10 Best Image Optimization WordPress Plugins That You Will Love To Have

Best Image Optimization WordPress Plugins (Exclusive Picks)

Images enhance the visual appeal of any website and its articles and products. However, poor-quality and unoptimized images will drop your website’s speed and performance. WordPress image optimization plugins offer a convenient way to compress and optimize images without losing quality. The plugins reduce page load times, improve website speed, and contribute to a better user experience.

Reading this, you must be keen to know about the best image optimization WordPress plugins. So, here we present you with the 10+ image optimization WordPress plugins you will love.

Whether you want bulk or customized image optimization services in a click, these WordPress image optimization plugins will be your goldmine.

Why is Image Optimization Important For Websites?

Image optimization is crucial in enhancing WordPress websites’ performance and user experience. Reducing loading times and improving page speed significantly impacts site traffic and engagement. Also, you may even consider adding magnifying images to zoom in and out for customers’ to help them observe the images more

“In general, fast-loading websites tend to rank higher in search engine results pages.By going the extra mile to optimize image metadata and alt tags, you’re helping search engines understand and categorize your images, leading to better visibility,” says Donald Chan, founder of Web Agency Wise.

Faster Page Load Times

Optimized images result in faster loading times, reducing bounce rates and increasing user retention. According to Akamai, a one-second delay in page load time can lead to a 7% drop in conversions.

Improved SEO Rankings

Search engines consider page speed a ranking factor, and image optimization directly influences it. Websites with faster loading times are more likely to rank higher in search results since it is among Google’s algorithm factors for ranking.

Bandwidth & Storage Savings

With compressed images, websites can save valuable bandwidth and storage space. Studies show that image compression can reduce the overall website size. It will also improve your loading time for a better user experience.

Also, proper image size for WooCommerce is crucial since it allures customers more. It will also save considerable storage in your shop. 

Enhanced Mobile Experience

Mobile users constitute a significant portion of website traffic. Optimized images ensure smoother and quicker browsing experiences on mobile devices. So, a mobile-friendly website will increase the likelihood of mobile visitors to the site by 74%.

Lowered Costs & Carbon Footprint

Efficient image optimization can help reduce server resource usage, leading to lower hosting costs and a reduced carbon footprint. For instance, through website and image optimization techniques, Pinterest reduced its mobile data usage to boost engagement and revenue by 40%.

Review of 10+ Image Optimization WordPress Plugins

It’s time to boost your website’s performance with top image optimization WordPress plugins! Discover the best plugins that effortlessly optimize images to enhance your site’s speed and user experience.

PluginTop FeaturesBest For
WP Compress1. Intelligent image optimization
2. Automatic WebP conversion
3. Hybrid CDN for fast-loading
4. Live and local optimization
User-friendly interface with WebP conversion 
Smush1. Automated lossless and lossy compression
2. Lazy loading for faster page speeds
3. Bulk optimization for existing images
Beginners with hassle-free optimization 
Optimus1. Lossless compression with WebP support
2. Customize compression level
3. WordPress multisite and WooCommerce compatibility
Image quality preservation for sensitivity to image degradation 
TinyPNG Compress1. Automatic optimization with TinyPNG API
2. Metadata preservation during compression
Multilingual websites and SEO-conscious website owners
Imagify1. Bulk optimization for multiple articles
2. Supports WebP conversion
More control over compression 
Imsanity1. Automatic resizing of large images
2. Set maximum width and height for images 
3. Supports multiple languages
Frequent large image uploadsTo stop server storage issues
reSmush.it1. Bulk optimization
2. Exclude specific image sizes
Metadata preservation
EWWW Image Optimizer1. On-site and off-site optimization
2. Lossless and lossy compression
Sourcing images from multiple sites 
Kraken Image Optimizer1. Adaptive Steering for efficient format selection
2. Multiple compression levels
High-quality compressed images with free testing quota
1. Glossy JPEG compression
2. Smart Cropping for improved thumbnails
Quality alongside optimization 

WP Compress: “Intelligent Compression, Effortless WebP Conversion”

WP Compress

WP Compress offers a user-friendly interface. So it is easily accessible to beginners and experienced users alike. Upon installation, the plugin seamlessly integrates with the WordPress Media Library. It will automatically compress images upon upload.

Depending on your necessity, the image optimization plugin supports both local and live image optimization. Thus, you will enjoy better convenience for compressing and optimizing the images. What’s more, it supports Retina Images for the best viewing experience on the most modern screens.

Also, the plugin supports hybrid CDN for the fastest image loading on your website. It will boost visitor’s experience as it loads images faster. So, your website loading will be faster, which is crucial for a better browsing experience.

Users can choose between lossless and lossy compression options. So they can maintain the balance between image quality and file size reduction. Its intelligent image optimization selectively optimizes images based on their format and content. Thus, each image receives the appropriate compression treatment. It results in optimal file size reduction while preserving visual fidelity.

Another remarkable aspect of WP Compress is its WebP conversion feature. The plugin automatically converts images to the WebP format. It offers superior compression and performance for modern browsers, ultimately contributing to faster load times.

Additionally, WP Compress allows users to set a maximum image size. It ensures that all images uploaded to the media library are automatically resized to fit specific dimensions. This feature is especially beneficial for maintaining a consistent look and feel across the website.

Main Features

● Intelligent image optimization based on format and content

● Live and local image optimization facility for easy access

● Automatic WebP conversion for better performance

● Option to set a maximum image size for consistency

● CDN support for lightning-fast image loading anywhere

Why it’s the best

WP Compress is the best image optimization plugin for its user-friendly interface, intelligent compression, and automatic WebP conversion. It combines efficiency with ease of use, making it a top choice for website owners who prioritize performance and user experience

Smush: “Automated Optimization, Lossless & Lossy Compression”


Smush is a well-established and highly user-friendly image optimization plugin that has won the hearts of many WordPress users. In fact, it’s an award-winning plugin to optimize images for websites. Also, its seamless integration into the media library makes it a go-to choice for automated image compression.

Smush works silently in the background to optimize uploaded images. So, images will load quickly and efficiently on web pages. The plugin boasts a powerful compression engine for lossless and lossy options. So you can maintain image quality and file size reduction.

Depending on your website requirements and budget, you can choose from three of its packages:

  • Basic one for moderate uses without losing image quality and data
  • Super Smush will optimize and load your images 2X faster than the basic one
  • Ultra Smush offers you 5X more speed for compressing and optimizing images

Hence, you will enjoy maximum freedom to use the plugin. Also, it is compatible with multiple websites and has no monthly or daily limits. You can upload images up to 5MB without any limitations.

With Smush, website owners can specify maximum image dimensions. It will ensure that it automatically optimizes the large images to fit specific requirements. Additionally, the plugin supports lazy loading, a technique that postpones the loading of off-screen images. It helps in further improving page speed and user experience.

Main Features

● Bulk and automatic image optimization and compression.

● Option to choose between lossless and lossy compression.

● Ability to set maximum image dimensions.

● Lazy loading for images to further improve page speed.

● User-friendly interface.

● Supports a wide range of image formats.

Why it’s the best

Smush stands out due to its ease of use and automatic optimization. Hence, it is an excellent choice for beginners and those seeking a hassle-free solution. On top of that, you will get to choose from three packages to meet your demand. And its image optimization will help you retain customers with attractive product images, if you have been recently losing WooCommerce customers.

Optimus: “Maintains Quality with Lossless Compression.”


Optimus prides itself on being a lightweight and efficient WordPress image optimization plugin. It is famous for maintaining image quality during the compression process. Also, its lossless compression helps images to retain their original quality.

Furthermore, depending on your requirements, you can choose from its three versions for image optimizations:

  • Optimus (Free) with a max image size of 100kb
  • Optimus HQ (Premium) supports expanded functionality. It is mainly for personal projects
  • Optimus HQ PRO (Premium) is a professional image optimization solution for websites

It also works without removing EXIF and IPTC metadata from the images. Thus, Optimus is an attractive option for those sensitive to image degradation. The plugin provides users with a customization facility for the compression level. So, it enables them to balance image size and visual fidelity.

An additional benefit of Optimus is its built-in support for the WebP format. It is a modern image format that offers superior compression and quality. It automatically converts images to WebP to ensure visitors experience faster load times and improve overall website performance.

What’s more, the optimization supports both WordPress multisite and WooCommerce sites. So, you can install the plugin to run on both platforms for the best-optimizing facility.

Main Features

● Lossless image compression

● It supports progressive JPEG format

● Option to adjust the compression level.

● Image conversion to WebP format for modern browsers.

● Integration with the WordPress Media Library for better usability

Why it’s the best

Optimus shines for its simplicity and ability to optimize images effectively. It also supports WebP conversion for enhanced performance. Lastly, you will enjoy its integration without any changes in coding.

TinyPNG Compress JPEG and PNG Images: “Preserves Metadata, Effortless Optimization”

Compress JPEG and PNG Images

Compress JPEG and PNG Images is a straightforward yet effective image optimization plugin. It simplifies the image compression process. The plugin will automatically start optimizing images with its TinyPNG API, renowned for its efficient compression algorithms.

The API is easy to use without any high-end tech knowledge. So, you will enjoy better usability with the image optimizer plugin and API combo. Moreover, it works in the background, boosting your workflow further.

Furthermore, the plugin is WPML compatible. So you can use it for multilingual WordPress websites. It is a great advantage for those who are more fluent in English and want to enjoy image optimization in different languages.

What sets this plugin apart is its preservation of image metadata during the compression process. The plug will retain essential metadata, such as copyright and geolocation data. Thus, all the website owners can maintain proper attribution for the images.

No doubt. It will enhance their website’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Also, it results in faster webpage loading, which has a positive ranking impact on your web pages.

Main Features

● Automatic image optimization on upload.

● Option to preserve metadata in images.

● The plugin supports WPML for multilingual websites.

● Preserve image metadata for better SEO.

Why it’s the best:

Compress JPEG and PNG Images are a solid choice for users who prefer a “set it and forget it” approach to image optimization with the added benefit of metadata preservation.

Imagify: “Flexible Options & Lossless Compression”


Imagify is a feature-rich and versatile image optimization WordPress plugin. It caters to various image compression needs. Firstly, it offers both lossless and lossy compression options. Hence, you can choose between image quality and significant file size reduction.

Also, you can optimize images in bulk numbers for multiple articles on your website, which is a huge time-saver for you. It also supports WebP conversion without issues, which is another excellent benefit.

Imagify automatically applies compression when you upload the image. It does so with one of its three optimization levels: Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra. The diverse range of compression options allows users to choose the optimization level that best suits their specific requirements.

Lastly, with up to 20MB free uses, you can convert, resize, and optimize almost 200 images for free monthly. It is an excellent facility for websites that are yet to earn any revenue for the owner.

Main Features

● Lossy and original image compression.

● There are three levels of compression: Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra.

● Bulk optimization for existing images.

● Supports up to 20MB of image optimization for free

●  Supports WebP for better optimization and viewing experience

Why it’s the best

Imagify offers a range of compression options and bulk optimization capabilities. Hence, it suits users who want more control over their image compression.

Imsanity: “Automated Resizing, Efficient Image Management”


Imsanity is a unique and efficient image optimization plugin that addresses the challenge of managing large images on WordPress websites. In WordPress, site owners commonly face unintentional uploads of high-resolution images. It is either done by the contributors or users. Sadly, it quickly consumes server storage, slowing down the website’s performance. 

Imsanity tackles this problem with its automatic image-resizing facility. It also maintains a maximum width and height to prevent large images from overburdening the server. You may also select an image and resize it to upload in the Media Library. So, you will have complete control over the image compression and optimization.

Once installed, you can define the maximum dimensions you want for images. When someone uploads an image that exceeds these dimensions, Imsanity will automatically resize the image.

So it will reduce file size without quality loss. Hence, it ensures that only appropriately sized images are stored on the server. It is crucial to save valuable storage space and enhance website loading times.

Finally, Imsanity supports multiple languages, and each language downloads automatically. So, non-native English speakers will find using the image optimizer plugin for their websites easy.

Main Features

● Automatic resizing of large images on upload.

● Option to set maximum width and height for images.

● Simple and effective for avoiding server storage issues

● Supports multiple languages for speakers worldwide

● You can control the image compression manually, too

Why it’s the best

Imsanity is a great solution for users dealing with frequent large image uploads. Also, it will be an excellent image optimizer for websites if you want to prevent server overload without focusing on advanced compression.

reSmush.it: “Instant, Lossless Bulk Optimization”


reSmush.It is a straightforward and free WordPress image optimization plugin. It delivers lossless compression for WordPress websites. The plugin’s main feature is its automatic optimization process, which starts when you upload the images to the media library. So, there will be no time loss in optimizing the images.

Also, the API supports image optimization in JPEG, PNG, and GIF files. You can optimize images up to 5MB each. Therefore, you can use it for multi-format images to make your website catchy and lively.

With no additional configuration required, reSmush. Efficiently compresses images without compromising their quality. An additional benefit of reSmush.it is its flexibility.

The flexibility allows users to exclude specific image sizes from optimization. It can be particularly useful for users to preserve high-resolution versions of certain images for specific use cases. At the same time, you can still benefit from the compression of other image sizes.

Main Features

● Lossless image optimization.

● Bulk optimization for existing images.

● Option to exclude specific image sizes from optimization

● Simple setup and automatic optimization.

● Efficient plugin with quick compression

● Supports image optimization in different formats

Why it’s the best

reSmush.It is one of the best image optimization WordPress plugins for users seeking a free, straightforward solution for lossless image optimization. It has an excellent UI, making it easy to use.

EWWW Image Optimizer: “Versatile Optimization, Local & Off-Site”


EWWW Image Optimizer takes image optimization to a new level with its on-site and off-site image compression capabilities. In addition to optimizing images stored within the WordPress Media Library, the plugin optimizes images hosted on external servers. Hence, it is a versatile option for websites that source images from multiple locations.

With EWWW Image Optimizer, you can choose between lossless and lossy compression. Thus, you can achieve the desired image quality and file size balance. The plugin’s lossy compression delivers impressive results while maintaining visually pleasing images.

However, to retain the highest quality, the lossless option is magic. It ensures no image information is lost during compression. As a result, your website’s UI improves brilliantly for the visitors.

Moreover, it has no limit for image and file size. So, you can upload the images with maximum quality and size to work with them for the best output. It even has the latest “Adaptive Steering” to quickly find the right image format. It will free you from the burden of choosing the image format manually.

Main Features

● Bulk optimization for existing images.

● Option to optimize images stored on external servers

● Excellent compression results with lossy optimization.

● Can optimize images outside the WordPress Media Library

● No limit in file size for image optimization

Why it’s the best

EWWW Image Optimizer stands out for its flexibility to optimize images. You may use it both locally and off-site. Also, it will meet the needs of website owners for diverse image storage facilities.

Kraken Image Optimizer: “Intelligent Compression, Premium Quality”


Kraken Image Optimizer is a powerful image compression plugin that strongly emphasizes delivering high-quality compressed images. The plugin offers both lossless and intelligent lossy compression for websites. So, it will ensure optimal results for website speed and performance.

Moreover, you will get 100MB of free testing quota before purchasing. It is enough to compress, optimize, and upload more than 20 images on the website. It means newbies with “Zero Earning” will find Kraken Image Optimizer a great add-on to their website.

Kraken Image Optimizer’s intelligent lossy compression is a standout feature, too. It will automatically analyze each image and adjust the compression settings based on its content. This intelligent approach allows the plugin to reduce file size while preserving image quality and details.

Lastly, the website supports Meta Tag, XGIF, copyright, etc., preservation to boost your workload. It ensures a smooth image optimization facility you will love and continue using for years.

Main Features

● Bulk optimization for existing images.

● Option to set a maximum image size.

● Ability to set a maximum image size.

● 100MB of free testing quota for websites

Why it’s the best

Kraken Image Optimizer excels in delivering high-quality compressed images. It has an intelligent lossy option for quick compression. All these high-end features make it ideal for users seeking top-tier image optimization results.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer: “High-Quality Compression, Smart Cropping”


ShortPixel is a feature-rich image optimization plugin. It offers users three compression levels – Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra. Hence, it provides you flexibility in choosing the optimal optimization level for the images.

Moreover, ShortPixel supports glossy JPEG compression. It is a unique option for users who require high-quality images for their website. It incorporates glossy compression to deliver visually appealing images without sacrificing the benefits of compression.

Furthermore, the plugin supports the WebP format. Therefore, modern browsers load images faster with increased website performance. It even has the facility to work with HEIC files for the best image-optimizing experience.

Another excellent feature of the optimization tool is its “Smart Cropping” feature. It allows the thumbnails to display fully without any quality loss and compression. So, the “Smart Cropping” feature will improve the website viewing experience. Both your visitors and Google love it.

Main Features:

● High-quality image optimization services

● Glossy JPEG compression for visual quality

● WebP support for modern browsers

● Smart Cropping for viewing thumbnails in full-size

Why it’s the best

ShortPixel stands out for its impressive compression capabilities and glossy compression option. Also, it is ideal for users seeking top-notch image quality alongside optimization. Lastly, its HEIC support makes it a better choice.


There are numerous options for image optimization WordPress plugins to suit different user needs—each plugin. Users looking for simplicity and automatic optimization can opt for Smush or Compress JPEG and PNG Images. For those seeking more control over compression levels, ShortPixel or Imagify are excellent choices. The key is to assess your specific requirements and select the plugin that best aligns with your image optimization goals.

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