what is the first step of display retargeting

What is The First Step of Display Retargeting

When you are running display ads on different websites, you are retargeting your visitors who left your online shop without buying anything. This popular way of showing ads that can attract people back to your site if done correctly. But what is the first step of display retargeting? We’ll talk about that in today’s article.

But first of all, let’s take a look at what display ads are. Continue reading for details.

What is a Display Ad?

A display ad is a form of advert that can appear on any website a consumer visits. It can be a banner ad, image with texts and animation etc. This type of ad can appear on any website and webpage.

what is the first step of display retargeting

There are several types of display ads which people use. One of them is called geofencing ads that enables you to target your audience based on their location and direct them to your website. It is not like the PPC ads or search ads that appear on search engines’ results page.

Let’s Take a Look at an Example

Think about this, you are going to attend a function or party and that’s why  you want to buy a new pair of jeans. Now the first thing you might do is, go online and search for your desired pair of jeans. You also may visit several sites without making any purchase.

Then you go to a totally different site lets say your social media newsfeed to watch something totally different. You are scrolling down and down and there is an ad that pops up on the screen suddenly.

What is the ad showing? A pair of jeans on special discount from one of the stores you have visited earlier in an exciting and attractive design. This is called a display ad.

It might appear as a coincidence but it is not! This is just retargeting or remarketing in play.

It happens to everyone at any time that they get ads on different sites about the pages and products they have visited earlier on another site.

Even though this concept sounds simple, retargeting is quite a powerful way of engaging with your customers to make them complete purchases.

Now coming back to the question,

So What is The First Step of Display Retargeting?

The very first step of display retargeting is defining the audience. It holds quite an importance because websites track people as they move around the internet.

So when people are visiting your site, or a particular page, searching for a product but then leaving without buying, you still have their activity recorded which will help you pin down the desired group of audience that you want to retarget or reach back to.

It will also aid you in tailoring your ad in a way that attracts those people in a promising way.

Basically a retargeting audience is a list of advertising-IDs and cookies that represents a specific group of people that you wish to re-engage with because they are highly likely to convert into customers.

In other words, every internet user has a unique ID. What it does is, it allows websites to track the movements of the users on the web.

That is why when someone visits a site they are asked to accept the terms and conditions of the site or “allow cookies”. What happens here is, when someone actually clicks those buttons, they let the websites collect their unique ID.

In What Way Can Display Advertisement Be Effective?

Now you might ask the question, how much and in what way can display ads be effective?

To answer that in simple terms, display ads can be effective by driving in traffic to your website.

This is the basic understanding of how things might turn out using the display ads on your site.

But, there is a catch! Display ads and the implementation of these strategies do not come with any sort of guarantee that people will end up purchasing from your site.

What display ads do is they appear in front of the people you are retargeting or reengaging with in a way that is eye catchy and attractive. It works as a form of reminder to them that they are missing something special that you are offering on your site.

And, that’s because they contain images, animations of some sort along with texts. Many of them have a special CTA (Call To Action) button included that can draw traffic to the respective site.

So if you want to go back to your old visitors and try to bring them back, applying the tricks to improve your display ads can work out in a beneficial way.

Do bear in mind that display ads and its successful implementation cannot rank you on search engine results page (SERP), it has no relation to that.

Even from a statistical perspective display ads may not work wonders. The average clickthrough rate of display ads is only about 0.06%. For that reason display advertisements flourish on high traffic websites such as news sites and popular blogs.

But do not be discouraged by the numbers as it’s still one of the most popular forms of ads specially to retarget and re-engage your old visitor to convert them into probable customers.

What are The Benefits of Display Advertising?

We actually cannot stress enough on how beneficial display advertising can be. You might have gotten some sort of idea based on the above mentioned pointers and discussions on display ads. It is considered one of the cheapest and effective ways to grow brand awareness.

But hold on, do not just grab generic words of attraction, take a look yourself at what kind of benefits you can expect by using and utilizing display ads. Let’s find out.

1. It Has a Huge Reach

If we take the Google Display Network as an example, it is actually mind-boggling. They reach around 90 to 94% users alone. What’s more crazy is that they get a trillion expressions on their ads every month! Yeah, you have read that correctly. The numbers speak for themselves. 

There are some types of advertising tactics that can reach this amount. Which is why it is considered one of the most popular digital marketing strategies out there.

2. It Captures The Attention of Your Audience Quickly

As there are several types of display ads (banner ads, video popup ads, targeted ads, rich media ads etc.) available to use, they have the potential to capture the attention of your users very quickly.

They do not take up much space and can deliver your message in a stylish manner with animated texts, vibrant colors, appealing CTA (Call To Action) buttons etc.

People are attentive to the visuals more than plain texts. Which is why you should get a better result by applying different kinds of display ads than the conventional search ads that come in the form of texts and headings only.

So it is recommended that you try out all kinds of display ads and see the results yourself.

3. A Fruitful Way To Raise Brand Awareness

Display advertisement is quite useful for small brands or businesses to raise brand awareness. It is a cheap and yet effective practice that anyone can look into.

You can build your audience pretty easily with this tactic.

On the other hand if you want to be cautious and play safe you can also and always exclude sites that you do not want to show your display ads on and avoid associating with them.

Looking at the usefulness and perks of display advertising, many people are adapting their marketing campaigns to this strategy.

4. Great Tracking Option for Your Ad Campaign

One of the key points to take into account regarding any marketing campaign is to be able to adapt to change over the course of time when needed and essential for a successful outcome. 

Which is why your ad campaign insight holds quite a lot of importance. The insight data can help you understand the success rate of your strategy and will also help you change your plans from time to time.

That’s exactly what display ads offer you! You get to know how many impressions and clicks your ads are getting. This will definitely help you reconfigure and re-evaluate your campaign strategy.

5. It is a Cost-Effective Approach

As we have mentioned earlier, display ads are pretty cost effective and come with various pricing options to choose from.

As you may already know this, two of the most common paid search engine ads are CPI (Cost Per Impression) and CPC (Cost Per Click). Even though CPC is more preferable and popular as you only will be charged for every click your display ads get over time.

Nevertheless both of these ad types come in low cost and fruitful. So, stay rest assured, you will not regret applying any or both of these as a display retargeting method.

Finishing Words

We hope this article has served its purpose and was able to elaborate the essence and usefulness of display ads and display retargeting. We recommend that if you are running a small business or planning for a startup, display ads will come in handy for you as it is both cost-effective and a popular form of advertisement.

Get back to your visitors to reconnect and redirect them to your site through attractive display ads. Tinker with all of the ad types we have mentioned above and of course pour your imagination into the mix for a better success rate and ROI (Return On Investment).

With that being said, be sure to leave a comment down below and share your thoughts on this. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them as well.

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