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How does WooCommerce Calculate Shipping Costs? (Explained)

As a WooCommerce owner understanding WooCommerce shipping cost is a must for you. WooCommerce follows different methods to calculate shipping costs including flat rates, table rates, real-time carrier integration, etc. A proper understanding of ‘How does WooCommerce Calculate Shipping Costs?’ will be helpful for you in setting the product prices for your site. 

The WooCommerce shipping process can clearly explain your shipping policy to customers. You can confidently state the shipping rate and possible delivery date to your customer in a realistic manner. 

Factors to Calculate Shipping Cost for Each Product

Having a clear idea about the factors based on which you have to fix the shipping cost is a must for you as a WooCommerce owner. Though there are a lot of factors that can affect the final cost, you must focus on the four basic factors. These are:

  1. Size and Weight
  2. The Distance Traveled
  3. Shipping Method
  4. Timing-window for Delivery

Size and Weight of the Product

A tiny package and a heavy one never cost the same. Right? This is the first thing you have to consider when setting the shipping cost. You have to consider the dimensional weight of the product before shipping. It is better to weigh each product and also measure the dimensions because you have to leave enough space for packaging. 

💡Physical weight is the weight measured using a scale where the dimensional weight is calculated depending on the length, height, and width. 

Instead of this hassle of calculation for each product, you can create different shipping classes and apply flat-rate shipping methods for each class. 

The Distance Traveled

You will get WooCommerce shipping options built with it which are actually dependent on the shipping zone. Distance is an important factor for you to consider to fix the shipping cost. You can set shipping zones carefully by segmenting them into more zones. That will help you to customize shipping costs according to the distance from your place. 

Shipping Method

WooCommerce offers different shipping methods. You have to consider the shipping method your website contains for different product classes while calculating shipping costs. Shipping cost is closely connected with shipping methods because of the process you are following to ship the product in any specific zone.

Delivery Time

How long a parcel takes to be delivered to its destination is an important factor in the shipping cost. If any customer demands fast shipping, it will cost more than the usual delivery time. A standard delivery service can take 3 to 7 days. You can consider the delivery time according to the distance and also customer demand.

When you are calculating the shipping cost you must consider your preferred delivery method and delivery time together. 

Add Shipping Cost to Your WooCommerce Website

You have to add the shipping cost for your product when setting the shipping method to each zone by following the command:

WooCommerce> Shipping> Shipping Zone

WooCommerce> Shipping> Shipping Zone

Here from the edit option of the shipping methods you can add the details about the method and the calculated cost that you want to charge. If you have any confusion you have to learn How to Use WooCommerce Shipping Classes in detail. 

Shipping Zone

You can choose Free Shipping, Flat rate, or Local pickup option but for each case, you have to add the calculated shipping cost. If you can calculate everything properly considering the factors you will be able to make your business better. And also your customers will be satisfied with the shipping process. 

Final Words

When you are setting up the shipping methods under any zone you have to keep in mind two important things. One is an additional markup to cover the shipping cost and the static shipping fees for each zone. WooCommerce Shipping cost calculation is really important for your online store. Consider all the factors logically and start calculating the cost with a clear mind. Make your business profitable and satisfy the customers as well. 

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