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How to Build a Product Recommendation Quiz for Your WooCommerce Store

Product recommendation quiz has gotten quite popular recently as people are leaning more towards personalized experience while shopping online.

So if you are into eCommerce business and running an online store, then this tactic can turn out to be really effective and beneficial for you.

Putting Things into Perspective

Imagine having a sales person for your WooCommerce store who can make engaging conversations with your customer and suggest the proper products and items according to their desire.

Sounds really cool, doesn’t it? Indeed it does because who wouldn’t want to get a totally personalized shopping experience, right? Most importantly, this tactic brings in more customers in a short period of time.

As amazing and effective as it may sound, it is highly unlikely for most eCommerce stores to actually hire a professional salesperson for that specific job.

Let’s take Amazon for example. Have you noticed how quickly they can show the right product to the right customer at the right time almost always?

Well, in reality, not every business is Amazon and not everyone is going to spend that much money on perfecting their sales strategy and product personalization programs for the customers. Many businesses do not have that much budget.


Product Recommendation Quiz: A Viable and Cost-effective Strategy

If you are worried about your sales growth and on top of that, do not have the budget to up your game on making proper sales strategies and eventually imply them, not to worry.

Because there is a viable and affordable solution you can opt in for. You can make effective and super exciting product recommendation quiz for your WooCommerce store that will work as your salesperson.

That’s right! A product recommendation quiz can make your customers more engaging in the buying process. If you can do it right, your conversion rate has the potential to soar up and the bounce rate to lower down.

On the other hand your average cart value along with repeat purchase will increase to a great extent as well.


The Stats Speak for Themselves

According to a study done by Salesforce,

  • Personalized e-commerce recommendations can drive upto 26% of sales.
  • Revisits can have 4 times more chances of making any purchases.
  • Around  77% of marketers agree that interactive contents can result in repeat visitors.
  • Interactive content can make 2 times more conversions than passive content.
  • Interactive content generates upto 5 times more views than static content.
  • Interactive content is 93% effective at educating customers whereas static content is only 70% effective in this regard.

According to a study by Barilliance, personalized product recommendations can result in higher order values (upto 31%) along with higher conversion rates.

So, as you can see above, interactive content such as a product recommendation quiz can have a very positive and fruitful effect on your eCommerce business.

On the other hand WordPress gives you the freedom of using plugins to serve any of your purposes.

In other words, there are product recommendation quiz maker or product recommendation quiz plugin tools that you can use to create personalized experiences for your users. They are not going to cost you like how we drew the example of Amazon.

And, it will also work as a salesperson for your online store if done correctly. In this article we will discuss how you can make a product recommendation quiz for WooCommerce stores using a powerful WordPress plugin.

So, stick around and continue reading further for details.


Important Steps for Making a Better Product Recommendation Quiz

There are several steps and tips to follow that can help you make the best product recommendation quiz for WooCommerce.

A better product recommendation quiz will surely grab the attention of the customers more than ever and lead them to their desired products eventually.

Make your customers leave your site with a smiling face and a better overall experience, let’s take a look at the important key steps that make the best product recommendation quiz.


1. Fix Your Goal

The very first step is determining your actual goal while setting up a product recommendation quiz.

  • The primary goal obviously is to sell more products and grab more leads. Which you have to convert into customers to gain more profit.
  • You have to gather proper information about users, who visit your shop to make purchases. Also, your product recommendation quiz should have a variety of data points that will help the customers choose items more appropriately.
  • Keep an eye on your email list and you can send the users personal emails regarding your service or recommending them more specific items and choices based on their interaction on your site.
  • If you make your product recommendation quiz interactive and to the point, even after your customers leave them without filling out, a personal email about that will draw their attention toward your site again.

This revisit can result in actual product purchase and the chances get 4 times higher. So keep that in mind and consider putting it in action.


2. Study Your Audience

To be able to make a successful and effective product recommendation quiz free of unnecessary clutter of choices, it is quite imperative to know and study your audiences/customers.

  • What are people searching for the most in your WooCommerce store?
  • What products are getting the most clicks?
  • Which pages are being visited the most?

Try to study these questions because these will help you make personalized recommendations for your customers in a better way.

You can ask them questions about their likes and what they like and do not like through your quizzes. Keep a note of that, learn more about your users.


3. Writing the Questions of Your Quiz

Keep that in mind that your questions should be relevant and to the point so that the users do not feel bored or annoyed while answering them.

This might result in abandonment and a bad impression. So, always write your questions directly in simple forms and avoid complexity of words and intentions of the questions you put.

Most importantly to make your audience attend your quizzes you have to make compelling headlines that capture their attention for a longer period.

Use shorter sentences and interesting statements that make them feel like they are talking to a person who is going to show them their desired products at the end of the questionnaires.

Some important pointers,

  • Try to limit your questions within 5-7 (only add more if indispensable)
  • No more than 5 relevant answers against a question (choice paralysis to be avoided)
  • Adding images and photos in the choice list can have a really good impact but be careful with them. Overdoing will only make things worse which you obviously do not want.


How to Make a Product Recommendation Quiz with WP Guidant

Now that we have talked about what things to take under consideration while making a product recommendation quiz for your WooCommerce store,We will see how you can use a product recommendation quiz wordpress plugin called WP Guidant (guided selling process builder plugin) to build a quiz properly.

product recommendation quiz maker plugin

WooCommerce Product Recommendation Quiz

WP Guidant helps you make interactive product guides that provide a fully personalized experience for your customers. With the help of WP Guidant you can actually build a better sales funnel.

Because user submissions are tracked in WP Guidant which helps you generate reports for making a better lead collection. Follow the steps mentioned below carefully.


Step 1: Installing the Plugin

If you are using WordPress then we take it that you already know how to download and install plugins properly.

Go to WordPress Dashboard> Plugins> Add New> and search WP Guidant.

WP Guidant prodcut recommendation quiz maker

After installing the plugin, click on “Activate” and it will be active to use and will appear in your dashboard.


Step 2: Create Your Product Recommendation Guide

After installing the plugin, go to its page from the dashboard panel on the left side. Here you will see several options around.

Now to kick start your quiz building process click on the “Create New Guide” button in the middle of the screen.

Product recommendation quiz maker

After that, a new window will show up and you have to fill in some basic required guide information to set up your guide to customize.

You have to fill in the “Guide Title” “Guide Name” and “Description” (if you want) for your new guide.

product recommendation quiz plugin


Step 3: Add Filters To Personalize the Quiz

After finishing the base of the guide, now let’s add some filters to make the quiz more interactive and interesting.

Wait a second, what are filters? You sure may ask that question.

Well filters are questions in each step that collect user inputs and also can sort your WooCommerce data to find and show the desired product as an outcome of your quiz.

WP Guidant can sort any amount of WooCommerce or other site data so do not worry about the size of your store. With WP Guidant you can sort things in a few seconds.Anyways, to start adding filters to your product recommendation quiz, click on “Manage Filters” on the right side of your newly created guide,


product recommendation quiz for woocommerce

After that, in the next windows you will see something like that,


product recommendation quiz wordpress

Click on “Create New Filter” as shown above. In the next window, you can fill out the filter information such as “Filter Name” “Filter Title” “Filter Description” and “Filter Type”.

product recommendation quiz wordpress plugin

Now, about the filters, WP Guidant has 3 different filters to use. They are,

  1. Card filter
    interactive cards that show categories or items. Two types of card available, checkbox and radio.
  2. Slider filter
    Interactive slide bars for choosing the price range, quantity, quality, etc. for the target attribute (product, post, page; everything can be filtered here). Two types of Sliders, single and range.
  3. Form filter
    WP Guidant has a form builder to  create smart forms as a part of the quiz. Each quiz guide can have as many unique forms as you wish.

So you can use all of these three types of filters to make your product recommendation quiz more interactive and smooth.

From the “Filter Type” you have to choose one card from the three. The card filter can be a checkbox or a radio button. You have to specify it right after selecting the filter type.To complete your filter, you need to add filter elements. Just like before, click the “Manage Cards” button on the card filter.

product recommendation quiz free


Step 4: Creating the Filter

Here, an option called “Create New Card” will show up and after clicking that you will be taken to a page like below where you have to insert some information about the card being made such as label, image, and conditions.

best product recommendation quiz

As for setting up the conditions, we will use WooCommerce product data here as an example.

how to make a product recommendation quiz

After you are done making all your changes and setup, save all your changes and you will have your first card filter ready to use.

Remember that you can create as many filter elements as you want based on your requirement or need.

Do not forget to check out the slider and form filter as well. At first it might look a bit hard to implement but it will not take much time to get used to all the settings.

You can also customize the looks and design of your product recommendation quiz to make it more appealing to the user’s eyes.



Hope this article helped you with the information needed to build a better product recommendation quiz for your WooCommerce store.

Carefully follow each step and take the tips and suggestions into strong consideration before starting.

On the other hand WP Guidant will help you implement all the necessary measures needed to build your quizzes which makes it the best product recommendation quiz wordpress plugin.

Please do not forget to leave your comments and thoughts down below. If you want to add something or have any suggestions, you are more than welcome to share them with us.

Until next time, stay safe folks!




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