WooCommerce Product Images Not Displaying

Why Are My WooCommerce Product Images Not Showing? (And How to Fix It)

Only the person running an e-commerce store can understand how important the pictures are for selling things online. When customers can see what they want to buy, it helps. But there are moments when the pictures of your different product choices might not appear in WooCommerce. 

This can be frustrating if you’ve worked hard to make your product pages look excellent with pictures but your images are not showing up in WooCommerce and you are stuck with that. 

Usually, it happens because of issues with other tools/plugins or to some extent because of the theme of your website. Let’s dive into the step-by-step guide towards fixing the issue.

Common Causes of Missing WooCommerce Product Images

It is essential to understand why WooCommerce product pictures do not appear. Let’s explore this puzzle’s typical causes, ranging from technical errors to compatibility problems.

A few typical explanations exist for WooCommerce image display problems. Has it ever happened to you that you added a photo from your computer but later forgot to display it on your website? It’s comparable to possessing an image but not showing it publicly.

The photographs’ size—either too large or too small could be another factor. When the product images are not the proper size, this frequently occurs in internet stores. As a result, the images may appear hazy and difficult to distinguish.

Apart from the reasons discussed, there may be other reasons as well:

  • Incorrect image paths
  • Corrupted or damaged image files
  • Theme compatibility issues
  • Plugin conflicts
  • WooCommerce configuration problems

How to Fix WooCommerce Product Images Not Showing

Learn simple step-by-step fixes for the most common causes of products not showing up on the shop page, and make sure your WooCommerce store is operating without any issues by exploring the common causes.

Modify how your catalog is displayed

The primary reason for WooCommerce product images not showing up is often incorrect catalog visibility settings. If set to ‘Hidden’ or ‘Search results only,’ your products won’t display.

WooCommerce Product Images Not Showing

To resolve this, navigate to the Products section and select Catalog Visibility. Change it to “Shop and search results.” This adjustment ensures and in search results.

Verify Your Shop Page Setup

Incorrect shop page configuration is a common issue when installing WooCommerce. You can check it by

Step 1: Go to WooCommerce and select “Products.”

Step 2: Look for the “Shop Page” section. Choose “Shop” from the available options.

WooCommerce Product Images Not Showing

woocommerce product images

Step 3:  In WooCommerce settings, go to the “Advanced” section.

Here, you can set different pages for cart, checkout, terms and conditions, and account.

Ensure that each option directs to the correct page, such as selecting “Cart” for the Cart page, “Checkout” for the Checkout page, and “My Account” for the My Account page.

WooCommerce Product Images Not Showing

Optimize Your WooCommerce Store by Clearing All Caches

Clearing caches on your website is essential. It helps prevent you from viewing the old cached version and troubleshoots WooCommerce image visibility

Regularly clearing all types of caches, including client-side cache, server-side cache, and WordPress plugin cache, is essential for a smoothly running WooCommerce store.

Here’s how to clear your WooCommerce site’s cache:

  • Client-Side Cache

This cache resides in your browser. Clearing it varies by browser. 

  • For example go to your Microsoft Edge browser settings, navigate to the Privacy, search, and Services section via the Clear browsing Data Now, and select Choose what to clear.
WooCommerce Product Images Not Showing

woocommerce product images
  • Server-Side Cache

To clear the server-side cache, you’ll typically need to do it from your hosting account. For instance, BlueHost users can clear it directly from the WordPress admin area with a single click. If you install the BlueHost plugin, you’ll find a Caching option at the top of the admin area. Click on it and then select Purge All to clear the cache.

  • Plugin Cache

Caching plugins like Jetpack and WP Super Cache enable easy deletion of the plugin cache with a single click.

By following these steps, you’ll ensure your WooCommerce store operates smoothly without any lingering cache issues.

Fixing WooCommerce Page Empty Due to Plugin Compatibility

WooCommerce image display problems are sometimes due to plugin compatibility problems. Some plugins play poorly with WooCommerce and can disrupt your site. 

Here’s how to tackle it:

Deactivate Plugins: Turn off all plugins except WooCommerce. If your shop page appears, a plugin is likely causing the issue.

Identify the Culprit: Activate one plugin at a time to find the troublemaker. If the products vanish when you activate a specific plugin, you’ve found it.

Replace Problematic Plugin: Delete the troublesome plugin and replace it with an alternative.

Pro Tip: Keep your plugins up-to-date. Outdated plugins can trigger compatibility problems.

Refresh Product Listings After Shop Page Customization

Customizing your shop page requires keeping your products visible. This situation often arises after creating a custom WooCommerce page. Altering the page structure necessitates updating the listed products. Taking this step guarantees the WooCommerce image visibility on the page.

Contact them for a swift resolution if a third-party developer built your store. They can quickly rectify this issue and offer guidance to prevent future occurrences. Maintaining product visibility is crucial for a seamless shopping experience.

A permalink issue will be at play if your product is visible on the product screen but not on the shop page. To remedy this, update your permalinks—a crucial aspect of your website’s URL structure.
WordPress offers various permalink options, including default permalinks, mod-rewrite permalinks, and PATHINFO permalinks. You can also choose from structure tags, category base, tag base, and category tags to refine your permalink.

To make this change, navigate to Settings, then Permalinks. Select your desired permalink structure, and remember to save your changes. This simple tweak can improve product visibility on your WooCommerce shop page.


Images significantly improve the aesthetic appeal and user experience of your WordPress website. There could be typical causes like forgetting to insert them, issues with themes or plugins, or file protection settings if your photographs are not appearing on your site or in the Media Library.

Ensure you have uploaded photos to your content and given authorized users the correct access if you want to handle front-end image issues. Disable image hotlinking and check folder permissions if images are not showing up in the Media Library.

After fixing product image issues, If you want to boost your WooCommerce store performance, meet WP Guidant. Improve your WooCommerce store user experience with the help of this plugin. 

Do you have a query regarding pictures that aren’t showing? Please ask in the comments section below. We’re here to assist you with information and solutions that are personalized for you.

FAQs: Your Top Questions Answered

What is product visibility in WooCommerce?

You can manage which WooCommerce products your customers see based on their user roles using the “Product Visibility by User Role for WooCommerce” plugin. 

You can conceal products in one of three ways: by eliminating them from search results and the shop, rendering them unpurchasable, or completely obscuring them.

How do I show product images in WooCommerce?

Here’s a simplified version for you:

Step 1: Enter your WordPress login information.

Step 2: Click “Products” in the menu on the left.

Step 3: Find the product you want to add an image to from the list and click on its title.

Step 4: Go to the “Product image” section on the right and click “Set product image.”

Step 5: In the “Upload Files” tab, choose “Select Files.”

Why is the product image not showing on WordPress?

Your WordPress photos occasionally fail to display for evident reasons. You may have not included the image in your content due to a mistake, a problem with one of your themes or plugins, or file protection. 

Just ensure you have uploaded the image to your page or post if it does not appear on the front end.

How do I enable Lightbox for product images in WooCommerce?

Go to your WordPress dashboard and locate WooCommerce to configure this. Then select Settings, followed by Products, and then Quick View. When you reach the Options area, scroll down. 

Let clients click the Quick View button directly beneath each product to access the WooCommerce product lightbox.

What format are WooCommerce product images?

Having photos for your WooCommerce products at least 800px by 800px in size. Aim for even higher resolutions for the finest quality, but do not exceed 1000px x 1000px.

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