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The Ultimate WordPress Guide Plugin for Your Website

Navigating the world of WordPress can sometimes feel like unraveling a mystery. With countless plugins available, each promising to enhance your website in a different way, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Among these, the WordPress Guide Plugin stands out as a game-changer for those seeking to elevate their website’s functionality and user experience. In this article, we’re about to uncover the five crucial secrets every website owner should know about this indispensable tool. 

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just dipping your toes into the world of WordPress, these insights will revolutionize the way you approach website optimization. So, let’s dive in and unlock the true potential of the WordPress Guide Plugin!

Why do you need a guided selling system?

With the change of time, the system around our online marketplace has changed a lot. Before, there were all kinds of retail shops here and there, selling products and doing business.

As we stepped into the world of the World Wide Web, most of the retail shops converted into 

online marketplaces. Now digital shops can be seen everywhere, while most of them are based on WordPress software. The WordPress site is fast, easy to access, and doesn’t need you to step out of your residence.

As people love to get comfortable while shopping, the majority get along with online shops to avoid crowds. These virtual shops can hold 100 times more products than a regular shop could hold.

With the massive shift in the store’s capacity comes a whole new kind of burden. The WordPress shopping community has been facing these burdens for a long time now-

Lack Of Control Over The Products

Before, the retail shop owners could play the cards to pull visitors to become their customers. But now, the customer has the drivers’ seat. Any visitor can freely access online shops to look for their desired product. In fact, the majority leave empty-handed just because they didn’t find the right product or your shop failed to display related products.

In retail shops, the sales reps usually spend a great deal of time learning about the products to help customers make the decision quickly. However, in online shops like a regular shopping WordPress website, the lack of control for displaying the right product off-the-shelf or showing WooCommerce recommended products prove harmful for the sales.

Having Less Time For Selling A Product

Usually, any customer visiting an online shop prefers to do their shopping in less time possible. The reason people choose online shops is that the majority are job holders who tend to be busy to the last minute. So, you get only a tiny amount of time to catch their attention to buy your product.

For ease of access, a WordPress website gives you the ability to display a ton of product categories in your shop, making it easy for people to choose fast. But that isn’t enough anymore. Aside from a faster site, people need a quicker way of finding their desired product. Lacking a proper product advisor tool or WooCommerce product guide for displaying WooCommerce related products can lower the sales volume pretty down.

That’s why you are losing more customers every day due to the lack of a proper WordPress Guide Plugin to help them shop faster. Sadly, WordPress didn’t have a dedicated WooCommerce buying guide to ease this problem. But now, it has!

Massive Volume of Products That Needs Sorting

Most WooCommerce websites have a ton of products lying around for sale. Therefore, the shop owner needs a decent amount of effort to short all these products according to their respective category. In case the volume is too high, you can only see disappointments from the customers.

Because no one wants to go through hundreds of product pages to find just one product, people will quickly get bored from all the browsing and switch to another competitor’s website. This is a problem that only a decent WooCommerce product buying guide tool could solve.

Now that you know the problems affecting your sales, it’s time to step up to find the right solution for this problem. Then again, what should you do in order to boost your sales without affecting the clients’ intention? That’s where WP Guidant enters the show.

Wondering how it makes sense? Let’s see-

7 Efficient Tips for Choosing WordPress Plugins

An effective WordPress can take your site’s performance into another level. But you need to know which is the right one for you. You must know some factors that will help you choose the right one for you.

  1. Check Compatibility: Ensure that the plugins you choose are compatible with your WordPress version. Outdated or incompatible plugins can cause conflicts and security issues.
  1. Read Reviews and Ratings: Before installing a plugin, read user reviews and ratings. This will give you insights into its reliability and performance. Be cautious if a plugin has a low rating or many negative reviews.
  1. Active Installations: Check the number of active installations. A higher number often indicates that the plugin is widely trusted and used by the WordPress community.
  1. Regular Updates: Look for plugins that receive regular updates from the developers. This ensures that the plugin remains secure and compatible with the latest WordPress versions.
  1. Support and Documentation: Check if the plugin has good documentation and support. A responsive support team can be invaluable if you run into issues.
  1. Security: Ensure that the plugin is secure. Read about its security features and assess whether it follows WordPress coding standards. Avoid plugins with known security vulnerabilities.
  1. Performance Impact: Some plugins can slow down your website. Use tools like GTmetrix or PageSpeed Insights to assess the impact of a plugin on your site’s speed.

How WP Guidant Fits The Frame?

For the World of WooCommerce, WP Guidant is a brand new name. It’s the most powerful WordPress guide plugin for online shops and marketplaces.

The plugin was built on a concept to help people shop faster by picking the right products out of the list. It’s an interactive interface that leaves the users with a couple of product quiz. By answering them, the users get to find the detail of the product they wanted in the result area.

This is comparable to an expert sales representative, but a virtual one. Instead of actual people, the WP Guidant plugin AI does the job of showing WooCommerce recommended products to help customers decide.

So, how does a single plugin changes everything? Here are five secrets about the best WordPress guide plugin.

1. WP Guidant Makes Guided Selling Process

WooCommerce Guide

As we have already mentioned, a guided selling system involves a software-based interface that converses with the customers and recommends products/services they desire the most.

WP Guidant kind of works with the same theory. It lets you create a WooCommerce product guide based on the existing data on your WordPress website. The whole guide is made with a series of filters. Each filter is set to process any specific attribute of the current data. Combined together, the guide can display recommended products as the result.

Before, customers needed to search for their desired products within the long list of goods. With this WordPress guided selling plugin, customers only need to answer the product quiz to find the right product. All of it happens in a couple of seconds.

2. Smart Filters For Displaying WooCommerce Related Products

WP Guidant Filters

The most outstanding feature that makes WP Guidant the ultimate guided selling process is the intelligent filters for displaying related products. The plugin can read the existing data on your WordPress website and create filters out of them.

When we developed WP Guidant, we didn’t want it to perform only a particular role but be a box full of surprises. That’s why the plugin Filters can read-write data from WooCommerce and others like posts, titles, tags, meta, pages, ACF, etc. There’s no visible limit to the data number and amount.

Also, these intelligent filters can produce instantaneous results no matter how vast the data is. WP Guidant will display the product with the most priority based on the filters and related products on the same page. That leaves the user with everything at hand that they might be searching for.

3. Card Filter System For Easy Selections

woocommerce product guide

Certainly, people want pictures more than just words in an online shop. You want to present them with the WooCommerce related products they were looking for. But, how do you do that?

That’s possible with the user-integrated card filters of WP Guidant. The Card filters can display the product image with a title and description to help the users choose what they want to see.

For example-

The picture above shows a WooCommerce product guide for t-shirts. Here, the guide has 3 card filters for three different product categories. Selecting any filter takes the users to the next step based on the selected product card. This is a chain process that connects the remaining filters to process the product data according to the selection.

If a user chooses the v-neck tee, then presses “Next” and selects the price range, the result will show the optimum v-neck tees within the budget range. This is a 2-step guide for t-shirts.

Check out our video guide to create and customize card filters in WP Guidant.

4. Smart Conditional Logic

Guided Selling

Conditional logic is one of the top-secret techniques to boost your sales using a guided selling process. For a multi-step guide, it becomes necessary to put separate filters for specific filter elements. To put it simply-

Suppose you have product A and product B on filter 1. You want to sell product A but want to rent product B. That requires you to put separate info on the 2nd filter for the two different choices.

WP Guidant’s innovative Conditional Logic system makes it possible to create different filters, set logic on the filter elements, and show results based on that system. That’s how the users will get to see the specific filter by selecting their desired product guide.

5. Displaying Result Based On Attributes

wp guidant guided selling plugin

Lastly, WP Guidant can modify the results based on their attributes. Confused? Well, it’s common for admins to be unable to customize the product search result on your WooCommerce website. But it’s only possible using WP Guidant.

Not only can you select the result attributes like price, tag, category, but also you can arrange them differently for other guides. Like the filter attributes, there’s a lot of choices for selecting the result attributes. This way, you could display more/less information about the WooCommerce related products on the result page as you want.

Top-secret Marketing Ingredient

So far, we have learned about the WO Guidant plugin’s capability as a plugin for WooCommerce. But that’s not everything it can do.

WP Guidant has a built-in database that collects reports from completed guided selling processes from the users. The report contains every detail the user has gone through, including forms, card filters, slider filters, etc. As a result, you can build your sales funnel by combining all the data from the reports.

Wrap Up!

By incorporating these five secrets into your strategy, you’re poised to unlock a whole new level of success.

Remember, personalization is key. Tailoring the user experience to individual needs and preferences not only increases conversions but also fosters a deeper connection with your audience. Leverage the WP Guidants power to gain invaluable insights into customer behavior and fine-tune your approach.

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