5 Best Dark Mode Plugins For WordPress _ Editor’s Choice

5 Best Dark Mode Plugins for WordPress | Editor’s Choice

We’re about to shed some light on a feature that’s been gaining popularity among website users – Dark Mode! If you’ve ever visited a website and wished you could browse it with darker, more eye-friendly colors, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to explore the top 5 Dark Mode plugins for WordPress websites. 

Night mode isn’t just a trendy design choice. It can enhance the user experience, reduce eye strain, and make your website more accessible to a wider audience. Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or just someone curious about improving your site’s aesthetics, we’ll guide you through these fantastic plugins that can easily transform your WordPress site into a darker, sleeker version. 

We can suggest you choose the Darklup dark interface plugin for your WordPress website. Because this plugin contains more effective features and benefits than others. We will talk about them more briefly in the content.

Let’s dive in and discover how you can give your website a whole new look with these user-friendly wordpress dark mode plugins.

Why Use a Dark Mode Plugin on Your WordPress Website?

Is it wise to choose the dark mode plugins for websites? Why dark mode is becoming popular among the users. Well, there are significant reasons behind choosing dark interface plugins for your WordPress site. In this part, we will provide you with information about them.

👁️‍🗨️ Reduce Eye Strain

You can’t even find a single person who doesn’t use a smartphone at this time. As a result, digital eye strain has become a huge problem for the current population. 

“Extended use of computers and other digital devices is one of the most common causes of eyestrain. The American Optometric Association calls this computer vision syndrome. It’s also called digital eye strain. People who look at screens two or more hours in a row every day have the greatest risk of this condition.” 


Most of the prominent medical research institutes define that long-term screen time causes digital eye strain. However, dark mode is helpful for reducing eye strain. It adds a dark-themed interface and a low-light interface to the website. This type of interface is really beneficial for our eyes.

By adding the dark mode on your website, you can help your website visitors. It’s one of the biggest reasons for choosing a dark mode plugin for a website.

🔋 Enhance Battery Life

Nowadays we most often face battery-draining issues on our devices like smartphones, laptops, 

etc. We often use these devices for various purposes throughout the day. So everyone is searching for ways of saving the battery life of their devices.

Besides that, some companies implement advanced technology to improve the battery capacity. But at the end of the day, you can’t save battery life. On the other hand, people say that the dark mode is very efficient for saving the battery of the devices. 

“The Purdue study found that switching from light mode to dark mode at 100% brightness saves an average of 39%-47% battery power. So turning on dark mode while your phone’s screen is that bright could allow your phone to last a lot longer than if you had stayed in light mode.”

But the dark interface specifically saves battery life in the OLED displays. So if your device has an OLED display panel then the dark mode will work on this. But if your device has an IPS display panel then the dark mode will not be efficient for saving battery life.

💎 Improve User-Experience

User experience is a key factor of any type of WordPress website or any other website. As a website owner, you must focus on improving the user experience of your website. User experience means how your visitor feels while roaming around your website.

Dark mode can significantly impact the user experience of a website. As we know it’s helpful for reducing the eye strain of the visitors. So they will feel satisfied while visiting your website. So it creates a good impact on the user experience of the website.

Besides that dark mode impacts the readability of the website content. Dark interfaces reduce the light of the website. Also improves the contrast level of the text. So the content text becomes more visible to the website visitors.

Above all, the dark interface is always effective in improving the user experience of your website. You might have world-class products or services, but bad user experience can be a huge problem for your website.

5 Best Dark Mode Plugins for WordPress Website

There is no doubt that the dark mode can be an effective option for your WordPress website interface. There are various dark interface plugins available in the plugin store. It’s very tricky to choose the appropriate one. 

So we are going to share with you some famous and useful WordPress dark mode plugins. So let’s properly explore them.

1. Darklup –  Smart Algorithm Based Dark Mode

Are you looking for a reliable and advanced dark mode plugin? Well, Darklup can be the perfect one for your website. This dark mode plugin is built based on the smart machine learning algorithm.


The most captivating feature of this plugin is its dynamic dark mode function. When you enable this function, it will automatically detect the current structure and design of your website. Then it will enable the interface based on that. In the dynamic setting, you can access options like dark mode intensity, branding color intensity, etc.

Darklup Dashboard

Along with that, it has 12+ unique pre-developed color presets. If you don’t feel satisfied with the default color, you can choose any of them. By the way, you can customize the presets by various factors such as background color, secondary background color, text color, and link color.

A good-looking floating switch can improve the user experience of your website. That’s why Darklup comes up with 15+ switch styles for you. You can easily choose any of them and make your site more appealing.

There are various users who want to enable dark mode only for the nighttime. So Darklup has a time-based dark mode for you. This option will allow you to schedule dark mode on/off time on your preference.

💵 Premium Version Price –

Annual Packages –

  • Starter – $19($48) for a single website license.
  • Business – $39($98) for 10 website licenses.
  • Ultimate – $79($226) for 1000 Sites Licenses.

Lifetime Packages – 

  • Starter – $39($130) for 3 Sites Licenses.
  • Business – $69 ($230) for 100 Sites Licenses. 
  • Ultimate – $129($860) for 1000 Sites Licenses.

🔑 Key Features

  • Smart algorithm-based advanced dark mode.
  • Accessibility to 12+ pre-organized color presets.
  • Time-based dark mode for the users.
  • Options for changing the color intensity of the dark interface.
  • 15+ well-designed dark mode switch styles.

2. WP Dark Mode

WP Dark Mode is another prominent dark mode plugin that is available in the WordPress store. This plugin will help you to enable dark mode on your website. Make your website dark by navigating some functions.

WP Dark Mode

As usual, WP Dark Mode has options for OS-based dark mode. It can automatically detect the dark/light interface of the visitor’s device and implement dark mode based on that. Also, you can schedule the dark mode at your preferred time with its time-based dark mode feature.

WP Dark Mode Dashboard

Generally, the visitors will enable/disable dark mode with a switch. That’s why WP Dark Mode has various dark mode switch styles for the users. You can choose any of the switch styles for the dark mode of your website.

However, you can easily integrate the WP Dark mode plugin with the prominent WordPress tools called Elementor. With the help of the Elementor widget, you can set the dark mode switch anywhere on your website.

💵 Premium Version Price – 

Annual Packages – 

  • $49 for a single site license.
  • $66.75($89) for five site licenses.

Lifetime Packages –

  • $174.30 ($349) for 50 site licenses.
  • $226.85 ($349) for 1000 site licenses.

🔑 Key Features

  • Multiple color presets for dark interface.
  • Easily integrated with the Elementor and Gutenberg.
  • Turn on dark mode based on the OS preference.
  • Flawlessly compatible with most of the WordPress themes.
  • Consistent with most of the WordPress website builders.

3. Droit Dark Mode

If you are looking for a smooth dark interface plugin, Droit Dark Mode is the appropriate choice for you. The easiest interface of this plugin will allow you to add the dark mode function to your site. 

Droit Dark Mode

As we know the WordPress dark mode switch is a very important factor for visitors. They tap the switch to turn on/off the night mode. Currently, Droit Dark mode has different types of switch styles. Users can choose any of the switch styles for their site.

Droit Dark Mode Dashboard

In this plugin, you will get access to the WordPress dashboard in dark mode. Dashboard means the backend portion of your WordPress website. Customizable color presets are a must-have feature. It will help the user to choose a specific preset for their website.

Droit Dark Mode has 10+ pre-generated color presets. You can choose any of the color presets for your site. However, this plugin is fully compatible with most of the WordPress themes. So you can easily implement it on your existing website design.

💵 Premium Version Price – 

Annual Packages –

  • $35.00($49) for single website license.
  • $59.00($99) for 10 website licenses.
  • $99.00($199) for unlimited website licenses.

Lifetime Packages –

  • $59.00($99) for 1 website license.
  • $99.00($199) for 10 website licenses.
  • $149.00($399) for unlimited website licenses.

🔑 Key Features

  • 10+ pre-developed color presets for night mode.
  • WordPress backend dark mode facility.
  • Various types of dark mode button styles.
  • Compatible with most WordPress themes.
  • Floating switch position changing option.

4. QS Dark Mode Plugin

Flawlessly add the dark interface with the QS Dark Mode plugin. It can be considered one of the easiest night-mode WordPress plugins. Because its user interface is very easy to operate. The most lucrative feature of this plugin is the custom color dark interface.

QS Dark Mode

In this function, you can choose and customize specific colors for the dark version of your website. As a result, it will help you to customize the dark interface based on the current design of your website.

QS Dark Mode Dashboard

Besides that, it has time-based dark mode functionality. With the help of this function, you can easily schedule the on/off time of the dark interface on your website. For example, you want to turn on the dark mode at 6 p.m. at your local time. It will help you to do that.

Now most operating systems like Android and iOS have night mode functionality. That’s why the QS Dark Mode comes up with an OS-based dark mode feature. If you enable OS-aware dark mode, it will automatically detect the operating system of the visitor and implement dark mode.

💵 Premium Version Price –

Annual Packages –

  • $29(96$) for a single site license.
  • $58(190$) for 20 website licenses.
  • $99($325) for unlimited website licenses.

Lifetime Packages –

  • $49($165) for single website licenses.
  • $99($325) for 20 website licenses.
  • $147($485) for unlimited website licenses.

🔑 Key Features

  • Ready-made color presets for the dark interface.
  • Change the dark mode button locations.
  • Time-based dark mode for the users.
  • Operating system-based dark interface.
  • Different types of night modes enable switch buttons.

5. Dark Mode Toggle

The previous plugins are conventional dark mode plugins. But now we are going to introduce you to a unique plugin called Dark Mode Toggle. Do you know why it’s different from others? After installing this plugin it will add an extra option for dark in the Appearance menu of your site’s dashboard.

Dark Mode Toggle

It has an option for the automatic night mode configuration for the users. This advanced function will help the user to enable an auto-dark interface for the visitors. 

You already know that the switch button is a very important factor for a dark interface. Because visitors will enable and disable dark mode with the button. Dark Mode Toggle will allow you to change the button position wherever you want on your website.

Dark Mode Toggle Dashboard

If you want you can easily disable the dark mode for the background images of your website. It has an option called “Skip Body Background Images”. Just check the button from the dashboard of the plugin.

💵 Premium Version Price –

  • $29 ($39) – One-time payment.

🔑 Key Features

  • Lightweight and user-friendly interface.
  • Auto-configured dark mode facility.
  • Dark mode switch position customization feature.
  • Easily compatible with most of the WordPress themes.
  • Dark mode for the WordPress backend panel.

Final Verdict

The necessity of the dark mode can’t be expressed in simple or short words. Because day by day it’s becoming popular and useful among website owners and visitors. In this blog, we have discussed the best 5 dark mode plugins for WordPress. In this in-depth discussion, we talked about each plugin’s features, price, benefits, etc.

Finally, we can recommend Darklup – Smart Algorithm-Based Dark Mode. If we compare this plugin with others, Darklup will win. Because its features like dynamic dark mode, intensity level, background image overlay, etc. are more advanced and useful than others. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: What is the dark mode plugin for WordPress?

Basically, the dark mode plugins help the website owner to add dark mode functionality to their WordPress website. So the visitor can easily enable a dark interface on their device.

Q2: Which is the better dark mode plugin?

Darklup is the better dark mode plugin for any type of WordPress website. It’s built based on an intelligent algorithm-based system. That’s why it comes with various cool features in very light sizes. Also, the price of Darklup is more reasonable than others.

Q3: Is dark mode safe for the eyes?

Yes, dark mode is highly beneficial and effective for our eyes. It can reduce the digital eye strain of the users.

Q4: Why is dark mode so popular?

Dark mode is popular for various reasons such as reducing eye strain, saving battery life, improving website content readability, better user experience, etc. 

Q5: Which display is best for the eyes?

The OLED displays are more effective for the user’s eyes. In an OLED display dark mode optimizes more appropriately with the light condition. So it helps in reducing eye strain. 

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