5 Must Have WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugins for Your Online Store

PDF invoices are an effective way to increase customer trust and keep track of your sales in the best-documented form. However, there’s no need to create a hand-written WooCommerce PDF invoice in this digital age. Instead, you can install related PDF invoice plugins and let them take over the responsibility of generating the PDF invoice.

And for your help, we bring the best WooCommerce PDF invoice plugin for your shop. It will speed up your checkout process, build customer trust, and boost sales. Whether you want quick customization of the PDF invoices or translate them to different languages, our selected top five PDF invoice plugins will provide you with everything required.

If you want to make the checkout process, sales documentation, and invoice generation process streamlined, effortless, and worthy, our suggestions will be your goldmine.

5 Best PDF Invoice Plugins for Your WooCommerce Store

You must juggle multiple responsibilities as a WooCommerce shop owner, from inventory management to customer service. Thankfully, you can ease out the shop management with the PDF invoice generator plugins effortlessly.

YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips is a powerful invoicing solution that goes beyond the basics. You can customize the invoices just as you want with this plugin. Also, customers can download the invoice directly from their “My Account” page during checkouts.

You may even choose the manual option for better tailoring of it. Moreover, its updated version will stop generating invoices with a “0” value to stop cart abandonment. It will be crucial to streamline your customers’ purchasing experience and build trust with minimum investment.

Customizable Invoice Numbers

The plugin offers different options for generating invoice numbers. You can choose sequential numbering, order ID, custom prefix, or suffix. With the flexibility, you can easily organize meaningful invoices for both you and your customers.

Dedicated Table

YITH provides a dedicated table for managing all your invoices. Thus, it gets easy for you to track, regenerate, and download invoices when needed. The management table feature is especially handy when dealing with a high volume of orders. It further has a crisp UI that enhances your user experience thoroughly.

Backup Solutions

You will get options to automatically back up your documents to Dropbox or Google Drive with the PDF plugin. So, you can ensure the safety and availability of your invoice data even if your WooCommerce server and shop get crashed.  

It adds an extra layer of security to your WooCommerce business operations.

Advanced Design Customization

The PDF plugin integrates with the Gutenberg builder. It enables you to create custom invoice templates that align with your brand identity. You can add your shop logo, tailored signature, change the date, etc., for a complete customization experience of the invoice. It will make your customers feel more special and secure.

Additionally, the inclusion of ready-to-use templates expedites the customization process. If you don’t have the time for customization, you can choose from the classic to modern templates for the invoices.

VAT & SSN Options

For businesses operating internationally, the plugins support VAT and SSN fields. It is available during checkout, further ensuring compliance with legal requirements. This is particularly useful for companies conducting international transactions with specific tax regulations.

Why It’s Best

YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips stands out due to its comprehensive feature set and attention to detail. The ability to cater to various numbering systems, backup options, and advanced design customization provides the safest invoicing experience.

Moreover, its international support and compliance features make it a go-to choice for international shops in the WooCommerce platform.

WooCommerce PDF Invoice by RightPress

RightPress PDF Invoice by

WooCommerce PDF Invoice by RightPress takes invoicing to a professional level. It offers a feature-rich solution that aligns with accounting standards for invoicing. The plugin ensures accurate invoicing and branding consistency with many practical options and templates.

It generates invoices automatically and also gets attached to WooCommerce emails. So customers can download it directly or store it for future uses. On top of that, you can choose regular and Proforma invoice options for your shop. You can activate both, one, or deactivate both too.

During our review, we liked its full support, easy customization layout, and complete control over the entire invoicing process. So, you will find it incredibly feature-rich and practical.

Download Options

The plugin provides you and your customers with hassle-free download of invoices. The download is available both from order list views and single order views. So, quick access to invoices improves operational efficiency for store managers.It will integrate seamlessly with Square payment plugins to make invoice creation faster. So you don’t need to worry about its compatibility at all.

Advanced Buyer & Seller Details

The PDF invoice plug also includes options to set seller company information, upload logos, and resize logos for a perfect fit on invoices. As a result, the RightPress plugin ensures that your invoices convey a professional image.

Moreover, the image resizing and other customization options are manageable with a simple layout. So, you can customize the invoices without being high-end tech-savvy.

Reliable Numbering

With the plugin, you will enjoy the convenience of manually deleting and regenerating invoices. It will become invaluable for order details to change after invoice generation. You can choose from bullet, Roman, and numerical orders, depending on your preference.

Custom Checkout Fields

One of the most practical features of the plugin is its custom checkout fields. It will help gather the necessary information from customers during checkout, such as their email, etc. So it will enhance the accuracy of your invoices. Also, it helps in reducing the abandon-cart rate.

ZIP Download

The plugin can download all regular invoices within a specified date range. You can download them as a ZIP file, too. It will simplify document management and save your storage as well. So, with it, you can easily retrieve invoices for record-keeping or auditing purposes.

Why It’s Best

WooCommerce PDF Invoice stands out with its focus on professionalism and compliance. The extensive buyer and seller details options, combined with the reliable numbering system, make it one of the best WooCommerce PDF plugins in the list.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

PDF Invoices & Packing Slips by Welaunch is a versatile solution for automating PDF invoicing. You will appreciate both its basic template and customization options for easy store management. Also, the plugin caters to businesses that need a balance between automation and design flexibility.

It includes the option of email, download, and print PDFs, which increases flexibility. Also, you can give specific names for each PDF document to find the file easily. The plugin offers you complete control over the customization, thanks to its flexibility.

You can customize the header, address, logo, HTML, etc., thanks to the versatile and easy customizable layout. Also, it offers a clean UI for comfortable working experience for the shop managers.

Translation Ready

With support for multiple languages, the plugin is translation-ready. It works well with both WPML and Polylang for the fastest translation. Hence, you can translate the invoice to any language for your customers’ requirement.

It will be helpful to reach your business globally as customers can easily find their required invoice in their language.

Bulk Generation

PDF Invoices and packing Slips generate invoices and packing slips in bulk amounts. So, when there’s a rush of invoices, it can handle the job with ease. So, there won’t be any waiting time for the customers.

Also, it will streamline the process, saving time for store managers dealing with multiple orders. You won’t have to bang your head on the table to manage the invoices anymore.

My Account Downloads

The feature enables customers to download invoices from their My Account page. It will enhance customer convenience and transparency. Also, with the easy download facility of the invoice, customers will appreciate your shop management.

Customizable Templates

We loved that the plugin included an HTML/CSS-based invoice template. It allows easy and quick customization of the invoice’s look and feel. So, it ensures that the invoice aligns with your brand. You can add text, images, shop logos, and colors for a tailored feel.

You may even create credit notes with the plugin and attach them with invoices. It will be useful to improve your shop’s brand value.

Sequential Invoice Numbers

You will get customizable formatting options for sequential invoice numbering with the plugin. It will be helpful to maintain order and organization in your invoicing process. You can choose your comfortable numbering method and still enjoy excellent documentation.

Why It’s Best

WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips shine as a versatile invoicing solution. Its bulk invoice generation, customizable templates, and versatile modules are practical options. So, it is a robust choice for an efficient and adaptable PDF invoicing tool.

PDF Invoices

pdf inoice

PDF Invoices will simplify the invoicing process and make it more convenient. The plugin will automatically attach PDF copies of invoices to order confirmation emails. So customers don’t need to download the PDF separately. It saves their time and boosts your sales.  

Also, it focuses on convenience and efficiency. Hence, this plugin includes admin feature options for better management of the invoices. It further ensures that customers can easily access their invoice documents without hassles.

With 5000+ active installations, it is one of the top-rated PDF plugins for WooCommerce. It also has excellent customer-care support in case you face any problems.

Automated Attachment

The plugin allows automatic attachment of PDF invoices to completed order emails. It will effectively reduce manual intervention for the invoicing and checkout period. Also, it provides customers instant access to their invoices, improving their trust and fun of shopping.

Customizable Invoice Template

The plugin offers different customization options for the invoice template. It lets you tailor the layout and design to match your brand’s aesthetics. However, if you need to customize the layouts, their engaging and simple design will still increase your shop’s brand value.

Sequential Invoice Numbering

The feature allows the plugin to manage and store the invoices sequentially. So, it gets easier for the shop manager to keep track of orders and maintain order within your invoicing process. You won’t have to spend time finding the right invoice from chaotic numbering anymore

Admin Features

The admin feature is more than convenient to resend or download invoices directly from the order list. So, it will simplify administrative tasks. Also, it will reduce the time spent retrieving invoice copies from thousands.

Legal Company Information

We also loved including the invoice’s legal company information sections, such as tax numbers. It adds a professional touch to the PDF invoice and ensures compliance with tax and VAT regulatory requirements.

Why It’s Best

PDF Invoices are an excellent choice for automation and efficiency in invoicing. Also, the plugin streamlines operations and enhances customer experience. Lastly, it has a great dashboard for easily managing your store orders.



The cashier is a comprehensive plugin that combines various WooCommerce checkout features, including PDF invoicing. Its simple design will streamline the checkout process and offer a range of functionalities for easy store management. Hence, the Cashier PDF plugin aims to provide an all-in-one solution for online stores with fast and easy checkout and invoice management.

On top of it, the PDF plugin supports both WPML and Polylang for easy translation of the invoice in different languages. So, your customers can get it in their language, which increases their satisfaction.

One-Page Checkout

The cashier’s one-page checkout design is incredibly practical and beneficial. It combines the shopping, cart, checkout form, and payment details on a single page. The combination of all related information for checkout will optimize the customer experience.

Checkout Field Editor

The plugin’s checkout field editor feature is more than impressive. It will empower store owners to customize core WooCommerce fields.

Moreover, you can add custom fields, tailoring the checkout process to shop owner’s and customers’ needs. Also, the customization fields are easy to find within the dashboard. It will boost your user experience for the plugin.

Print PDF Invoices

Cashier’s includes a printing option for all the PDF invoicing. So, businesses might offer more detailed documents to their customers. Undoubtedly, it will enhance transparency and professionalism, which your customers will love.

Cost of Goods Sold

The “Cost of Goods Sold” feature will enable you to measure the total profit and cost of goods sold. It will assist WooCommerce businesses in gaining insights into their financial performance. Also, it frees them from installing another plugin for measuring the business performance.

Direct Checkout

With the direct checkout option, the plugin allows you to skip the cart and redirect users to checkout. It also includes a quick Buy Now button at the checkout option. It will simplify the purchasing process and reduce friction for customers. So, you will have a cart abandoned rate.

Why It’s Best

Cashier combines various checkout-related features along with its incredibly helpful PDF invoicing facility. Hence, you will enjoy both convenience and customization with the Cashier Invoice plugin. It will also appeal to businesses seeking a unified solution for the checkout process.

What To Look For When Finding The Best WooCommerce PDF Plugin?

PDF plugin will enhance your e-commerce store’s invoicing and document management process. It will also improve customer satisfaction. However, you need to find the right invoice PDF plugin with the best efficiency, documentation, etc.

Document Customization and Branding

When selecting a PDF plugin, you should look into the customization offers. You must consider incorporating the company logo, adjusting color schemes, and rearranging layout elements. A plugin that offers flexibility in customization will enable you to maintain consistent store management.

Also, you will enjoy a professional appearance across all your documents.

Automation and Efficiency

Efficiency is crucial in managing your ecommerce store’s document workflow. So, choose a plugin that streamlines the process. For this, you can check for an automated PDF invoice generation facility.

The plugin also should attach the invoice to order confirmation emails. Automatic document generation in bulk can significantly save time. It will be particularly especially when dealing with a high volume of orders.

Sequential Numbering and Organization

Organized record-keeping is essential for any business. You can seek a plugin that supports sequential numbering for invoices and other documents.

So your documents will be well-organized. It will also help you to track and reference them. Also, plugins with customizable numbering formats are highly convenient. You may also look for the option to reset numbering annually. It will enhance your document management further.

Document Storage and Accessibility

Administrators and customers must access and generate documents quickly. SO plugins must include options to download invoices from their account pages. It will be highly beneficial for customers without any hassles.

Additionally, check for features like integration with cloud services. It may include Dropbox or Google Drive integration. It ensures better security of the document storage and easy access from anywhere.

Legal Compliance and Internationalization

Does your business operate internationally or in regions with specific legal requirements? If so, you must ensure that the plugin supports necessary fields such as VAT and SSN.

It will help your store to remain compliant with local regulations. Multilingual support is also valuable for catering to customers from different countries. It will, of course, enhance their shopping experience.

Ease of Use and Configuration

A user-friendly interface and straightforward configuration process for the PDF invoice plugin are also necessary. It can save you time and effort. Hence, you should choose PDF plugins with intuitive settings and clear documentation.

Also, you should have access to tutorials or customer support for the selected plugin. It will be especially necessary if you’re new to using such plugins.


The best WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins will largely automate your invoice generation process with multiple customization facilities. Henceforth, these plugins will provide tailored PDF invoices that will improve your WooCommerce shop’s brand value.

Whether you need manual, automatic invoice generation, multilingual support, and easy integration, our suggested plugins pass all the required tests. Therefore, you will find them perfect to improve your customers’ shopping experience. Also, they will help you analyze your financial performance easily and quickly.

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