7 Best Inventory Management Plugins For E-Commerce

7 Best Inventory Management Plugins for E-Commerce Success

WooCommerce shops, managing the inventory is even more crucial as it remains open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So, there’s no option to say “Product Stock Out” as it creates a negative impression.

That’s why WooCommerce store owners are concerned to find the best WooCommerce inventory management plugins to maximize their profit. With two WooCommerce stores, I’m no exception, and initially, I had all sorts of problems managing my stores.

With experience and a few trial and error sessions, I found the right inventory management tools and plugins. As your fellow-mate, I share my experience with the top 7 inventory management plugins for WooCommerce stores of this time.

You will find their reviews, key features, and what makes them stand among the competition. So you can easily select the right product management tool for your shop.

7 Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin Reviews

Did you just open your WooCommerce store? Congratulations!

However, it’s time you get the right plugin to manage the inventory. It will help you track the product, their numbers, orders, and everything.

PluginTop FeaturesWhy It’s Best
Megaventory Inventory Management* Real-time Multi-location Inventory.
* Efficient Order Handling.
* Return Handling.
Ideal for saving time with bulk edits and a user-friendly interface.
NetSuite Integration for WooCommerce* Real-time Order Synchronization.
* Accurate Inventory Management.
* Coupon Support.
Offers real-time order syncing, accurate inventory management, and coupon support.
Smart Manager – WooCommerce Bulk Edit* Advanced Bulk Editing.
* Excel-like Sheet.
* EditorInline Editing.
Ideal for saving time with bulk edits and user-friendly interface.
Stock Manager for WooCommerce* Centralized Dashboard.
* Inline and Table Editing.
* Stock History Tracking.
Simplifies inventory management with a centralized dashboard and stock history tracking.
ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce* User-friendly Interface
* Advanced Search and Filters.
* Inventory Logs.
Provides a comprehensive approach to inventory control with user-friendliness.
Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce* CSV Import.
* Price Synchronization.
* Multiple Storage Options.
Great for automating inventory sync, including price synchronization.
Katana* Real-time Inventory Management.
* Visual Platform.
* Integration with Sales Channels.
Offers real-time visibility and comprehensive shop management.

1. Megaventory Inventory Management: Real-time Inventory Sync Across Multiple Locations.

Megaventory Inventory Management

Megaventory Inventory Management is a comprehensive inventory solution. The key reason that I kept it in the first place is user ease. Its quick integration, excellent documentation, and flexible pricing make it the go-to option for beginners.

Also, medium-sized enterprises will find their pricing plan more than useful. It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, making it a vital tool for businesses reliant on the platform.

With this plugin, you can efficiently synchronize inventory across multiple physical locations. As you can synchronize in real-time, your inventory always remains updated. It ensures accurate stock levels. So, your store can display the product to allure customers.

Also, with it, you can track and synchronize customers to know their shopping interests. You can track order statuses from verification to shipment and closure. As a result, it offers a complete solution to your WooCommerce shop management.

Additionally, Megaventory handles returns seamlessly. So, you will enjoy a holistic approach to managing your online store. It improves the plugin functionality more. Also, you can combine the plugin with WP Guidant for easy guided selling with multiple filters to customize the inventory.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Multi-location Inventory: It lets you manage inventory across various physical locations. And you can monitor all the locations in real time.
  • Efficient Order Handling:  it will streamline the order processing workflow. The plugin can handle inventory, order verification, and shipment to closing.
  • Inventory Tracking: It keeps a precise record of inventory levels. So, it will automatically sync this data with your WooCommerce store to reduce your headache.
  • Return Handling: When customers return products, it will effectively manage product returns. Also, it will display relevant information within your WooCommerce backend.
  • Custom Pricing Plans: The plugin has flexible pricing plans with monthly and annual options. It even has customized plans for larger enterprises.

Why It Is Best:

Megaventory stands out with its real-time inventory synchronization across multiple locations. It ensures customers see accurate product availability. Also, it will streamline your order management, including product return information. So, you will get complete data about your shop.

2. NetSuite Integration for WooCommerce: Streamlined Order and Sync with NetSuite.

Next, I have the powerful NetSuite Integration for WooCommerce. It will optimize your e-commerce business with the real-time synchronization of orders and customer data. Also, you can sync the data between WooCommerce and NetSuite ERP. 

You may even pull product stocks and prices directly from NetSuite. It will save time that you can invest to find more products and integrate them. It has different syncing options that make it even more preferable for those who want to play with data and want precise information.

For instance, it syncs customers data based on:

  1. Customer role
  2.  As an individual or company

What’s more, it supports coupons. You can create BOGO offers and apply auto coupons to attract customers and increase ROI.

Besides supporting coupons, it tracks product inventory levels. Plus, it allows you to pull tracking information from NetSuite and send it to customers. So customers can know the details, which increases the purchasing chance.

The integration guarantees precise inventory management. Moreover, it can handle refunds seamlessly, so you always remain updated about the shop and refund. Also, it lets you manage order fulfillment efficiently to stop cart abandonment.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Order Synchronization: It will sync inventory in real time between WooCommerce and NetSuite ERP.
  • Accurate Inventory Management: It automatically updates product stocks and prices from NetSuite to WooCommerce. So you get accurate pricing.
  • Customizable Data Sync: Tailor the data-sync process with multiple filters. So you can align with your unique business models and needs.
  • Coupon Support: Ensure that coupons are accurately reflected in your WooCommerce store.
  • Fulfillment Sync: Streamline the order fulfillment process. So, it marks orders as completed and sends tracking information to customers increasing client satisfaction.
  • Support for coupons and order tracking. There are customizable price levels for stocks and prices. Also, it has bi-directional refund updates to keep you informed.

Why It Is Best:

NetSuite Integration excels in real-time synchronization of orders and customers. It also provides extensive customization options. You will enjoy its accurate inventory management and seamless order processing, including refunds.

3. Smart Manager: WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit, Inventory Management.

Smart Manager WooCommerce Bulk Edit

Smart Manager is my first choice between the two excellent inventory management plugins made by Store App. Indeed, it is a game-changer for shop owners seeking a productivity boost with support from both WooCommerce and WordPress.

Smart Manager from Store App offers advanced bulk editing capabilities. With it, you can simplify inventory management and save considerable time. Also, I found the editor easier than any plugin in this list, thanks to its Excel-like editing options.

 The Excel-like sheet editor allows you to edit various inventory-related fields. It includes:

  1.  SKUs,
  2. Prices,
  3. Stock status, and more.

The best part is that you can do it all from a single screen. So, you don’t need to toggle between screens to manage inventory, track orders, and see live previews.

On top of that, the plugin supports all WooCommerce product types. It includes variations, subscriptions, bundles, and grouped products. So, your product management gets easier.

You will also appreciate its inline editing, live previews, and custom views. With all these features, Smart Manager streamlines inventory management tasks. It will enhance the overall store management experience with easy editing and documentation facilities.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Bulk Editing: You can edit multiple records across various post types. It includes products, orders, coupons, and more.
  • Excel-like Sheet Editor: Simplify inventory management with a familiar spreadsheet format. So, you can use it without even being a tech-savvy person.
  • Inline Editing: It allows you to make direct edits to records from the grid. So you will get quick updates and better management.
  • Live Preview: See changes before saving them, reducing the risk of errors.
  • Custom Views and Permissions: Create custom views and manage permissions based on user roles.
  • CSV-support: it has advanced CSV export and admin columns management. So you can quickly transfer the data in CSV format. Also, it has permissions based on user roles for security. 

Why It Is Best:

Smart Manager is the best choice for those looking to save time and reduce the risk of errors in inventory management. Its advanced bulk editing features and user-friendly interface make it a top pick.

4. Stock Manager for WooCommerce: Effortless Centralized Stock Management.

Stock Manager for WooCommerce

Stock Manager is my second choice from Store App, and it has a few more features that you may miss in the first choice. If you want more customization and a centralized inventory management plugin for your WooCommerce shop, Stock Manager is a great choice.

For WooCommerce shops, it provides a centralized dashboard. So, you can manage product stock and their variations in one place. It will simplify inventory management tasks. Thus, you don’t need to visit individual product pages anymore.

Moreover, the Stock Manager offers efficient table and inline editing options. Thus, you can easily edit the inventory just as you want. The efficient UI makes sure you enjoy working with the dashboard, even for hours if required.

The best thing is it has support for all WooCommerce product types. As a result, it covers simple, variable, external, and even affiliate and grouped products. It ensures you don’t need another inventory management tool for different product types. So, it reduces the burden on your website, too.

Additionally, it includes a stock history feature. With it, you can track stock movements over time to know where the products are currently and how long it takes to reach your inventory. It is crucial to offer accurate information about products to clients to drive better sales and boost your WooCommerce shop conversions.

Key Features:

  • Centralized Dashboard: You can access all product stock and inventory information from one screen.
  • Inline and Table Editing: You can edit and update product details directly from the dashboard. It is a huge time-saving facility.
  •  Stock History Tracking: Monitor changes in stock levels over time. It aids you in decision-making about the stock and when to update it.
  • Support for All Product Types: Manage different product types, including simple, variable, and more.
  • Predefined Search Filters: It utilizes filters based on product category, type, and stock status for efficient edits.
  • Variations: Lastly, the plugin supports quick variations management with a “Show Variables” button.

Why It Is Best:

Stock Manager is the best WooCommerce inventory management plugin, thanks to its user-friendly setup. It is also an efficient way to manage product stock. Its centralized dashboard and stock history tracking improve simple product and stock management.

5. ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce: Comprehensive Inventory Control and Performance Tracking.

ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce

ATUM Inventory Management is a top option for businesses to scale their operations. Do you want to make your shop bigger and include more products within a fraction of a second? Also, do you aim to manage multiple stores with a simple inventory management plugin?

Well, whatever your air may be, ATUM Inventory Management ticks all the boxes. It offers a user-friendly interface that you will love for sure. The UI is simple, intuitive, and light, which makes using the plugin a real pleasure.

Also, like my previous selections, it covers all WooCommerce product types, too. So you never have to worry about product type and grouping. Plus, you will admire its advanced search and filters.

These filter features ensure that you tailor the search options for products with as many filters as you want. So, you can reach the deepest level to sort the products as you want. Moreover, it has a great inventory log.

The inventory log and detailed filtering make it a comprehensive inventory control solution. The plugin also supports purchase orders from suppliers and provides sales reporting. So, it ensures that businesses have full visibility into their inventory and sales performance.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly Interface: Manage all product types with a smooth, intuitive interface.
  • Advanced Search and Filters: Fine-tuned search options with an auto-fill feature for efficient data retrieval.
  • Inventory Logs: Keep a comprehensive record of inventory changes and stock movements.
  • Purchase Orders and Suppliers: Efficiently manage purchases and supplier information.
  • Sales Reporting: Monitor sales performance and track revenue trends. So, you will get revenue and product sales statistics to decide what to do to improve sales.

Why It Is Best:

ATUM Inventory Management has a holistic approach to inventory control. It ensures businesses can efficiently track stock movements, manage purchases, and monitor sales performance.

6. Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce: Automated Inventory Sync with Multiple Platform Support.

Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce

Stock Synchronization truly lets you synchronize products and inventory for a better shopping experience. Its CSV import, FTP, Google Spreadsheet support, etc., make it a great choice for managing WooCommerce website products.

Moreover, it has one of the industry-leading security features that you will love. It brings peace of mind that one can infiltrate your shop through the plugin.

Stock Synchronization will simplify inventory management with automatic updates. The updates come directly from external CSV files. So, you know real-time situations from anywhere.

Plus, it goes beyond basic inventory syncing. You will love the fact that it supports price synchronization. So, you can manage both products and their pricing to maximize your profit. Also, it can work with different storage platforms for quick and fast documentation.

You can store stock information on FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Google Spreadsheets. The plugin can seamlessly synchronize the data from these platforms with your WooCommerce store. It doesn’t put an extra burden on your website for data storage.

It even has options for scheduled updates and multi-vendor support; it offers flexibility and accuracy.

Key Features

  • CSV Import: It can synchronize inventory and prices using external CSV files, automating the process.
  • Price Synchronization: Update product prices from the same CSV file, ensuring accuracy.
  • Multiple Storage Options: It can store stock information on FTP, Dropbox, or Google Drive. You can even combine it with Google Spreadsheets for better flexibility.
  • Scheduled Updates: You can set automated schedules for stock updates with it. So you can keep inventory data current.
  •  Large CSV File Support: Handle large CSV files with ease, even with extensive product lists. Plus, it has multi-vendor support for diverse inventory sources.

Why It Is Best

Stock Synchronization automates inventory syncing. Hence, it will reduce your manual effort and potential errors in managing the WooCommerce store. Its compatibility with various data sources and scheduled updates ensures accuracy and efficiency.

7. Katana: Versatile Plugins With Visual Tracking Platform.

Katana is a versatile inventory management plugin that I’ve been using for some months now. With it, you will always get all stock updates and even delivery dates.

The plugin has real-time visibility over your WooCommerce inventory and order fulfillment. So you know when to update the inventory and when to process the shipment. It reduces the chance of order abandonment to boost your sales conversion.

The inventory management plugin further offers a visual platform for tracking inventory, production, and sales. Hence, it has become an essential tool for e-commerce businesses.

With Katana’s order management software for WooCommerce, you gain end-to-end control over order fulfillment. Also, you can enjoy real-time order tracking and synchronization of orders across multiple sales channels. As it supports different platforms, you don’t need to switch between plugins. It saves both your time and effort in managing the WooCommerce inventory.

The plugin also supports sales performance tracking. So, it will help you make informed decisions based on your business statistics. It is particularly helpful if you aren’t satisfied with the sales.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Inventory Management: You can gain live insights into your WooCommerce inventory. Thus, you will have accurate stock levels.
  • Visual Platform: It utilizes a visual platform for tracking inventory and production. The easy visualization will simplify all the complex WooCommerce operations.
  • Integration with Sales Channels: Sync orders and inventory data from multiple sales channels for a comprehensive view.
  • Sales Performance Tracking: With Katana, you can monitor sales performance, track revenue, and analyze trends for data-driven decision-making.
  • Order Management: Streamline order processing and fulfillment, providing a better customer experience.

Why It Is Best:

Katana stands out with its real-time visibility and streamlined inventory and order management. Its extensive integration options enhance e-commerce efficiency and decision-making.


Inventory management is an integral part of any WooCommerce store. With the seven best WooCommerce inventory management plugins to choose from, your shop management will get easier and a fun task.

You can choose the Megaventory Inventory Management for holistic shop management. It has real-time updates and custom pricing plans for better customization. Next up, you can select Smart Manager if you need bulk editing. Also, it has a spreadsheet-like editing facility that will ease the process.

Lastly, Katana is an excellent choice for comprehensive WooCommerce shop management. It connects with different platforms and integrates with different sales channels. So, it offers you limitless integration and management facilities.

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