Guided Selling Process

Introducing WP Guidant – Guided Selling Process for WordPress

People have been killing for a guided selling process for WordPress that can reduce the pain of listing so many products and displaying them to the customers.

With the birth of WP Guidant, the ultimate all-purpose guided selling process, now it’s a minutes’ task to change the whole marketing system of your website.

Yes, this is happening right now! We have been asking for something like this for so long and finally, we got the right tool for it.

Ready for the reveal? Let’s get down to business!

What Is WP Guidant? Why Is It Worth?

We know that managing an online shopping website is no small deal. Trouble comes with the increasing amount of products listed every day.

WP Guidant is a product sorting plugin for WordPress that helps you manage and filter your products easily. It’s not a simple plugin though.

The WP Guidant plugin has the capability to sort out a huge number of data, be it posts, products, pages, or anything, and make them into a user interactive system called ‘Guide’.

A guided selling process is a guide system, having single or multiple levels from the beginning to the end, that shows results the customer is looking for.

With it, anyone can go through a set of interactive filters, select whatever they desire, and end up with the product they were looking for.

It works like a digital shopkeeper who asks the customers what they want and provides according to their demand.

Isn’t it amazing? The whole process seems more time-consuming but in reality, it takes only a few seconds.

That’s right, the whole customer-seller conversation ends in seconds while your customers feel satisfied receiving their desired products.

Confused? Well, let us break it down for you.

What WP Guidant Is Capable Of?

WP Guidant comes from a totally unique marketing concept that lets the customers pick their desired product without wasting any time.

As you already know, even a second delay in site loading speed can lure a good amount of potential customers away from your online shop.

The situation gets worse as the number of products increases. With each product, comes a lot of content, image, etc. that makes the site even slower.

To sprinkle salt on the wound, the majority of customers get annoyed pretty easily after not finding their desired product even after spending some minutes.

This is a common problem that leads to a negative conversion rate over time. With a huge amount of products, it’s a given how much effort costs to sort them out properly.
But, wait! The forever-haunting problem can be fixed using just a single plugin for WordPress.

The WP Guidant plugin, a guided selling process creator for WordPress.

It interacts with the users, lets them make a decision, and delivers results based on what the user has decided.

In practice, the process works kind of like a QA session between the user and the plugin. Let’s dig deeper to understand the plugin better.

WP Guidant has filters to sort out the products?

A filter is a function that sorts out any specific item from the rest. WP Guidant has filters that are way more advanced, capable of funneling through your website no matter how big it is.

Although WooCommerce has its own product sorting options, they are outdated and people hardly even benefit from them. The options can’t pinpoint any featured item, take a lot of space in the category bar, and there’s no flexibility in using them.

But the filters developed by WP Guidant are universal as they can go through a large variety of data and sort out the particular product. Also, there’s no limit on the number of products or categories, making WP Guidant the most powerful product sorting tool.

There are 3 types of filters available in WP Guidant-

  • Card
  • Slider
  • Form

Card Filter

Card type filter mainly gives users a set of boxes to pick from. The cards display products or items based on a certain condition(s) and filter data accordingly.

As you see in the image above, the card filter is accessible on the user end. Each card filter is backed by a meaning full image, a title, and a description (if needed).

The card filter has two variations-

  • Radio
  • Checkbox

While the radio card type is suitable for selecting one item from the filter, a checkbox can be used for multiple categories selections. The user can pick only one radio card but as many as they want for the checkboxes.

You can set filter conditions on both cards. The card conditions option is located right below the card settings option. Simply

  1. Click on the Create New Condition button
  2. Then select the condition attribute. i.e. Post title, post category, author, WooCommerce Product Category, Price, etc. (These are filter elements)
  3. Then set the Matching type condition to equal
  4. For the value selection, you can go for WordPress native settings or manual entry. Let’s select From WordPress Settings.
  5. Then for the filter value, let’s pick T-shirts from the category list.

As we are working with the WooCommerce product category filter attribute, the value option will show all the available categories under your WordPress settings. WP Guidant can hunt for a wide range of filter elements as long as there’s data available for it. It’s that much powerful.

Once completed, your card filter is ready for the showdown. Now, your customers just need to choose the card option they want to go for and they will receive their desired search results instantly. WP Guidant is very fast and accurate.

Slider Filter

Slider is the second filter type developed by WP Guidant. A slider is a widely used tool, mainly for selecting a price range or quantity of products, for WordPress websites. It’s a necessary feature for WooCommerce where the customers get to interact with the amount of product they want to buy.

With almost the same concept, our WP Guidant has the slider filter available. I said “Almost the same” because the slider in WP Guidant is much more than just a pricing tool.

Here, the slider can filter a huge number of products according to their categories. Not only that, you can set the slider condition to product rating, service quality rating, customer feedback, and many more.

This is the most basic appearance of the slider filter while the advanced usage depends on how you want to split the conditions. Anyway, the slider has two parts-

  • Single
  • Range

While the single type slider has a fixed lower limit and only variable upper limit, the range type slider has both variable upper and lower limits.

You can use the slider filter as a middleman between two other filters. Each filter is dependent on the previous filter and shows results based on a chain mechanism. That’s why the result is going to be accurate no matter how you arrange the filters.

Form Filter

The third filter on WP Guidant is the form type filter. While it’s common for any WooCommerce website to hone for leads through forms, the regular product sorting options from WordPress don’t have that kind of feature to collect leads.

Forms are very useful in order to build sales funnels and leads super quickly. You can collect simple contact information like name and email address from the visitors at the end of the guide to enrich your mail list.

There’s a lot of elements of the form filter including input field, select field, checkbox, radio, and textarea. You can also add multiple checkboxes or radio items under a single option. The choice is yours.

Infinite Customization

When it comes to plugins’ appearance customization, WP Guidant comes on the top. The plugin gives you the options to customize each and everything of the plugin interface on the display.

The options are not limited to just colors but also there are options for the font, border, background, image, text, etc.

To access the appearance setting, just go to the plugin dashboard and click on the Guide Setting and Design button.

Then you will see all the settings lined up on the left side of the display.

The first option is the basic setting of the guide including title, guide name, description, and an option for enabling or disabling Submission report tracking

Right below, you will get specific sections to change the appearance of the whole guide, filter, card, slider, and form. The options are pretty similar for these 5 sections. Basically, there are options for the background image, color, border, image height, button color, etc.

Also, you will find the section for adding conditional logic to the guide filters. Using conditional logic, you can hide specific filters against specific filter elements. For example, if you hide filter number 2 for the 2nd card element of filter 1, the users won’t find the second filter if they choose the 2nd card in filter 1. It’s a complex system that adds dynamic attributes to the guide.

Right below, you can change the appearance of the result page and the last section is for adjusting the result attributes. These attributes will be visible on the result and determine what the users will see. i.e. Title, category, price, etc.

WP Guidant Is More Than A Guide Plugin

Until now, all we talked about is the plugins’ function and customization. But that’s not all WP Guidant is capable of. Remember, we told you before that WP Guidant is going to change the marketing strategy completely. Let me show you how.

You can see the menu called Reports on the top right corner of the WP Guidant dashboard. Clicking on that will show you a bunch of items below. These are basically the guide reports generated against a user’s behavior.

WP Guidant tracks the users’ interactions through the guided selling process and records them. It includes both the whole process of their interaction and the fractions of user movements.

Clicking on the report will unfold the information including what choices the user made, what they inserted, and where they stopped.

Now, this information is enough to determine the sales funnel, target achievement, marketing strategy, and the success/fail ratio of the product/service/anything on your website.

Isn’t it crazy? Yes, WP Guidant is capable of giving you the power of building multiple sales funnels using user behavior tracking within hours. What took you months will be now taking minutes to achieve.

This is how powerful WP Guidant, the real Guided Selling Process is.


Don’t wait any longer. Give your website a boost by adding WP Guidant guided selling process into your system and more sales like rockets.

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