How To Get The Product ID In Woocommerce _ Simple Methods

How To Get The Product ID In Woocommerce | Simple Methods

Wanna find the product ID in WooCommerce?

As a user of the WooCommerce plugin, you need to know all the important aspects of it. The product ID is one of the important things to run your e-commerce website. You can find a product ID from your WordPress dashboard where you navigate to the product tab and hover over a product to get the ID. But this is just a simple method. 

In this blog, you will learn all the easiest methods for how to get the product ID in WooCommerce. But before that, you need to know about product ID.

What Is A Product ID in Woocommerce?

A WooCommerce product ID is a unique number that is given to each item in your store when you create a new product. It tells WordPress and WooCommerce what items are in your store. All the information about your products is saved in the WordPress database system by WooCommerce.

Inside your WordPress site, the variable product_id or $product_id is used to find the product ID. If you know coding, you can find it using PHP functions, SQL queries, or Javascript functions. 

The product ID can be used in shortcodes to show products in a variety of ways, including post ID, SKU, category, attribute, and more, and with features like pagination, random sorting, and product tags. You can learn how to add shortcodes in WordPress.

Also, you can keep track of how users interact with your site, what they buy, when they buy it, and if they leave their carts through the ID.

There are several ways to find the product ID, such as:

  • You can find your product by searching for it using the product SKU name or the product name and then moving your mouse over the search results to get the Product ID.
  • From the product URL page.
  • You get all the Product IDs from exporting CSV files.
  • Using PHP and SQL code to get the product ID.
  • Using WooCommerce’s wc_get_product function to figure out what the $product object is.

Don’t worry you will learn all the easy ways step by step to find a product ID. In this walk through we will avoid the coding part.

Method 1. Getting a product ID from Hovering over a product

Login to your WordPress admin panel

Navigate to the Products -> All Products and click it.

You will find all the products listed by you.

Try to find the item: Use the search bar to find a product by its name or its SKU.

Move your mouse over the result: When you move your mouse over a search result, the Product ID will show up as “ID: [ product ID ]

Method 2. Find the product ID from a product URL

Hover over the product again and from the image you can see the link appearing with the Product ID below.

Not only that you can also find the URL from the individual product page.Click the Edit button on the Product.

Under “Edit product,” in your browser’s address bar, highlight the URL. The product ID is in the post number.

In the picture below, you can see that the product ID is 532.

Looks like a pesky task to get a product ID for an individual product.

You can try a more easy way to locate all the product IDs instead of looking over every single product.

Method 3. How to get all product id in WooCommerce

Go to your product page.

You will find the Export option above.

Click the Export button. A new page will appear with all the options to choose columns, products, and categories.

Just click the Generate CSV button. A CSV file will be downloaded.

Simply open the CSV file using an Excel sheet.

You will find all the product IDs including other details.

Method 4. Find Product ID from a variation of a Single product

Go to  Products -> All Products page.

Select a product with a variation.

Then, click the Edit Product link below the title of the product.

On the screen where you change a product, scroll down to where it says “Product Data.”

If you click Variations from here, it will show you all the different variations of the product along with their IDs.

Is SKU and Product ID the same?

No, SKU and product ID are not the same.

SKU is an abbreviation for “Stock Keeping Unit.” A product’s SKU is the special number a retailer uses to identify and monitor individual items in stock.

SKUs are also used in product barcodes, which are used by retailers, wholesalers, and other types of shop owners.

In contrast to product IDs, however, SKUs are not produced automatically by WooCommerce. WooCommerce product owners will need to add it manually.

Bottom Line

Finally, you have come to an end. From this walkthrough, you learned how to get the product ID in WooCommerce using four different ways. As this blog post is for all beginners the coding method is skipped for now. Soon you will learn to locate product IDs using the PHP and SQL code. 

But for now, use these four easy ways to find product ID and use it for your product management and customization.

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