What is Dark Mode

What is dark mode and why is it getting popular in 2022

The Dark Mode trend became a hot topic among all the people back in 2019, on its premiere from Google. Only then, people could enjoy YouTube & Google Chrome apps dyed in exquisite dark themes. What is dark mode? How does it work? Might be some of these questions people still ask.

It’s been 2 years and we are still seeing more & more people going crazy for this feature. People in 2021 are demanding dark mode features more than anything in the online community.

But why does it matter? Aren’t we good with the traditional light mode? What is dark mode anyways?

For your concern, dark mode is more than you think it is. It is not a simple dark-colored theme but a solution for a lot of things on your device.

Are you interested in listening? Great, cause we are about to tell you how powerful the dark mode feature can become for you.


So What is Dark Mode Actually?

It will be highly unlikely at this point but if you are somehow not familiar then you might be asking the question “what is dark mode?”.

To answer your question, dark mode is a display setting for smartphones, PCs, laptops

Or any other supported devices. Generally, by default, It makes the black colored texts against white or colorful background into white/gray colored texts against dark/black background.

Dark mode now comes as an in-built option on almost all of the electronic devices with screens (smartphones, tablets, laptops, E-Book devices, PCs, etc.)

With the default settings, much cannot be customized or the options are limited for that. That is why there are third-party apps that can help you use a customized dark mode on your devices.


What is Dark Mode Used for?

The main goal of using dark mode is that it lowers the amount of light emitted by the device screens but maintaining the bare minimum color contrast ratio which is needed for better readability in low light conditions (such as night hours).

In fact, there are a lot of usages and benefits of dark mode that we will be looking at in short. So, continue reading for more details.


Why is Dark Mode Popular So Much?

Why is dark mode popular

Make a guess, is dark mode worthy? Why do people like dark mode so much? What is dark mode capable of?
In short, dark mode is very effective in upgrading the readability of your site’s content. It makes it easy for people to lay their eyes comfortably on the screen and see what you have served.
Users can switch between the dark mode if given the authority, making them even more interested in your website. The fact that it picked so much attention in a short time, let’s have a look at the exciting features.

Better Content Readability

is dark mode actually better

Any typical device emits a lot of colorful lights that hinder the user from maintaining their focus on a topic. People often get shaken by the number of lights and it disturbs their minds. Especially the background and the font color have a significant effect on the reading experience. Sometimes, changing the link color could be a temporary solution.

Dark mode easily eliminates this obstacle and ensures a comfortable reading experience for the readers. People can spend more time reading in a distraction-free environment and you get to keep more traffic.

Amazingly, white letters in dark backgrounds seem more lively and fun to read, increasing the reader’s engagement. So, this answers the question “what is dark mode capable of?”. 


Is Dark Mode Good For Eyes? Yes indeed it is

is dark mode good for eyes

Now, you don’t want to go blind by staring at your screen too long, do you? Late-night work always puts a strain on your eyes from the bright lights of the computer screen.

You can’t take it and we get it.

Another reason why dark mode is so popular is, it reduces total light emission from the display. The mostly dark screen doesn’t interfere with your visibility and improves your eyesight.

That’s why people could spend a longer time with their devices without worries.


Boosting Total Conversion Rate

can dark mode hurt your eyes

Doesn’t look like it but dark mode actually plays a bigger role in boosting the total conversion rate on your website. Dark background whips up people’s emotions and inspires them to take action.

The result? People are really going to love your website while spending more time on it, learning about your goods, and making decisions.

We have seen uglier websites win people’s hearts with their stunning dark mode interface. Fascinating, right? Get more traffic and less bounce rate with only one solution.


Reduce Battery Consumption

why do people like dark mode

The biggest problem is not the eyes but the battery life of your smart device. The majority of the crowd use smartphones to surf through the internet and are concerned about their battery consumption.

Browsing the internet drains much of the battery life faster. It gets terrible if there are more lights on the display. So, the dark mode has an upper hand in this situation as it dramatically reduces battery consumption on your device.

Not only that, dark mode saves up to 58% of power draw in a full-brightness display. More battery power means more dwell time on your website. It’s 1+1=2 math.

If the pile of words is not enough, let me give you some bullet points. It’s about the places you need dark mode and where you don’t.

Best to use dark mode-

  • Save up battery power and eventually nature
  • Minimalistic interface and appropriate layout (Amazon for example)
  • Health concern, protect eyes with comforting colors
  • Create emotions like mystery, drama, etc.
  • Add VIP feeling to the device

Not best to use dark mode-

  • When there are lots of text, the user may feel nausea while reading in dark mode
  • Mixed colors on the display
  • Mega shops don’t look so appealing in dark mode

As you have made up to this point, it only indicates that you are curious about how to get this over-powered feature into your website, right? Well, WordPress has it already. Let me give you the details.


Is Dark Mode Actually Better for You?

To answer that question in general terms, yes, dark mode is better to a great extent compared to light mode. Looking at the above-mentioned features and benefits, it can be said that dark mode is really helpful for most people.

It can save you from various health-related issues, save battery power on your AMOLED/OLED screen devices, and give a much better reading experience in low-light conditions.

On the other hand, if you implement it on your website for users, it can drive in better traffic and increase user engagement overall.

These are the benefits that you will enjoy while using a dark mode solution/setting.


Can Dark Mode Hurt Your Eyes?

Even though dark mode comes with a lot of benefits, sometimes dark mode can hurt your eyes.

We know that dark mode can reduce eye strain at low light conditions when the surrounding is dark and has not have enough lights to see or read anything. It significantly cuts down on the blue lights that emit from electronic devices and it gives the eyes a pleasant experience of readability.

However, on the other hand, using dark mode makes your pupils dilate which can make it harder for you to focus on the screen.

If the light is too dim or the texts are obscure then it will cause more pressure on your eyes as you will struggle to focus.

To break it into a bit more simpler explanation, when your pupils dilate it loose focus and you cannot see or read anything that clearly. On the other hand, under bright light, the pupils get constricted, which results in better focus and sharp vision.

For this reason, it may get more difficult for some people to properly see their screen in the dark mode because the pupils get dilated.


Eye-pleasant Dark Mode With WordPress

WordPress covers more than 40% of websites in the world. People love this platform because of its simple yet attractive interface. Amazingly, there is enough white space on the homepage for you to not lose your focus.

While reading is fun and WordPress has got it indeed, using a dark mode plugin will increase the readability to another level. Dim lights won’t hurt your eyes and the deep colors will spellbind your attention.

With the Darklup dark mode plugin, your desired dark mode interface is possible. Just have a peek at its features:-

  • OS-Based Color Scheme
  • Frontend & Backend dark mode switch
  • 12+ Professional Color Schemes
  • Time-Based Automatic Mode
  • Custom CSS
  • Multi-Switch Options

With these and many other features, Darklup can easily turn your website into an exquisite dark mode interface. And, it’s really easy to do that.

Let me show you how.

Install Darklup – WP Dark Mode on WordPress

Installing Darklup on WordPress is super easy. Just like any other plugin, you can add it by going to WordPress Dashboard> Plugins> Add New.

dark mode background

There, type Darklup in the search field to find the plugin and click on the install button. Our’s doesn’t show the installation button as we already got this awesome plugin.

Later, just activate it and Darklup will automatically force dark mode on your website by default.


Activate Frontend-Backend Dark Mode Switch

As you have just installed Darklup, you will see the dark mode enabled in the system.

However, you can keep it on or disable it from both the frontend & backend. Also, you may change the switch style, customize the layout colors, enable OS awareness mode, and more.

DarkLup Dark Mode

Just go to your WordPress Dashboard> Darklup> General Settings. All the settings are laid for you to easily use them.


Rapid Color Schemes

what is dark mode

Darklup is not just a simple dark mode plugin as it empowers you to choose your own color schemes for both frontend & backend. Surprisingly, it’s more than 12+ ready schemes for you to use.

Simply go to Dashboard> Darklup> Color Settings and enjoy picking your colors.

Surprised? Well, there’s more waiting for you. [Grab Darklup Dark Mode Plugin].



While the dark mode is getting more popular each day, have Darklup convert your website with a breathtaking dark mode interface. Do it and see your conversion rate skyrocketing instantly.

So, we hope that all of the above-mentioned discussion has answered the question of why do people like dark mode so much.

Have something on mind? Tell us more about it.

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