How To Add WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout _ Expert’s Guide

How to Add WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout | Expert’s Guide

After browsing the products through your website and adding them to the cart, a customer will go to the checkout page. This is one of the important parts of holding them on your site till they complete the checkout process. 

Designing the Checkout page in a user-friendly way will reduce the checkout page abandonment rate of your WooCommerce. You can add WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout to your site instead of making a long page with a lot of options. It may make your customers feel the process is simple.

What is Multi-Step Checkout?

When your customer is about to order any product from your WooCommerce site, they have to give information about the delivery process including Billing and Shipping Information, Payment Information,  Order Review, Confirmation, etc. 

The multi-step checkout page creates a different page for each information thus customers have to put all details in a couple of steps instead of adding all information on the same page. Thus it is known as multi-step checkout. 

Choose a Multi-Step Checkout Plugin

There are many WooCommerce plugins for enabling multi-step checkout on your website. The first thing you have to do is to study some of the plugins and choose one to apply to your website. Here we are going to show the process of using Multi-step checkout for WooCommerce plugin. So, let’s know the steps you have to follow for this.  

Install and Activate Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce 

The first step is to install ‘multi-step checkout for WooCommerce’ from your dashboard you have to go to Plugin > Add New 


From the appeared page you can search for the plugin ‘multi-step checkout for WooCommerce’ and then click Install Now

When installation is done you can activate the plugin from the same window. You will find the Activate button right the place the installation button was. 


Customize the Setting

However, you will find the plugin installed in the Installed Plugin section and activate, deactivate, or customize it from there. Now as we activate the plugin, it’s time to move to the setting. 

Go to the Installed Plugin list, find out the multi-step checkout for WooCommerce and click Setting

Here you can customize the setting of your choice. You can merge the pages by clicking the checkboxes. You can also customize the appearance from the ‘Design’ tab. Also, you have another tab ‘Text on Steps and Buttons’. 

Finally when you are done, multi-step checkout will be added to your website and the appearance will be as follows.

Extra Tips: 

Sometimes you may have some customers with no patience. If you don’t want to lose them, it is better to have the one-click checkout system on your site. To enable a one-click checkout, you can use wcEazy- a full-fledged plugin for your WooCommerce solution. 

You can install and activate wcEazy and then from the dashboard you have to enable the One Click Checkout Module from all eleven modules wcEazy offers. 

You can go to the settings option and customize it with simple steps. You will get four tabs general, add to cart, buy now button, and checkout. You have to click ‘Enable Single Page Checkout’ and it will enable the feature. You can customize the design of your website by navigating all the tabs.  

Final Words

We usually hear that WooCommerce sites have a higher checkout page abandonment rate. To reduce this rate you have to offer your customers a full-fledged user experience. You can add any of the one-click checkout or WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout to your site, remember to prioritize the easy accessibility for the customers. You can gain more ideas about WooCommerce Checkout Page Customization and make your business fly high with your WooCommerce.

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