WooCommerce Shipping Labels

How to Print WooCommerce Shipping Labels in 5 Minutes

As a WooCommerce owner, you must know How to Print Shipping Labels in WooCommerce. WooCommerce does not have a built-in option to print shipping labels, making you follow the manual process of printing shipping labels. The manual process to create and print WooCommerce Shipping labels follows four steps in general. Also, you can make the process easier by using WooCommers plugins. Let’s know the details about the process.

WooCommerce Print Shipping Labels Manually

The process of creating and producing shipping labels that contain important information for shipping packages refers to shipping labels. This is very important for maintaining clear consistent knowledge of the orders with customers.   

Manually you can create and print WooCommerce shipping labels in a few steps. Here you go: 

Step 1: Create Shipping Labels

In this step at first, you have to collect order information for the shipment, including the recipient’s address, package dimensions, weight, and the selected shipping method, etc. Then if you have any fixed shipping carrier working for you, go to their website and log in with the proper data. 

Most major carriers offer online tools for generating shipping labels. Using the carrier’s online tool, enter the shipment details, including the recipient’s address, package weight, dimensions, and shipping service level. After that, the carrier’s system should generate a shipping label for you. You can usually view and download the label as a PDF file.

Step 2: Print and Attach Labels

The PDF file of the shipping label you have generated can be printed in an as-usual process. 

You must attach the printed label to the package. Do it carefully, ensuring it is securely affixed and readable. You may need to use adhesive pouches or tape to protect the label from moisture and damage.

Step 3: Mark the Order as Shipped in WooCommerce

Now one other important task you have to do. As you have the order to the carrier, you have to update your WooCommerce. 

In your WooCommerce dashboard, go to WooCommerce > Orders, find the order you just shipped, and click on it. Now, change the order status to “Processing” or “Shipped” to update the order status and notify the customer that their order has been shipped. You can do this in the “Order Status” dropdown menu.

WooCommerce Shipping Labels

Step 4: Notify the Customer

As you shipped the order already, it is important to let your customer know the update. It will give them an idea that their product is about the be in their hand in a few days. 

You can send an email to the customer with the tracking information if available. Many shipping carriers provide tracking numbers that can be included in these notifications.

woocommerce setting

How to Customize WooCommerce Shipping Labels with wcEazy

Though can print WooCommerce shipping labels manually, using a WooCommerce plugin can automate and streamline this process, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors. You will find a ton of plugins for this task. However here we will show How to Print Shipping Labels in WooCommerce with wcEazy. wcEazy is a full-fledged WooCommerce solution that gives you multiple modules to make your website more user-friendly. 

Install wcEazy

From the WooCommerce dashboard, go to Plugin > Add New and search for the plugin wcEazy. Then you have to install the plugin and activate it. 

WooCommerce Shipping Labels

After activating the plugin, you will get it on the sidebar of your dashboard. 

Activate the Module

When you enter the dashboard of wcEazy, you will get all its 11 modules on screen. As we now want to create and print WooCommerce shipping labels, we will need to activate the “PDF Invoice & Packing Slips” module.

how to print shipping labels

Customization of the Module

Then you have to customize the module for your site. Click the Setting option of the module and you will get the following screen.  

how to print shipping labels

First, you will find the PDF Document section, where there are two options, deactivate the invoice and deactivate the shipping label. You actually don’t need to turn them on as you want to provide invoices for specific orders. 

how to attach printed shipping label

Then you have to go to the Customize Invoice section where you can customize the features as you wish. In the following image, you can see a demo of the screen. Here, you will get different options like Document Title, Shop Logo, Invoice Number, Order Number, Order Date, From Address, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Email, Phone Number, Payment Method, Footer, etc. You can enable or disable any of these to add to the invoice or not. 

From the preview of the invoice, you can see how the printed copy will be. When you are done with the customization, don’t forget to click Save Changes. 

how to attach printed shipping label

Customize WooCommerce Shipping Label

Lastly, you will get the section “Customize Shipping Label”. Entering the section you will see a preview of the shipping label and the list at the right sidebar. As in the previous section, you can enable or disable the features of this section too. 

how to print shipping labels

The first option you will get here is Shop Logo, if you enable this option the shipping label will contain the logo of your shop. 

Two important factors of WooCommerce shipping labels are From Address and to Address, which will contain the address from where you are delivering and the address of your customer. Hence there is actually no alternative option of enabling these two options. 

Then you will get Order Number, Weight, Shipping Date, and the Email, sections. All these options are important for creating the WooCommerce shipping label. Order numbers will help you to track any specific order details. You also cannot neglect the options, weight, Shipping Date, and email because these will be helpful in keeping a record of the order too.  So you can enable all the options from this section. 

After you have done so, don’t forget to click the Save Changes option. 

wcEazy PDF Invoice and Packing Slips module comes with all the necessary elements for a shipping label. So you can easily create the PDF shipping label and the invoice and go for printing. 

You can use PDF invoice plugins to create and print invoices for your orders. From the thousands of plugins in the market, you can learn about the best PDF invoice plugins to make your task easier. 

Why Do You Need WooCommerce Shipping Labels? 

Shipping labels play a crucial role in the e-commerce industry, and when integrated with WooCommerce, they offer several benefits for both store owners and customers. 

Key benefits of using shipping labels in WooCommerce:

  • It will ensure Efficient Order Processing
  • Improved Accuracy in entering the order and shipping information
  • It makes Tracking and Visibility easier 
  • Shipping label provides a Professional Appearance to your site
  • Automated label generation in WooCommerce saves time
  • An accurate and well-managed shipping process ensures customer satisfaction
  • Shipping labels also serve as a record of the shipment, making it easier for store owners 

Final Words

As a WooCommerce owner knowing How to Print Shipping Labels will add more value to your business. Incorporating WooCommerce shipping labels will offer numerous advantages, including cost savings, efficiency improvements, and enhanced customer satisfaction. You can streamline your shipping process and contribute to the overall success of your WooCommerce business with wcEazy – The all-in-one platform. Instead of making the process longer, choose a plugin and make the process easier. 

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