WooCommerce “No Shipping Options Were Found” Error! (Fixing Now)

WooCommerce “No Shipping Options Were Found” Error! (Fixing Now)

As a WooCommerce owner, you must at least once get a complaint from your potential customer like “No Shipping Options were Found”. This error typically appears during the checkout process and can be one of the reasons for the abandonment of the checkout page.  

There are easy solutions you can adopt to your website to solve such issues. Just a few steps ahead from the setting option of the WooCommerce plugin and this problem will be fixed. However, there can be a few different issues that may cause such problems. 

Before getting to the solution you have to be sure about the problems. So, let’s dive into details and find out how you can encounter any specific issue with WooCommerce No Shipping Options available.

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Common Reasons for WooCommerce: No Shipping Options were Found?” Error

Insufficient Shipping Zones Added

As an owner, you have to know about the location of your potential customers and set the shipping zones accordingly. If the address added by the customer is not pre-set on your website, the user will get the “No Shipping Options Were Found” text. 

WooCommerce requires you to define shipping zones accurately to allow users to proceed to checkout. Otherwise, it can raise your customer’s cart abandonment rate from the checkout page.


As a solution, you have to identify accurately the maximum zone you can cover for delivery and add them to the shipping setting. Go to your WooCommerce shipping setting and add shipping zones:

WooCommerce > Shipping > Shipping Zones > Add Shipping Zones

Woocommerce shipping

Add the Zone Name and the areas that the zone covers as Zone Regions and go to Add Shopping Method.

woocommerce add shipping method

When you add a shipping zone, don’t forget to define the shipping method under that zone. Go to Add Shipping Method.

Choose the shipping method from the drop-down, and Click Add Shipping Method.

Add Shipping Method

You can add the shipping methods for any zone and enable any of them when appropriate using the button.

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No Shipping Option Added to Shipping Zone

For any specific shipping if you didn’t add any shipping options the user will get the “No Shipping Options Available” text. While setting your WooCommerce shipping options you have to define specific options for each zone.


For any pre-added zone, if you didn’t add any Shipping Option before then you have to edit the zone detail.

shipping zone detail

Put your cursor on the Zone Name and you will find the Edit or Delete option. Select the Edit option. Then you will see a similar window as you found when adding a new zone. You have to click on the Add Shipping Method and follow the process as you did before.

Add Shipping Method

Choose the shipping method from the drop-down window and then click Add Shipping Method and then Save Changes.

Add Shipping Method

Products with No Weight and Dimensions

Some specific products need different shipping methods based on their weight and dimensions. When you add products to your WooCommerce site, it is important to define the weight and dimensions of that product. Otherwise, the “No Shipping Options were Found” notice may arrive to customers while ordering.


To add weight and dimensions to any already published products, you have to go to Products from the sidebar and then choose Edit for that specific product. Then scroll down and go to Product Data, choose Shipping and you are here.

Weight and Dimensions

Add the Weight and Dimensions of the product. From here you can also add shipping classes.

To know How to Use Shipping Classes in WooCommerce you can check this out from HERE.When you have entered the Weight and Dimension, you have to scroll up to the page and Click Update to publish the information to the site.

Update to publish the information to the site

Incorrect Shipping Address Entered by the Customer

Sometimes users cannot correctly enter their addresses with the proper zone and postcode. Sometimes they may mistakenly enter the wrong address mistakenly or the format doesn’t match with the criteria of your website. This can also be a reason for getting no shipping options.


As a solution, you can add the WooCommerce Address Validation feature to your WooCommerce website. It will be your customers with address suggestions on the fly and help automatically fill it.

Here are different plugins to help you with that. For example Loqate, Postcode.NL, Fetchify, etc.

Final Word

As you know the reason for the message like No Shipping Options were Found, Stop being frustrated about the issue. Sit back with your WooCommerce site for customization now. Find out which of the above problems you have on your site and solve them fast. Reduce cart abandonment rate and get more orders. Ensure a hassle-free and easily navigable website for your customer.

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