Boost Your Sales_ Unveiling The Ultimate WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugin!

Boost Your Sales: Unveiling the Ultimate WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugin!

One of the main problems with an online e-commerce store is abandoned cart issues. Almost 60% to 70% of shoppers will leave in the middle of shopping or abandon the cart. It needs to be fixed for your shop inventory, which drops your revenue and profit. On top of it, you must find a way to manage those unused carts to keep your shop updated.

Henceforth, you must find ways to manage abandoned carts and recover them. And with the best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins, you can perform precisely the same and even more. From analyzing and documenting abandoned carts and their products to emptying them after a certain period, these plugins perform a myriad of tasks for you.

Also, they allow you to send reminders, emails, and even discount offers to the customer to recover the cart. So, if you want to boost your sales with a quick abandon cart recovery plugin, this review will be your goldmine.

Why Do People Abandon Carts in WooCommerce Shops?

People abandon shopping carts for different reasons. From unexpected costs to lengthy checkouts and even higher pricing of the products, all contribute to leaving shopping carts.

Unexpected Costs

One of the most common reasons for cart abandonment is unexpected additional costs. It includes shipping fees, taxes, or handling charges. When shoppers find that the price exceeds their expectations, they leave the cart.“According to a survey by the Baymard Institute, 47% of respondents abandoned their carts due to high extra costs.”

Complicated Checkout Process

Sometimes, the checkout process is too lengthy, complex, or requires too much personal information. Also, some WooCommerce shops need customers to register before making any purchases. When it happens, users are more likely to abandon their carts.“A survey by Statista found that 17% of respondents abandoned their carts due to a complicated checkout process.”

why consumer abandon their order

Source: Statista 

Security Concerns

Some customers might need help to provide credit card information on unfamiliar or unsecured websites. Therefore, they will leave the shopping cart. Also, if the payment stripe is complicated, they will most likely abandon the cart at the last moment.

You need to, thus, focus on trust indicators such as SSL certificates and secure payment gateways. These are crucial to alleviate these concerns.

Comparison Shopping

Online shoppers browse multiple websites to compare prices, products, and deals. No doubt, this comparison shopping can lead to cart abandonment. Users might add items to their cart for future reference or price comparison, not for instant shopping.

Lack of Guest Checkout

Many WooCommerce shops will require users to create an account before purchasing. It can discourage them from completing the transaction as most people aren’t interested in creating new accounts only for shopping purposes.

You may offer a guest checkout option to mitigate this issue. When customers find user registration discounts, they will purchase and check out.

Distractions and Interruptions:

Although rare, there can be life distractions, technical glitches, or internet connectivity issues during shopping. All these problems can cause users to leave their carts and forget about them. You can use the abandoned cart recovery plugin to remind the users about their shopping items.

You can even offer discounts and coupon codes for completing the purchase ASAP.

How to Reduce Abandon Cart Rate For WooCommerce Shops

Besides the plugin for cart recovery, you should also focus on providing a better shopping experience to your customers. You can display the cost early and make the payment gateway easier.

Streamline Checkout Process

First, you must simplify the checkout process. For this, minimize the number of steps and information required before checkout. Also, you can implement a one-page checkout.

“It is crucial since, according to the Baymard Institute, 65% of shops don’t include a guest checkout option and even have difficulty in checkout steps”   Also, for better usability, you can integrate it with Darklup to turn on dark mode while working for even better comfort.

Display Total Costs Early

We recommend you display all costs early. It may include shipping fees and taxes, all upfront during the shopping process. So, customers will know their possible delivery fees and other upfront costs to make an informed decision.

Also, the transparency can prevent sticker shock during checkout. It will inspire customers to complete checkout and purchase.

Offer Guest Checkout

You can allow users to complete their purchases without creating an account. As you keep options for guest checkout, customers don’t need to create any user profile. Also, they can checkout without any profile creation.

It will reduce friction for first-time customers who may be hesitant to share personal information. And the result will be higher conversion and sales.

Implement Exit-Intent Popups

One of the best ways to motivate visitors to complete shopping is to use exit-intent popups. With it, you can offer discounts, free shipping, or other incentives to users about to abandon their carts. These pop-ups can help retain customers at the last moment.

Thankfully, with a practical abandon cart recovering plugin, you can do it with ease. Our reviewed plugins will enable you with such excellent features too.

Send Abandonment Recovery Emails

You should set up automated email sequences to remind users of their abandoned carts. These emails can include product details, images, and a direct link to the cart to simplify the checkout process. 

And you can do them with the WooCommerce plugins for cart recovery.

Optimize Mobile Experience

Last but not least, you must ensure your WooCommerce shop is responsive and mobile-friendly. A significant portion of online shopping occurs on mobile devices so a seamless mobile experience can prevent abandonment.

For mobile users, many prefer dark modes for an enhanced browsing experience which could potentially increase their chance to buy products from your shop. For this, you may consider enabling dark mode on your WooCommerce website using Darklup to give the mobile users a better experience. It will be helpful to increase ROI. 

“It is crucial because almost 50% of E-commerce purchases are made using smartphones, according to Outer Box.”

Also, you may display trust signals such as security badges, customer reviews, and clear return policies. It will boost customers’ confidence in making a purchase.

Top 5 Best WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugin Reviews

As a WooCommerce shop owner, abandoned carts are the last thing you want to see. It’s time you say Goodbye to this nuisance forever with our suggested plugins and their unique features.

Recover Abandoned Carts for WooCommerce by ShopMagic

ShopMagic provides you with this abandoned cart recovery plugin free with their main Shopmagic plugin, and both come free. So, when you start your E-shop and want to spend less, these two plugins will be a great addition to your store management.

It is an exceptional plugin designed to tackle one of the most pressing challenges for online retailers – cart abandonment. This plugin goes above and beyond with a comprehensive set of features. So, it will recover lost revenue, enhance customer engagement, and drive conversions.

Its main attraction is abandoned cart statistics. With a unique algorithm, it provides you with authentic information about recoverable and recovered carts. Also, you can use its placeholder option to send personalized messages to customers.

Next up, you can set templated emails for customers for the automated recovery option. You can also import all the data directly to your Google Sheets, which eases cart and shop management. So, you will find this ShopMagic cart abandon recovery plugin more than helpful.

Highlighted Features

  • Abandoned Cart Statistics: You will get insights into recovered orders, recoverable orders, and revenue earned with the plugin. Thus, you can measure the effectiveness of your recovery strategies.
  •   Guest Tracking: The plugin supports both registered customers and guest users. It widens your scope to recover abandoned carts and increases conversion
  •  Exit Intent Pop-Up: You may even activate an exit intent pop-up. It will then capture user email addresses when they leave your store without adding items to their cart. It is a clever way to capture potential leads.
  • Personalized Messages: Utilize placeholders to create customized emails for customers. So you can connect better with customers. It will significantly improve the chances of converting abandoned carts.

Recover Abandoned Carts for WooCommerce by ShopMagic stands out for its core cart recovery functionalities and ability to track registered users and guest visitors. The personalized messaging feature adds a layer of sophistication to your follow-up emails. Hence, it is a potent tool for cart recovery and enhanced sales conversion rates.

Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce by FunnelKit

Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce offers you a holistic approach. It combines one of the best email marketing and cart abandonment recovery services you can think of now. Besides abandoned carts, it empowers you to engage customers at various stages.

During our test, we were impressed with its FunnelKit cart-recovery Automation facility. The automation offers 1000+ services as it connects automatically with Zapier, Integrated, Integromat, Pabbly, etc. As a result, you will get many free services within the same plugin. Not to mention, it will increase WooCommerce shop management convenience.

Moreover, it has one of the cleanest and most visually-appealing interfaces. You will find the interface easy enough to manage your workflow without problems.

Highlighted Features

  • Abandoned Cart Campaigns: You can craft campaigns to recover revenue from abandoned carts with its automated follow-up emails. Although the email has limited customization, it still works well to captivate customers.
  • Post-Purchase Sequences: With it, you can extend customer engagement through post-purchase email sequences. The feature will educate and upsell customers about your products to enhance trust and sales.
  •  Welcome Email Workflow: With the plugin, you can set up welcome emails for first-time buyers. It will be a great way to Impress first-time buyers with on-brand welcome emails. Also, it will set a positive tone for their experience with your store.
  •  CRM-Like Features: The PRO version offers CRM-like features. So, you tag contacts and add them to lists or sequences. Plus, you can update custom fields for precise targeting for faster-abandoned cart recovery.
  •  Integration with WordPress Plugins: The WooCommerce plugin seamlessly integrates with various WordPress plugins. It will expand your potential for generating revenue through different channels.

Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce isn’t just a cart recovery tool. Its integration capabilities and CRM-like features empower you to create tailored customer journeys. You can benefit from its abandonment cart to post-purchase features to maximize conversion rates.

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery by CartFlows Inc

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery addresses the universal issue of cart abandonment head-on. Also, it offers a streamlined solution to regain lost revenue through automated follow-up emails with easy customization.

You can sequence the email delivery just like you want, from 1 hour to 72 hours, or even more. It will continue delivering emails to customers following your schedule. Also, with every email, you can send unique checkout links. So, shoppers will land where they left off, which increases conversion. Moreover, with this best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin, you can enable General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) during checkouts. It increases customers’ trust in the payment option. So, shoppers will most likely go to payment options with this GDPR facility of the cart abandonment recovery plugin since mistrust in payment options is one of the main reasons for cart abandonment.

Highlighted Features

  • Automated Follow-Up Emails: It will capture email addresses during the checkout process. Then, it initiates an automated series of follow-up emails for uncompleted purchases within 15 minutes. The reminder will persuade customers to shop from your shop.
  • Customizable Email Sequence: You can tailor your email series to align with your brand. You can set automated reminders, solicit feedback, and present custom discounts
  •  Unique Checkout Links: Provide shoppers with unique checkout links for abandoned carts. It will simplify the shopping and checkout process. Naturally, it increases the likelihood of revenue conversions.
  •  GDPR Compliance: Optionally displays GDPR notices. It will ensure data protection compliance and build trust with customers.
  • Reports: You can access comprehensive reports for insights into the plugin’s performance. Also, with easy documentation, you will know its role in reclaiming lost revenue.

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery simplifies abandoned cart recovery with targeted email sequences. Its unique checkout links and GDPR compliance features contribute to its potential for effective recovery. Also, its simple but engaging interface will ensure you have fun working with this excellent cart recovery plugin.

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart is a feature-rich plugin. You will appreciate its range of tools to recover abandoned carts, analyze and optimize the recovery process, etc. You can recover pending orders from all users or set specific user roles for better results.

You may save information about guest users to offer them auto-generated BOGO and discount offers and turn them into future customers. It comes with many email templates, so you can always choose a unique one for each customer. It is a great way to connect with customers personally without any effort.

Last but not least, its advanced report is more than helpful. From cart recovery to visitors’ numbers from emails, you can know all insights in just a click. Hence, it proves to be more than a useful abandoned cart plugin tool.

Highlighted Features

  • Time Span Setting: The plugin offers you to define the time duration for the cart abandoned duration. Once the period passes, it will automatically start the recovery strategies you can customize.
  • Variable Product Support: The plugin is compatible with variable products. So, it ensures product type is included in your recovery efforts.
  • Automated Email Customization: You can quickly create diverse email templates. The template dynamics include user and cart information for better engagement with personalized messages.
  • Advanced Reporting: Its documentation helps you gain deep insights into key metrics. So, you can quickly know about its conversion rates, sent email visitors, and carts recovered and transformed into final checkouts.
  •  Coupon Integration: With it, you may even generate unique, time-limited discount coupons for all or specific customers. It will be great to incentivize customers and prompt them to complete their purchases.

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart goes beyond basic cart recovery. It provides you with insightful reports and support for variable products. It’s coupon integration and email customization features contribute to its potential for successful cart recovery.

Retainful – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

Retainful is an all-encompassing email marketing plugin for WooCommerce with quick installation, easy use, an intuitive interface, and brilliant cart recovery success. It functions in many ways, from developing email campaigns to offering “Thank You” messages with unique coupon codes.

The more impressive part of the plugin is its Add-to-cart popup, and Exit Popup features. With it, your email camping gets better. Also, you can set the email schedule from 15 minutes to 7 days for a successful recovery process of the abandoned carts.

Finally, its real-time cart data and extensive reporting keep you updated continuously. So, you will be at peace knowing it won’t miss or skip any valuable data.

Highlighted Features:

  •  Abandoned Cart Recovery:  You may launch automated email campaigns to recover abandoned carts. Also, you can encourage customers to finalize their purchases.
  • Order Follow-Up Emails: The plugin includes automated post-purchase follow-ups. With it, you can nurture customer relationships and drive repeat business.
  • Welcome Emails: You can send welcoming emails to first-time buyers to make a lasting impression. It will increase the chance of final checkouts with a positive mindset.
  •  Coupon-Driven Repeat Purchases: The plugin lets you send thank-you emails with next-order coupons. So, you can motivate customers to repeat purchases and foster loyalty.
  •  Referral Campaigns: Lastly, you can re-engage inactive customers with automated follow-ups. Also, it will encourage word-of-mouth sales as customers can refer to their friends about your shops.

Retainful stands out with a diverse range of email automation capabilities. It addresses various stages of customer interaction. Its comprehensive approach to customer engagement with a welcome message and referral coupons help spread word of mouth for your shop


The best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins are crucial in managing and recovering your carts. With these plugins, you can remind customers about their left carts through emails and personalized messages.

It will boost your sales and revenues and increase client-brand relationships, which is the key to success for most WooCommerce stores. From follow-up emails to setting up scheduled emails and cart abandonment periods, you can perform all required functions with our recommended plugins. So, which is your choice to recover lost carts and turn visitors into loyal customers?

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