Why do you need WP Guidant on your WordPress website

While the WP Guidant plugin has become the hot talk of the town, many of you are still wondering what is so special about it. Surprisingly, WP Guidant is the most versatile marketing solution for WooCommerce. No matter what kind of online shop or service you are running, WP Guidant makes it possible to bring out the full potential of your site by highly boosting your sales and satisfying your customers.

Wondering how is it possible? Well, that is what we are going to explain in this article. Let’s take it slowly from the definitions to the main reasons why you need WP Guidant on your website.

Let’s get started!

What Is WP Guidant


WP Guidant is a WooCommerce product guide making tool and it’s a one-of-a-kind plugin. By interacting with the customer through questionnaires or quizzes related to the product, WP Guidant filters through the existing shop data and finds the most relevant product for the customers.

Think of it as a virtual sales representative. It can converse with the customers, take note of their behavior or choices, and displays products that match the user profile. In fact, the plugin is an advanced application of the guided selling system built specifically for WooCommerce.

But wait! If you think that’s all about WP Guidant, you are very wrong. This is where things get interesting. WP Guidant not only works as a product finder for WooCommerce, but you can also use it as a platform for selling cars, renting apartments, collecting customer feedback, collecting user information through forms, and so on.

The possibilities are endless and that makes WP Guidant a revolutionary plugin with no competitors on the market.
Curious about its capabilities? Let’s dig deeper!

The Most Extraordinary WooCommerce Product Guide

Tech enthusiasts have been trying so many tools over the years to further strengthen the WooCommerce marketplace. We are at the peak of technologies where any new tech hardly makes any changes. Reports say the WooCommerce marketplace has become stagnant due to the overwhelming number of plugins of similar types.

But the equilibrium has been stirred since WP Guidant made its appearance. Guiding the marketplace in the right direction, WP Guidant brings extraordinary mobility to the system that has been so slow all this time.

If you think what we said was quite heavier than the actual situation, let me give an example here-

Scenario-1: Suppose, you went shopping on Amazon and you were looking for this specific toothbrush of a specific color, price, and model, but no specific brand. When you go and search for it, this is going to happen; you will see hundreds of pages and thousands of brands for that model of the toothbrush. Each has a different price tag and brand with just one exception, there’s no one single item for you to choose.

Scenario-2: Now, think of an online marketplace where they ask you what you are looking for. Then they ask about the toothbrush model, size, budget, and brand. Finally, you end up with a handful of selections, all belonging to the same model with the same price.

The question is, what scenario helps you the most?

Obviously, scenario-2 makes more sense as it has more specificity and a precise result of the event. That’s what makes WP Guidant the most powerful game-changer in WooCommerce. It is the only plugin that can make scenario-2 happen, not once, not twice, but as many times as you want.

As a newly designed WooCommerce product guide, WP Guidant can lead customers through a tunnel to bring out the most relevant products in front of the customers. Now, customers won’t have to suffer from choice paralysis. Instead, they can shop even faster without seeing a bunch of irrelevant goods on their shopping carts.

All the talk and we only revealed the tip of the iceberg. WP Guidant is much more fascinating at what and how it performs.

Filtering Products To Bring Out Personalized Items

Product filtering is not a new thing in WooCommerce. We have seen many online marketplaces using a budget filter, or date filter to display the recent products and items within the budget of the customers. But this filtering system is unable to read-write product data itself. That makes integrating these filters on WooCommerce more challenging and very tough to pull off.

But, that’s the past.

WP Guidant is capable of reading existing product data at the moment of installation, taking less time than you can blink to enrich its database. With it, you can create multi-step filters including the product price, type, category, color, tag, and many more attributes.

Plus, there’s no upper limit to the amount of data and the type of attributes. Everything on your website can be sorted out by WP Guidant. Whether you own a shop or firm, you can make your items or services listed through WP Guidant for a faster customer approach.

Like the video above, WP Guidant lets customers go through a series of quizzes to find out their preferences. Upon the answer given by the customers, it can show the personalized result as output, the way the customers prefer the most. Amazing, isn’t it?

And, it’s not limited to shops only. WP Guidant has form filters that can be used to gather user information to run campaigns, sales, or any kind of government or non-government task. The potential of WP Guidant is infinite.

Advising Customers To Make Quick Decisions

In fact, WP Guidant does not only shows personalized items but also related results that may help the customer to make a decision. It’s a proven marketing strategy to display relevant products to the customers which end up having opportunities to sell more goods.

The good thing is WP Guidant has lots of predefined rules that can tell it to pop up related items for customers at specific steps. It just needs you to set the limits, and WP Guidant will do the rest.

For instance, if the customer reaches the last step where he or she has decided not to buy anything, WP Guidant can show a tailored “How To” guide that explains how easy it is to shop on your website. These guides are very useful especially when customers have no idea what they are searching for initially. Believe me; this trick works!

WP Guidant Guided Selling Process Is Your Next Marketing Solution

As you can see, WP Guidant is very useful and it can be applied to any kind of business, not only shops. It’s the best marketing solution for WooCommerce to promote products and services through various means.

This is how WP Guidant enriches your website with valuable services without disrupting the actual customer journey or flow. In fact, these features encourage customers to make quick decisions by following a highly attractive sequence of steps which results in higher sales conversion rates.

Although there are tons of plugins and thousands of promises on the market, only a couple of handpicked plugins make the difference. WP Guidant is one of the rare gems that are worth more than how you thought they would.

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