce products – As we know the image zoom option is especially efficient for the online store. Through this option, you can enable image zoom for your WooCommerce products.
  • Enable the zoom on mobile devices – Turn on the image zoom option on mobile devices. Make your WordPress website more mobile-friendly to visitors.
  • Enable on WooCommerce variation products – Turn on the image zoom for the WooCommerce variation products. Customers can thoroughly check each variation of the specific product.
  • Enable the zoom on WooCommerce category pages – Easily turn on the image zoom option for the category pages of your online store.

There are all the necessary options for setting up the image zoom option for the specific page of your WordPress website. 

Live Image Zoom in Product Page

Step 3 – Change the Image Zoom Settings

Well, the magnifying zoom is enabled on our WordPress site. Now you can also customize and make it more convenient for your website. Sometimes the default zoom settings might not match your online store design. 

As a result, it will look odd. No worries! You can easily customize it from the dashboard section of the plugin. So let’s see what’s there in the zoom settings of the plugin.

Navigate to Zoom Settings from the plugin dashboard. It’s situated on the right side of the general settings. First, you can choose different types of lens shapes for the magnifying image zoom.

Zoom Lens

We will choose the round shape zoom lens for our website. After choosing the shape, click on save changes from the bottom section of the Zoom Settings page. Let’s see how it looks on our website.

Live Zoom with Round Shape

Wow, isn’t it looking cool? You can set any of the shapes by following this process. There are also other fascinating options available in the Zoom settings. Just scroll down to the bottom portion of the page.

Zoom settings 2

You can choose the zoom cursor type from the multiple types of cursor styles. There are four different types of cursor styles available. Also, it has options for adjusting the zoom level. You can easily set the zoom level from 1.5x – 3x.

In the lens settings, you can change various factors of the lens such as lens size, lens color, border thickness, border color, fade time, tint color, etc.

Lens settings

Now we will change the appearance of the lens. Let’s see how it looks on our site. Here are the new settings of the magnifying Zoom lens.

  • Lens Size – 400 px
  • Border Color – Red
New Lens Look

Now the lens is bigger and the zoom capacity has increased. Sometimes it becomes beneficial for the customers of the WooCommerce store. Because they can properly see the product images and take the decision to purchase the product. When you do all the necessary changes on the settings you need to click on the save changes option.

Final Thoughts

If you want to improve the user experience of your WordPress site, you must include magnifying image zoom functionality in your site. Because it helps the visitors to inspect the site images properly. Specifically, it’s beneficial for WooCommerce customers. In this article, we have shown you the easiest way of adding magnifying image zoom to your site. We hope this will help in boosting your WordPress site growth.

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