Easy Ways To Offer Free Shipping In Your WooCommerce Store

Easy Ways to Offer Free Shipping in Your WooCommerce Store

Shipping is one of the main tasks for your WooCommerce customers. You can sometimes offer them free shipping over some conditions for a better liaison with your customers. To set up WooCommerce free shipping over the amount will help you to improve your online store. 

You can easily set free shipping for your customers by adding a free shipping method to the shipping zones and then creating a coupon to limit it with preferred conditions. Now we are going to discuss the  Easy Ways to Offer Free Shipping in Your WooCommerce Store.

Enable WooCommerce Free Shipping Over Amount

You can enable Offer Free Shipping in Your WooCommerce Store in three simple steps:

  1. Configure your WooCommerce Shipping Zone 
  2. Choose the type of Free Shipping
  3. Create Free Shipping Coupon

Let’s know the details about these: 

1. Configure WooCommerce Shipping Zone

When you are to enable free shipping the first thing you have to do is configure the shipping zones. Go to,

    WooCommerce > Setting > Shipping > Shipping Zone

Here you have to add the shipping zone and define the shipping class for each class. 

woocommerce setting

As you want to enable free shipping over an amount, here you have to add Free Shipping as the shipping method. You can see the details about how to use shipping classes in WooCommerce.

woocommerce shipping method


Here you have to add both Flat Rate and Free Shipping methods to your target zone. When the order does not match your criteria, the customer will get a usual charge for their order.    

enable shipping method

Click the Save Changes button from the bottom left corner when all is set.

woocommerce free shipping edit

Click Free shipping required of the coming window, you have to choose the type of free shipping from the drop-down menu. And then click Save Changes. 

As we are talking about offering free shipping over an amount, you have to choose A minimum order amount from this menu.

types of ree shipping woocommerce

Know about the four options that means the four types of free shipping process;

1. A valid free shipping coupon: 

If you choose this option, your customer will get free shipping whenever they have a coupon regardless of the amount they are going to spend. If you want to offer this type of shipping option, just click the option and exit by pressing Save Changes. 

2. A minimum order amount:

If you want your customers to allow for free shipping over an amount you have to choose this option. 

minimum over ammount

3. A minimum order amount OR a coupon:

This option actually combines the above two options in a sense. In this case, customers can apply a free shipping coupon for any order amount. Again, if the order exceeds the minimum order amount, they’ll get free shipping whether they enter the coupon code. You have added the order amount limit for this option too. 

4. A minimum order amount AND a coupon:

Lastly, this option actually requires both the coupon code and a minimum order amount. The customer will be allowed free shipping after they exceed the minimum order-amount and also they have to apply to the valid coupon. For this option, you will need to add a minimum amount as well. 

Create a Free Shipping Coupon 

Now the most important part comes which is creating coupons for free shipping. It is not that hard to generate advanced coupons for your customers with WooCommerce. Go to WooCommerce > Coupon section and wait for the next window.

WooCommerce Coupon

From the next window, click the Add Coupon button.

add coupon woocommerce

On the next page, you have to add a Coupon Code Name that will be used by the customers to avail of free shipping. At the description box, you can describe coupon details, for example, you can note the limit over which free shipping will be available. 

add coupon name to WooCommerce

After that, you have to scroll down to add coupon data. In the general data section, you can choose the discount type from the drop-down menu. You can add discounts for fixed products, fixed cart discounts, or percentage discounts by selecting fixed product discount, fixed cart discount, or percentage discount respectively.

woocommerce free shipping discount type

From this section, you can also add coupon amount which indicates the amount or percentage of discount customers will get. Don’t forget the mark the checkbox as shown in the following image.

woocommerce coupon value

You can also add coupon expiry date from this section. 

Here you will find another option Usage Limit from where you can control the usage of your free shipping coupon generated. Go to the Usage Limit section and you will find the Usage limit per coupon option which will limit how many times the coupon can be used. From this section, you can also limit the number of products that will be under this coupon.

woocommerce coupon usage time

When you are done, click the Publish button from the ride side or your window. 

free shipping coupon generate

You can use plugins to generate a bulk amount of coupons at a time for example, there is wcEazy which can help you to supercharge your WooCommerce site. It contains different modules including the Free Shipping Bar and Coupon Generator module which can make your work easier by making the free shipping process smoother and allowing the generate more coupons in a simple way.

wc eazy coupon generator

How Free Shipping Over Amount will Be a Helpful Addition

Offering free shipping in WooCommerce is a strategic move that can yield numerous benefits for your online store. While it may seem costly, it can actually be a powerful tool to attract and retain customers. 

Customers often prefer free shipping over coupon offers, even if the overall price remains the same. They appreciate the convenience of not having to pay for delivery and are willing to wait a bit longer for their items. High shipping charges usually demotivate customers and sometimes increase the cart abandonment rate. 

By offering a range of shipping options, including free shipping, you can cater to different customer preferences and potentially offset the cost of free delivery, ultimately boosting your profit margins and enhancing the shopping experience for your customers.

Final Word! 

Free shipping options can play a powerful role in bringing more orders from your WooCommerce site. All this is a process that can attract more customers and reduce cart abandonment rates. So, if you are a WooCommerce owner, without wasting time, follow the three simple steps and customize your offer for your customers.

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