How do I enable shipping to a different address in WooCommerce

How do I Enable Shipping to a Different Address in WooCommerce?

Your customer needs the flexibility to get all their necessities fulfilled through your WooCommerce website. WooCommerce by default takes the billing address as a shipping address. Thus it actually limits the customers to a fixed address. So if the customer wants to order the product and send it to a distant place they can’t do that.

You can enable shipping to a different address in WooCommerce Shipping Setting and add customization to enable different types of shipping processes. Changing this setting will allow your customer to get their desired products delivered to a different address instead of the billing address. 

Default Shipping Address Setting in WooCommerce

You may set up your WooCommerce website with all the features enabled but still, your users won’t be able to set different addresses in the billing and shipping section. You have to do a bit more customization to allow users to Enable Shipping to a Different Address in WooCommerce. 

WooCommerce has all the necessary settings for making your website work including the shipping process. When you are completing a billing process, WooCommerce by default assumes that the billing address and the shipping address are the same. This simplifies the checkout process, making it easier for customers to complete their orders.

How to Enable Shipping to a Different Address in WooCommerce: Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s start customizing your dashboard again to enable different shipping addresses. On your website, you must already have WooCommerce installed. As the first step, place your cursor on WooCommerce from the sidebar of your dashboard and you will see a floating window. Select “Settings” from the window.

Enable Shipping to a Different Address in WooCommerce

Now on the screen, you will find different options. As you are going to customize the shipping option on the WooCommerce site, Go to Shipping and Click the Add Shipping Zone button.

woocommerce shipping option

After entering this section you will find a list to add shipping options to set like Zone Name, the areas that Zone will cover, and lastly the shipping method. Here from the shipping method options you can enable or disable different methods when you wish.

Enable Shipping to a Different Address in WooCommerce

When you Click Add Shipping Method, you will get floating options to select including Fat Rate, Free Shipping, and Local Pickup. You can select any of the opinions or all the options but one at a time and they will be added to the list. 

Select an option and then click the Add Shipping Method button.

By selecting all the options, you will find them added to the shipping method as shown in the image below. You can still enable or disable the options from this setting section.

woocommerce enable shipping method

When you are done with the customization, don’t forget to Click the “Save Changes” option from the bottom left corner otherwise nothing will appear to your users. You can also customize the shipping options from the setting as WooCommerce offers different shipping options.

Enable Shipping Address Book With wcEazy

Additionally, you can add an Address Book to your site. Here you will get help from wcEazy which is the all-in-one platform to Supercharge your WooCommerce site. It contains advanced features to customize your WooCommerce site uniquely. 

When you install and activate wcEazy you will see a total of 11 modules. From the modules enable Address Book and then go to Settings for customization.

From the general setting, you have to enable both the “Enable Billing Address Book” and “Enable Shipping Address Book” options and click Save Changes. Thus, users will be able to put different billing and shipping addresses while placing orders.

Using this plugin you can also customize the appearance of the account page or checkout page according to your choice. While customizing your address option you can also offer users to get free shipping. By enabling the free shipping bar module you can customize the shipping options. Also, it offers other modules to improve your website.

💡Pro Tips

Sometimes your customer may face a “No Shipping Options Were Found” error while placing the order. Learn how to fix WooCommerce “No Shipping Options Were Found”. 

Final Words

Allowing your customers to ship at a different place can be a plus because currently, it is pretty frequent that customers buy things for gifts and don’t have the time to bring them to their loved ones. 

Thus they choose to order directly to that place. Also, we see people order from the office to shift their residence. If you enable shipping to a different address in WooCommerce, it would help you to gain more customers. So without waiting more go to your dashboard now and customize your enable shipping to a different address in the WooCommerce site. Also, don’t forget to browse wcEazy and enjoy the amazing feature they are offering. 

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