7 Best Dropshipping Plugins For WooCommerce

7 Best Dropshipping Plugins for WooCommerce (Editor’s Pick 2023)

WooCommerce has established itself as one of the most popular and versatile platforms for running an online store. With its advancement, the demand for seamless dropshipping experiences has surged. Hence, owners look for built-in plugins to integrate effortlessly with WooCommerce stores for easy drop shipping experience and management.

Regarding this, the best dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce will enable you to connect with suppliers effortlessly, automate order processing, and manage product information. Whether you’re a seasoned eCommerce veteran or a budding entrepreneur, these dropshipping plugins are vital to managing your store inventory.It is also crucial for online WooCommerce stores for easy management. 

Therefore, we bring you the top 7 dropshipping plugins to make your store management and sales easy and fun. From the all-in-all AliDropship plugin to the newest Spocket, you will learn about many WooCommerce plugins. So, don’t go away anywhere.

Why Do People Need Different Plugins for WooCommerce?

WooCommerce offers a robust foundation for building an online store. So, it primarily focuses on standard eCommerce functionalities with limited capabilities and functions. As a result, you can integrate dedicated dropshipping plugins to boost the capabilities and functions of your online shop to attract more customers.

Streamlined Order Processing and Discounts

Dropshipping plugins streamline order fulfillment with an automatic customer information forwarding facility to suppliers. It will eliminate manual intervention and reduce the risk of errors or delays. Also, you can create customized discount offers and BOGO promos to convert more sales.

Extensive Supplier Network

A dedicated dropshipping plugin allows store owners to connect with various suppliers. It helps them access a broader range of products without the burden of maintaining an inventory.

The extended supplier network allows stores to include more products to meet the demands of different demographics of their customers. It is crucial to boost sales and improve your conversions with an array of different products without much effort.

Real-time Inventory Management

With the right plugin, you can effortlessly sync product availability and pricing with your supplier’s inventory in real time. Real-time inventory management will ensure that your customers always see accurate information.

 Also, you will know which product is selling more, so you can promote it quickly. It also lets you know the latest information about the inventory so you can update it whenever needed.

Automated Tracking and Notifications

Keeping customers informed about their order status is essential for a positive shopping experience. Dropshipping plugins can automate tracking updates and delivery notifications, fostering transparency and trust with your clientele.

As you automate various aspects of the dropshipping process, the plugins free up valuable time. So, entrepreneurs can focus more on marketing and sales expansion.

Best Dropshipping Plugins for WooCommerce Reviews

Are you looking to start a dropshipping business with WooCommerce? You must choose the right plugin to streamline your operations and maximize profits.



AliDropship is a powerful and feature-rich dropshipping plugin that seamlessly integrates with AliExpress, one of the largest and most popular marketplaces for dropshipping products. The plugin offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to seasoned entrepreneurs and e-commerce industry newcomers.

With AliDropship, importing products from AliExpress to your WooCommerce store is incredibly simple. You can import product images, descriptions, and prices directly from AliExpress listings in just a few clicks. The built-in pricing automation feature allows you to set your desired profit margins, ensuring you remain competitive while maintaining healthy profit margins.

Moreover, you will love its automated order processing service of AliDropship. When a customer places an order on your WooCommerce store, the plugin automatically places the order on AliExpress with the correct shipping information.

It will save you valuable time and speed up the dropshipping process. Plus, it provides automatic tracking updates for your customers. Hence, customers can keep track of their orders from shipment to delivery.

Key Features:

  • One-click product import from AliExpress to WooCommerce.
  • Automated order processing and shipment tracking.
  • Pricing automation to set desired profit margins.
  • Built-in image editor to enhance product images.
  • Automated order processing saves time and reduces manual tasks.
  • There are no transaction fees, unlike many other dropshipping platforms.

Why it’s the best:

AliDropship’s simplicity, automation capabilities, and focus on AliExpress as the primary supplier network make it an ideal choice for WooCommerce store owners. It offers a straightforward way to start and manage a dropshipping business, even for those with extensive technical knowledge.


Woo Dropship

WooDropship is another of the best WooCommerce dropshipping plugins catering to AliExpress product sourcing. With its user-friendly Chrome extension, importing products from AliExpress becomes a breeze. You can browse AliExpress, click the extension, and it will import the product to your WooCommerce store, along with images, descriptions, and pricing, saving you effort and time.

Like AliDropship, WooDropship automates order processing and fulfillment. When a customer purchases anything from the store, the plugin automatically places the order on AliExpress. Moreover, it fills in the customer’s shipping details. This automation ensures that every order is processed efficiently and with minimal effort on your part.

What’s more, WooDropship offers real-time inventory and price synchronization. It keeps your WooCommerce store up-to-date with the latest stock availability and pricing changes on AliExpress. On top of it, the platform allows you to customize your product pricing rules, giving you control over your profit margins.It is also a great plugin for dropshipping with guided sales support for boosting your WooCommerce ROI. 

Key Features

  • Convenient Chrome extension for easy product import.
  • Automated order processing and tracking.
  • Real-time inventory and price sync.
  • Customizable pricing rules for profit margin control.
  • User-friendly interface with a helpful Chrome extension.
  • Efficient inventory management and order processing.

Why it’s the best

WooDropship is an excellent choice for WooCommerce store owners who primarily want to focus on AliExpress as their main supplier. Its user-friendly approach, efficient inventory management, and competitive pricing plans make it an attractive option for drop shippers.

Spocket dropshipping for WooCommerce


Spocket is a reliable and powerful dropshipping plugin that connects you with US and European stores. Hence, you can curate unique products from local businesses, improving your store branding. Also, customers will love it, thanks to the streamlined shopping experience, boosting your conversion and ROI.

The plugin provides various features to enhance the customer journey. It will also simplify the product selection process. Plus, the plugin offers many filters so customers can navigate through organized categories.

Moreover, you will get an invoice customization facility with the plugin. It will further ensure proper branding of your WooCommerce shop.

One standout feature of the dropshipping plugin is its fast delivery. So, your shop will fill up with quick inventory. Also, fast delivery allows easy inventory management and quick deliveries to customers.

Lastly, with no upfront costs and no requirement for registration and credit cards, it’s perfect for beginner WooCommerce shop owners. Also, with a simple UI and excellent local product availability, experienced shop owners will find it even better.

Key Features

  • Easy product curing process
  • Extensive filtering options
  • Allows invoice creation and customization
  • Connects you with local US businesses for unique products
  • No coding is required for setup and customization
  • Customizable and easy interface for beginners

Why it’s the best

Spocket stands out as the best dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce due to its user-friendly interface, unique product collection, and easy inventory management. It engages customers in a personalized shopping experience and streamlines the sales funnel to boost conversion rates effectively.



Dropified is a comprehensive dropshipping platform that offers easy integration with WooCommerce. Unlike the previous plugins, Dropified allows users to source products from AliExpress with the best rates. This flexibility makes it a standout choice for those looking to diversify their product offerings.

With Dropified, you can import products from 

AliExpress directly to your WooCommerce store. So, it speeds up the product curation process. The platform supports automated order processing. So, it can automatically process the order once the customer orders something. It eliminates the need for manual intervention as it contacts and orders directly from the respective supplier.

One of Dropified’s notable features is the built-in image editor. The editor lets you customize product images to match your store’s branding or improve product visuals. The feature adds a professional touch to your product listings, potentially boosting customer trust and conversion rates.

Although you must go through a tricky installation and integration process for Dropified for WooCommerce, it is worth investing time in. For the best integration, check out the following YouTube video:

Key Features

  • Product sourcing from various suppliers, not limited to AliExpress.
  • One-click order fulfillment for seamless processing.
  • Automated inventory and price updates.
  • Product customization with the image editor in bulk amount.
  • Reliable customer support for any possible problem.

Why it’s the best

Dropified’s ability to source products sets it apart from other plugins. If you want to expand your product range and explore other supplier options beyond AliExpress, the plugin offers a wide array of choices for diversifying your WooCommerce store.

Syncee – Global Dropshipping

Syncee - Global Dropshipping

Syncee is a versatile dropshipping plugin for fast and convenient product sourcing and management for WooCommerce stores. With Syncee, you can access a vast network of suppliers worldwide. So, the plugin allows you to curate a diverse product catalog. It is unlike some other plugins that focus solely on specific platforms.

Since it allows access to multiple dropshipping platforms, updating your inventory is easy. Also, your shop will have different products that will boost sales.

The plugin’s interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. You can browse through a wide range of products across different niches. Also, you can quickly select items and import them to your store without any hassle. The global supplier network ensures you find unique and varied products to cater to different customer preferences.

During our testing, we were thoroughly impressed with its automated inventory and price synchronization. Syncee truly synchronizes the inventory and pricing faster than any dropshipping plugin.

It ensures that your product listings are always up-to-date. So, it will reflect the latest stock availability and pricing changes from the suppliers. This automation minimizes the risk of selling out-of-stock products, which may reduce your shop rating.

Moreover, Syncee offers customizable product descriptions and pricing rules. Hence, you can optimize your product listings for SEO with unique highlighted benefits. Also, you may set desired profit margins with customizable pricing. Additionally, the plugin supports bulk product importing so that you can efficiently add multiple products to your store in just a few clicks.

Key Features

  • Global supplier network for diverse product options
  • Automated inventory and price synchronization
  • Customizable product descriptions and pricing rules
  • Bulk product importing for efficiency
  • The interface is easy, with nice UI and UX for better working experience

Why It Is Best

Syncee is best for outsourcing WooCommerce products from different platforms. Also, its product description is customizable to attract customers more. So, you will find it engaging to work on with a pleasant UI, too.

Pro Add-on for WooCommerce Dropshipping

Pro Add-on for WooCommerce Dropshipping

The Pro Add-on for WooCommerce Dropshipping enhances its capabilities thanks to its advanced features and functionalities. This plugin is ideal if you are looking for more control and customization options to streamline dropshipping operations.

With the Pro Add-on, you can create and manage multiple supplier profiles. Also, you will love different settings and preferences for each supplier. It is useful if you work with different suppliers for diverse products. Plus, you may assign specific products to different suppliers with this plugin. It ensures accurate order fulfillment.

On top of that, you can customize each product listing with logos, fonts, and borders. So, you will be in complete control of the product description for a unique presentation. It is ideal for converting visitors into customers with captivating product descriptions.

Next up, the Pro Add-ons ability to set custom shipping methods and costs for each supplier is something you will thoroughly appreciate. It enables you to offer accurate shipping options to your customers based on the supplier’s location and shipping policies. So, the delivery will be faster and cost less, which is the key to success for more sales in WooCommerce stores.

Additionally, the plugin supports automated order routing. With it, you can direct the orders to the appropriate supplier for fulfillment. It lessens your workload as the plugin performs the task of assigning the

The Pro Add-on also offers advanced reporting and analytics. Hence, you will have all the insights to analyze your dropshipping performance, order history, and supplier efficiency. The data can be invaluable for optimizing your dropshipping business.

Key Features

  •  Advanced supplier profile management.
  • Custom shipping methods and costs for each supplier.
  • Automated order routing for efficient fulfillment.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics.
  • Enhanced control and customization options.
  • Accurate order fulfillment through customized shipping settings.
  • Improved insights for data-driven decision-making.

Why It Is Best

You can customize the shipping process product image and enjoy better inventory. Its real-time updates, and valuable data documentation will help you keep track of your business to leverage more profit.

WooCommerce Dropshipping by OPMC

WooCommerce Dropshipping by OPMC

WooCommerce Dropshipping simplifies the dropshipping process. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, newbies will find it more than helpful. Also, it packs with all essential features to efficiently manage product catalog and order fulfillment.

You can use its import feature to import products from various suppliers quickly. Since you can directly import them into your WooCommerce store, it saves a lot of time. On top of it, you can import product images, descriptions, and prices.

Therefore, it becomes easy to showcase products to your customers. Additionally, OPMC WooCommerce Dropshipping offers inventory management features. As a result, you will always be aware of stock levels and update it whenever necessary.

The inventory updates become easier with order automation. So, when a customer places an order e, the plugin can automatically notify the supplier. Also, it will provide the necessary information for order processing, making it faster.

Undoubtedly, it will minimize manual intervention. It further helps in reducing the chances of order fulfillment process error and failure. It boosts customer loyalty and brand value.

Finally, its straightforward dashboard is highly intuitive. So you can efficiently manage your suppliers, products, and orders in one place. Indeed, the centralized view helps you stay organized and responsive to customer inquiries.

Key Features

  •  Easy product import from various suppliers
  • Inventory management to track stock levels
  • Automated order processing and supplier notifications
  • Centralized dashboard for efficient management
  •  Simplified order automation for smoother operations
  • Inventory management prevents overselling

Why It Is Best

It has automated and fast order processing with easy management. Also, its simple interface and quick inventory management are appreciable. If you are a newbie, you will find the inventory management of WooCommerce Dropshipping by OPMC more than useful.

What To Look For When Choosing a Dropshipping Plugin For WooCommerce

When choosing the dropshipping plugin for the WooCommerce store, you must be careful. You must ensure the plugin aligns with your store and brand for better output.


The dropshipping plugin you choose must be compatible with your version of WooCommerce and other plugins you are using.

So, check the plugin’s documentation to see if it is compatible with the WooCommerce version. Additionally, look for regular updates and active development, which indicates ongoing compatibility maintenance.

Supplier Integration

Look for a plugin that seamlessly integrates with popular dropshipping suppliers or platforms. This integration should allow you to import supplier product listings into your WooCommerce store easily.

It should also enable automatic syncing of inventory levels so that your store reflects accurate stock availability.

Product Customization

A good dropshipping plugin should provide options to customize product details such as titles, descriptions, images, and pricing. This customization is crucial to differentiate your store from others selling the same products.

Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management is essential in dropshipping. The plugin should have robust inventory management features that track stock levels accurately.

It should automatically update inventory, ensuring that you don’t oversell products. Additionally, the plugin should notify you when products are out of stock so you can take fast action.

Pricing and Fees

You must also consider the cost of the dropshipping plugin and any additional fees associated with its usage.

Some plugins charge a one-time fee, while others have monthly or annual subscription plans. Compare the features and evaluate their pricing structures to find the best value for your needs.

Support and Documentation

Good customer support is crucial when dealing with any software. Check if the dropshipping plugin offers comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and guides to help you set up and use the plugin effectively.

Look for support channels such as email, live chat, or a dedicated support forum. Prompt and helpful support can be invaluable if you encounter any issues or need assistance with the plugin.


The best dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce will help you connect with more dropshipping stores, customize the layout of your store, and even create discount offers. As you choose the dropshipping plugin from our recommendations, you can certainly leverage the best profits from them. The list covers everything from customized image creation to various dropshipping automation processes and even creating BOGO offers for your slow-going products. Moreover, they have affordable pricing and easy integration, making these dropshipping plugins suitable even for beginners.

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