How to increase conversion rate of your Woo Commerce store

What is the conversion rate?

Conversion rate is simply a number that determines how many people bought your services out of the total number of visitors. It’s a simple term to determine & analyze the growth rate of your WooCommerce site.

For example, if you run an advertisement for your shop and 1000 visitors saw it today but only 100 out of the thousand people clicked it, that means your conversion rate is 100/1000 = .1 x 100 = 10%.

Why is conversion rate important?

Now, this is important. The conversion rate indicates how many people are interested in your business and how many want to involve. This metric doesn’t only apply for ads, but also buying products online. You can exactly see how many people purchased your product out of the many visitors.

This helps you understand the potential of your marketing approach as well as indicate the flaws. Using the conversion rate data, you can create more strategies to improve the marketing system to reach more people and bring in more customers.

Relation of Conversion rate with business success?

As you know, more sales mean more business opportunities. A successful business plan needs a detailed analytic of the conversion rate. That’s because you can’t profit if you don’t know what people want. 

Think like this, you have 1000 visitors but only a few of them are buying from you. Do you know why the number is so low? When you try to change the marketing strategy, maybe the number will rise or maybe fall. Looking at the periodical conversion rate data, you can understand when the number of sales raised and correct your marketing approach.

As you can see, the conversion rate is very related to the improvement of the business.

How to increase conversion rate:

How do you optimize a WooCommerce store?

Now the problem is, how to optimize your WooCommerce store to improve the sales, as well as boost the conversion rate? The best method is to make the site as simple as you can. Confused?

First, you need to understand your audience. You have to design your site to match the customer’s taste. The simpler the better.

That doesn’t mean you have to use simple graphics or stuff. But of course, you must make the navigation system very simple so people can feel at ease. The easier it gets, the easier it is for people to scroll inside the store.

You can switch to quality hosting to have a fast-loading WooCommerce site. Remember, speed matters most in the conversion rate.

Best practice of using images

As for the images, you must provide quality resolution. The images need to play along with the theme or background. broken or cut-off images need to be avoided. Also, you need to optimize the images to reduce the impact on site speed. Normally, all WooCommerce sites are slow and you can rely on these tricks to make your faster

  1. Compress the images
  2. Use vector images
  3. Use a plugin to cache, compress, & store images

These are the best practice of using images on your WooCommerce site.

Product Description

Another important thing is to focus on the product description. Long descriptions don’t win you sales. In reality, customers will pay only a few seconds for the product description. So, use simple words and fewer sentences to describe the function of the product. Avoid unnecessary details as much as possible.

Product pricing

To your surprise, you may be losing customers due to the product pricing you have on your site. Yes, it’s possible. Because people always look for affordable products with discounts. It’s a common thing. You can try this method-

  1. Write the product cost
  2. Cross it out and write a low figure below

This is a trick to grab the customer emotionally to believe you are offering a low price than the real product cost. most of the time the crossed-out price is just a show but it surely is a good tactic to change the customer’s mind. So, you can improve the conversion rate here.

Site structure

Lastly, I want to talk about the site structure.

I already told you about the navigation system best suited for WooCommerce, there are more things you need to know.

How to organize it well

First, your website needs to be arranged neatly. Don’t just shove everything in the homepage but carefully pick one or two items for the homepage and the rest goes into the category. Try not to confuse people by showing everything at once. For a better conversion rate, the site needs to be neat and clean, and properly arranged.

conversion rate

How to capture customers attention

Second, you must capture people’s attention as much as possible. To do that, you can try highlighting your featured products on the homepage. A product slider can grab attention faster. Additionally, you can put discounts or promo codes on the hero page to raise people’s interest.

Study shows that the majority of the people go for the product that they find attractive at a first glance. That means, if you are successful in grabbing the customer’s attention on the first try, chances are that the customer will buy that particular product 90% of the time.

That means you have to make them decide within 5 seconds after coming to your online shop. To do that, you can try-

  • Hold a sale
  • Create a competition
  • Give First sale bonus
  • Create Lucrative offers
  • Display Featured products
  • Drop Price on products
  • Display Limited edition products

These methods can boost your sales and eventually increase the conversion rate by folds. Of course, the hero page is the most important part of the website. So, put irresistible offers top 10 essential plugins for woo commerce for conversion (Must needed) or products on it to make people unable to leave empty-handed.

How does dark mode increase dwell time?

I almost forgot. The dark mode is a trend now. Any website rocks in the dark mode where WooCommerce definitely needs it.

It’s a fact that 40% of the shoppers like to do shopping at night. That’s because websites are available 24/7. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to sell at midnight, right?

To do that, the dark mode can be the best thing for your website. Normally, you can’t keep staring at the white screen for too long. But if the background is dark while the texts are white, you can easily keep looking for a longer time.

You can do this by installing the Darklup dark mode plugin and run it. It’s easy. This is a plugin for WordPress. It happens to be the fastest and the most effective way to initiate the dark mode on your WooCommerce store.

Study shows that the dark mode increases the time a person spends on the internet. Well, that’s due to the reduced light and better readability. Surely, it helps a lot.

Why use Dark Mode?

So, it’s not exaggerating to say that you can use dark mode to increase sales. Naturally, people want a comfortable view of your shop even if it’s in the day or at night. Most sites have a lot of white stuff on the display, causing people to lose focus.

In the dark mode, people can actually stay calm while browsing for products they want. As their eyes don’t hurt anymore, they can easily spend a long time shopping. So, using dark mode is beneficial.

Darklup exactly does this by reducing the total lights on the display while providing an eye-soothing interface. Naturally, a brighter screen is okay in the day but not at night. Darklup’s smart system automatically adjusts the screen brightness to let people comfortably see the screen.

It’s a fact that a regular dark mode theme can lower the screen brightness even more until you see a dim screen. But that harms your eyes more. You have to squeeze the eye real good to see the content. This is nothing but a failure.

Hopefully, Darklup saves the day. It makes the interface nice and cozy and people can enjoy viewing the websites without any pressure. Eventually, it has a great impact on your site’s conversion rate. 

How does Darklup increase conversion?

And of course, you don’t want me to tell you why the dark mode increases the conversion rate? Well, more people at your shop means more opportunities to sell.

When using a proper marketing strategy to promote products along with the dark mode interface, you will get a large boost in the conversion rate. Amazingly, Darklup empowers you to score a huge site improvement to increase sales. Well, why not? You can get a lot of traffic in the day as well as killing at night. So, it’s a win, win, and win situation for you.

Let’s get into some technical stuff for now. Darklup is actually a blessing for a WooCommerce store. Initially, the site loading speed is slow. Running a major white background seems fine but in reality, it takes a huge chunk of scripts. Ultimately, a slower website.

Technically, Darklup reduces the total script size by skipping all these colors and only enables a very light dark mode theme. So, your store is now faster than before with Darklup. Surprised? Well, it’s the reason why people are going crazy about this plugin.

And after all of that, you have a better WooCommerce store, better traffic, better conversion rate, and a better night mode interface to look at. Who’s gonna miss these?


We are not talking about tales but true facts about how you can increase the conversion rate of your WooCommerce store. Following the mentioned advice will definitely do a positive impact on your site. Eventually, you will get tons of traffic and sell more.

While all these are tactics, the Dark mode is not just so but a new trend that isn’t going to die down soon. Using Darklup, you can add this trend into your store and reel in more people into it. So much spoken, the rest is up to you.

Thank you.

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