WooCommerce Bulk Product Upload

How To Upload WooCommerce Bulk Products | Easy Method!

Do you know you can save a ton of time uploading products in WooCommerce?

Yeah, you heard it right.

It takes a lot of time to add each product manually in e-commerce stores that have many products in their catalogs. WooCommerce, a famous e-commerce plugin built on WordPress, lets you add many products at once using WooCommerce bulk product upload. 

In this blog piece, you will learn how to bulk upload products in WooCommerce.

When you add a lot of goods to WooCommerce at once, bulk-adding them can save you time and effort. A CSV file or a plugin are the two best methods to add a lot of goods at once in WooCommerce. You will learn both ways in a step-by-step guide.

What are the Benefits of WooCommerce Bulk product upload?

Efficiency: Bulk uploading products in WooCommerce can save time and effort compared to manually entering products and their details.

Accuracy: Uploading products in bulk can help reduce the risk of errors that can occur when manually entering product information.

Consistency: Bulk uploading products can help ensure that all products are uploaded with the same format and structure, which can help maintain consistency across your store.

Flexibility: Bulk uploading products in WooCommerce allows you to upload multiple products at once, which can be useful if you have a large number of products to upload.

Inventory Management: Bulk uploading products can help you manage your inventory more efficiently, especially if you have a large number of products to manage. Also, you can check the best inventory management plugins for further help.

Tax Management: Bulk uploading products can help you manage your tax information more efficiently, especially if you have a large number of products to manage.

Shipping Integration: Bulk uploading products can help you integrate your shipping information more efficiently, especially if you have a large number of products to manage.

Method 1. Using WooCommerce built-in Product import

WooCommerce comes with a product CSV Importer and Exporter that lets you use a single CSV file to import, export, or change hundreds or thousands of goods in your store. The tool works with most types of products, such as external, simple, variable, and grouped products.

Here are the steps to import bulk products in WooCommerce using the built-in importer:

Create a properly formatted CSV file with the product details you want to import. You can use a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to create the file.

Log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to WooCommerce -> Products -> All Product.

Click on the “Import” button at the top of the page.

On the “Upload CSV File” screen, click the “Choose File” button and select the CSV file you created.

You can choose the delimiter character used in your CSV file from show advanced options. The default is a comma (,).

Also check the “Update Existing Products” checkbox if you want to update existing products with new information.

Then Click on the “Continue” button.

On the “Column Mapping” screen, map the columns in your CSV file to the corresponding product fields in WooCommerce.

After selecting the fields to map with your column.

Click on the “Run the Importer” button.

Wait until the importer finishes importing your products. Do not refresh or touch the browser while the importer is in progress.

That’s it! You have successfully imported bulk products in WooCommerce using the built-in importer.

This method is easy to use, but you don’t have many choices for importing data or changing the data that you import.

You have to start from scratch every time you wish to import products. 

However, it could be sufficient if you just need to import a small number of products once.

So without wasting time let’s move to the most effortless method.

Method 2. Using an import-export plugin with WooCommerce product upload

For this method, you don’t need to buy any plugins. You will use a free plugin that can easily upload WooCommerce bulk products with more options.

Login to your WordPress Dashboard, Go to Plugins -> Add New

Type WooCommerce product import on the search bar. Click Install Now on the Import WP plugin.

After installation, Activate the plugin.

Now click More Details on the Import WP plugin

After clicking more details you will find all the information and features about the Import WP plugin. Now scroll down and look for Product Import Export for WooCommerce Add-on.

Click on the link for Import WP WooCommerce add-on extends.

It will open a new page to download the add-on.

Click Download Addon.

Save the zip file.

After downloading the zip file, navigate to the Plugins tab and click Upload Plugins.

Choose the zip file you just downloaded.

click Install Now.

After installing the addon. Click Activate Plugin.

Great, you have activated both Import WP and its WooCommerce addon.

Now let’s upload the WooCommerce bulk product.

To do that navigate to your WordPress dashboard.

Go to Tools -> Import WP

After opening Import WP, click the Add Importer + button.

Then derive the name of the importer and what template you want to import.

Click Create Importer.

Now you need to select the option to upload the file and select the CSV file of the bulk products.

It will take a few seconds to process and will open the file settings.

After checking all the delimiter, enclosure, encoding, and other file settings, click the Save & Continue button.

Then you need to select all the fields for the product from the CSV file data.

After selecting all the fields for bulk product upload, Click Save & Continue.

Then the final check for all the permissions. 

After that click Save & Continue.

After proceeding all the important steps. You can define the number of rows or schedule to run the import.

Then click the Save & Run button.

After clicking the Run button, it will start to initialize and upload bulk products with the settings you just derived.

After completing the upload, it will say Complete.

Once the import is finished, you can locate all of your items under the products tab, where they will be arranged according to your preferences.

Wrapping Up

Great, you have come to an end. Did you just learn how to bulk upload products in WooCommerce?

This article shows you the two best ways to add all of your goods to WooCommerce at once: using the built-in WooCommerce importer and the Import WP plugin with the WooCommerce add-on. 

The process works well, is easy to understand, and is simplified. Adding or updating products is done automatically by the plugin or built-in importer, so you can spend your time on more important tasks. 

Yakub Hasan

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