How To Enable Dark Mode On Your Browser _ In Depth Guide

How to Enable Dark Mode on your Browser | In Depth Guide

❗ Blue light Alert ❗ Facing eye strain and headache issues while using devices like smartphones and computers? No worries, only dark mode can become the savior in this situation. We often spend lots of time on our device browsers. By enabling dark mode on the browser, you can reduce the effect of the blue light.

So are you ready to give your smartphone or desktop browser a dark and appealing look? We are going to provide you with a full-fledged guide about enabling night mode on your browser. 

In this guide we are going to cover these sectors –

  • Turn On Dark Mode on Windows Operating System
  • How to Enable Dark Mode on Chrome Browser
  • How to Enable Dark Mode on Your Android Browsers

Besides that, we will give you an extra tip – how to enable dark mode on your WordPress website.

What is Dark Mode?

Basically, the name explains everything about the dark mode. It means a dark interface on a website or application. In general, every user interface is designed with some colorful layouts that might be gorgeous or minimalist. 

But dark mode adds a dark or grey-shaded look to the user interface. Most of it becomes black with bright-colored fonts. Nowadays the dark mode has become very popular among visitors.

They prefer browsing in dark mode on most of the websites. That is why famous websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin have the dark mode facility. So the visitors can easily use it. The dark interface adds a new trend in the world of web design.

Well, the dark interface is popular because it adds a new and modern look to the regular design of the website. You can consider it as an extra addition to the existing design of the site.

✳️ How to Enable Dark Mode on Your Browser

As of now, dark mode is a must-have feature for devices like smartphones, laptops, desktops, etc. Enabling a dark interface is easier than you think. Just you need to know the right way to do that. In this section, we are going to show you the full process of turning on the dark mode on your desktop browser.

To enable the dark mode on your browser, you need to enable it on your operating system. Otherwise, the browser’s dark mode functionality will not work. The majority of desktop devices contain the Windows operating system.

So we are going to show you the process of turning on night mode on the Windows operating system. Are you curious to know the full process? Let’s dive deep into that.

💊 Turn On Dark Mode on Windows Operating System

Well, first you have to go to the settings of your Windows operating system. Navigate to the Desktop section. Then Go to the settings from the right Windows icon.

windows settings

It will take you to the settings interface of the OS.  Now go to the Personalization> Color settings.

Windows Color Settings

In the color settings navigate to the “choose your color” settings you will get the option for dark mode and light mode. Select the dark option from here. Well, now we need to turn on the dark mode on our Chrome browser.

🖥️ How to Enable Dark Mode on Chrome Browser

Does Chrome have a dark mode? it doesn’t have any dark interface feature in the default menu. So we have to set the dark mode in a different way in Google Chrome.  First, open your desktop Chrome browser. Now go to the settings of the browser.

Chrome Dark Mode

Now navigate to the appearance options of the settings.

In the appearance settings, you will see various options such as theme, home button enable/disable, show bookmarks bar, font size, and page zoom. We will select the first option named theme.

Google Theme Store

In the Chrome web store, there are various types of themes for your browser. Scroll down the page, you will see a section called Dark & Black Themes. Now choose a dark theme from this section. 

Dark Theme Download

Well, we have come to the last moment of our process. Now we need to add the theme on our Chrome browser. So click on the Add to Chrome menu.

Chrome Browser Dark Mode

Finally, we have enabled dark mode on our Chrome browser. 

📲 How to Enable Dark Mode on Your Android Browsers

Enabling dark mode on an Android browser is easier than you think. One of the fascinating factors is that the Android Chrome browser has a built-in dark mode feature. In this section, we are going to show you how you can easily use it. So let’s surf on that.

First, open your Android Chrome browser.

Don’t be confused because we have already enabled dark mode on our browser. We will show you how to enable it on your browser. Just click on the three-dot button on the upper section of your browser and go to the settings.

As you can see there are various settings related to options of the browser such as password manager, payment method, notifications, etc. Now click on the option called Theme.

mobile theme

Well, there are three different options in the theme section. The first one is the system-based dark mode. Because most of the new generation Android devices have the dark mode functionality. So if you already enabled dark mode on your phone, chrome will automatically detect that and enable it on the browser.

Along with that, you can choose the light/dark mode for your Android Chrome browser. So just choose the dark mode. 

(Extra Tip💡) How to Enable Dark Mode on your WordPress Website

In the previous section, we provide you with the full knowledge about enabling dark mode on your browser. So you got the answer to this question – what is the dark mode for browsers? Now I will share some extra tips with you. 

If you are a website owner, it will be very beneficial for you. Because it will help you to turn on the dark interface on your site within a few moments. Are you interested to know about it? Let’s go deep and explore what is there.

As a valuable WordPress website owner, you must know that there are thousands of WordPress plugins available. Each plugin is essential to boost the functionality of your website. To enable the dark mode you have to select a dark mode plugin.

There are also numerous dark-mode plugins available. But you have to pick the appropriate one. Darklup – Smart Algorithm-Based Dark mode plugin is the perfect option for you.

It comes up with various dark mode-related attractive features such as dynamic dark mode, color presets, time-based dark mode, OS-based dark mode, and many more. So let’s see how you can easily install dark mode on your WordPress website.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. Now search with the plugin name on the search bar.

Darklup Installation

Here you go, our plugin is visible on the result. Just tap the install button and activate the plugin. After the installation process, it will be added to your dashboard. 

Now navigate to the dashboard of Darklup – the best dark mode plugin.

Darklup Dashboard

In the advanced settings, there are numerous functions for the dark mode. To turn on the dark mode enable the first option “Enable Frontend Dark Mode”. Now the users can easily turn on the dark interface in your site.

Dark Mode on live website

This is how the dark mode will look on our website. Within a few clicks the user can easily turn on the dark mode. By the way, dark interfaces will help you in multiple ways such as reducing eye strain, better content readability, improving user experience, etc.

Final Thoughts

Dark interface become a hot topic among internet users. In your personal web-browser, you can flawlessly turn on the dark interface. That might be your desktop browser or your Android browser. We hope our shared guide can really help you in implementing night mode. Just go through our full-fledged guide, and you will get an extensive idea about the dark mode on multiple devices and browsers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is dark mode good for the eyes?

Yes, dark mode is really helpful for reducing digital eye strain. Long-term digital screen exposure can create a significant problem for your overall eye health.

Q2: Is there a dark mode for Google Docs?

There is no dark mode option for the desktop version of Google Docs. Currently, Google added dark mode for the Android version of Google Docs. Besides that Google Docs iOS version has the dark mode function.

Q3: Does dark mode consume more battery?

Dark mode doesn’t consume more battery life. Rather it saves the battery life of the OLED display devices.

Q4: Does Google Chrome have a dark mode?

The desktop version of Google Chrome doesn’t have a direct dark mode option. You have to choose a dark theme from the Chrome web store for the dark interface. But the Android version of Google Chrome dark theme option.

Q5: Which browser has built-in dark mode?

Currently, the Firefox browser has a built-in dark mode function in it. It will show you the dark interface on any website that you will visit.

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