Reasons why your WooCommerce store losing customers

Why Your WooCommerce Store Losing Customers? (Reason & Fact)

Are you tense about losing your WooCommerce store customers? You might lose your customers for the reason of a bad customer experience. Well, there are lots of factors that can influence your customer’s experience. 

In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind losing customers in WooCommerce. We also provide you with some tips to improve your customer’s experience. Are you excited to know about them? Let’s go there.

Reasons Why Your WooCommerce Store Losing Customers Fast!

As we said, there could be many reasons behind the downfall of your WooCommerce website. Fear not, we have been studying the market to find out the very common problems which are easy to solve but leaving unattended causes a total demolition of your business.

What we will say from now is from an expert perspective who ran thousands of products in the market for more than 7 years. We believe that solving these issues will get your site back in its prime.

1. Not Selling The Right Products

why your WooCommerce store losing customers

Not selling the right product is one of the common problems for a WooCommerce website. Many times you may fail to understand what the customers expect to have on your website or what they came looking for. If you fail to provide the promised goods, this is the perfect reason why customers don’t want to visit your website any longer.

So, understanding what your customers are is one of the most important aspects of the business. The more you study the market and converse with your customers, the more you get to find out about the stuff they want. Remember, the lack of the right goods is one of the reasons why your WooCommerce store is losing customers.

2. Lack Of Trust

Reasons why your WooCommerce store losing customers fast

In the WooCommerce business, site security is one of the most crucial needs. Almost nobody wishes to enter their personal information while purchasing from a WooCommerce store that lacks security.

In order to take back your sales traffic, make sure your site is secured against any kinds of intrusions. Adding an SSL certificate to your domain will ensure proper site security and drive customers towards your website. Unless you have a secured HTTPS site, people will notice a “Not Recommended” alert from their browsers and stay away from your website.

3. Very Long Product Serving Time

WooCommerce store

Another common problem for a WooCommerce website is the time delay before getting the product your customers are looking for. For a normal WooCommerce store, hundreds of products are usually piled up on every page. If any customer wants to find the product they desire, it’s going to take a while before they find it among the dense number of products. It’s one of the reasons why your WooCommerce store is losing customers.

What you can do is use a guided selling system like WP Guidant to simplify the product finding options and serve the customers on time. WP Guidant is a plugin for WordPress and it’s a unique tool that helps customers filter products in bulk to find the specific one within seconds.

4. Lack Of A Quick Navigation System

WP Guidant

Your WooCommerce shop navigation system should be easily accessible unless you want to annoy your customers to leave your website. It’s a big problem if your website has a complex navigation system and the customers are not comfortable with it.

An easy navigation system makes the customers access your goods easily which eventually increases the user experience. It also makes the shop look more organized.

Among the many solutions to this problem, a guided selling system like WP Guidant is one. WP Guidant helps to make user interactive product filters that act as super fast navigation systems and help to find the required product easily.

5. Complex Purchasing System

WooCommerce store products

One of the many reasons why your WooCommerce store is losing customers is the complicated purchasing system of your store. Web owners often add too many details and protocols to the checkout system. Seeing the overexaggerated detail on the purchasing page demotivates the customers and they stop finishing the deal.

As a result, you will get more abandoned carts over time. So, if you impose a simple purchase system for your shop where people can checkout very quickly and easily, you win the game!

6. Bad User Experience

WP Guidant Plugin

A bad user experience is one of the prime reasons why your WooCommerce store is losing customers. It’s not possible to 100% satisfy the customers but a standard should be maintained to make people not fall on the bad side.

Start analyzing your website to find what things make a bad user experience. For example-

  • No checkout button on the products in quick view mode
  • No product quantity showing in checkout
  • No image for the products
  • Lack of proper navigation
  • Unclear shipment details
  • No search option
  • Unclear product category

If you are facing these problems on your site, then it’s very possible that your customers are having a bad user experience that impacts your sales.

7. Lacking Customer Reviews

Reasons why your WooCommerce store losing customers so fast

Customer reviews play a vital role in speeding up your business. Listening to the recommendations of others is a common habit of humans. If your WooCommerce website lacks customer reviews, people won’t easily trust your business and you will see them turn around from your shop.

Popular brands often displayed forged customer reviews in their initial phase to gain popularity quickly. If you lack proper arrangements to convince people through positive reviews, this would be another reason why your WooCommerce store is losing customers.

8. Lack Of Personalized Products

WooCommerce store List

The majority of the customers want the shop owner to display products that go along with the customer’s taste. Product personalization means recommending customers with products that fit in their bill and do not avert from their choices.

Most WooCommerce stores lack the proper functionalities to show personalized products to the customers, resulting in a steep decline in customer engagement. Failing to introduce your products at the right time to the right customer is a reason why your WooCommerce store is losing customers fast.

But that’s in the past. Now that we have WP Guidant, the ultimate guided selling system, we can rely on the tool’s algorithm to understand user behavior and recommend products they can’t resist. This helps boost sales 3 fold instantly!

9. Unreasonable Pricing

why your WooCommerce store losing customers fast

Proper pricing of goods is necessary to keep your customer at your cart. If somehow the prices go unexpectedly high for common goods, chances are your customers are gone forever. That’s because if people started to question the wrong product prices, soon they would cease to trust your website.

As a part of the marketing strategy, showing discounted products and sales offers might restore your damaged reputation. Improving the product pricing to match the market standards will always keep customers coming to your doorstep.

10. Lack Of User Engagement

WP Guidant Guided Selling Process

Not all WooCommerce sites are built alike. Variations make your shop stand out. But, if the shop interface lacks any kind of user engagement, it won’t be good for your website. One of the reasons why your WooCoommerce store is losing customers is the lack of proper user engagement materials on your website.

To shift this situation in a positive direction, you must take some measures to connect more with your customers. Start with a reward system for shoppers, LiveChat support, use more CTA, urge customers for feedback, let them ask questions in the comment box, etc. All these measures should do the job by making the customers relate to your business.

To make your users engage more on your site, provide activities such as, product guides, feedback forms etc. Check out this guide on how to build interactive guides and smart forms with WP Guidant.

You can also check out this amazing video playlist to build your desired guides to increase user engagement rate

Essential Tips for Improving your WooCommerce Customer Experience

You must focus on improving the customer experience of your online store. Better customer experience can help build strong relationships with them. It will be especially beneficial for the growth of your business in the long run.

That’s why we are going to share with you some tips to improve the customer experience of your website. Let’s go there.

1. Understand your Audiences 

In the realm of e-commerce, one size does not fit all. Every online store caters to a unique set of customers with varying needs, preferences, and behaviors. To enhance customer experience in WooCommerce, it’s imperative to gain a comprehensive understanding of your audience. 

First, you need to understand the buyer’s persona. Here are some factors that you should focus on. 

1. Demographics: Start with the basics, such as age, gender, location, and income level. This provides a foundation for your buyer personas.

2. Psychographics: Dive deeper into their psychographic characteristics, including lifestyle, interests, values, and aspirations. This information helps you create content and offerings that resonate with your audience.

3. Behavioral Patterns: Analyze their online behavior, including the devices they use, the time they spend on your website, and the products they browse. This data can be collected through tools like Google Analytics.

4. Purchase History: Understand their historical purchases, what products they buy frequently, and the average order value. This can help in suggesting relevant products.

By creating detailed buyer personas and mapping the customer journey, you can tailor your website, product offerings, and marketing strategies to align with the specific needs and expectations of your target audience. 

2. Proper Product Presentation

A visually appealing and informative product presentation is crucial to engage customers and drive conversions. The goal is to provide an immersive shopping experience that helps customers make informed decisions.

First, you have to focus on your product description. Write clear, concise, and well-structured product descriptions. Highlight the key features, benefits, and specifications of the product. Use bullet points to make information easily scannable. Customers should be able to quickly grasp the essential details.

Also you have to encourage customers to leave reviews and ratings. These peer opinions help build trust and provide social proof.

​​Invest in high-quality images that showcase your products from various angles. Crisp, well-lit photos help customers better visualize what they’re buying.

3. Flawless Checkout Process

The checkout process is the final gateway for customers to complete their purchase on your WooCommerce store. It’s the point where many potential buyers decide to either proceed or abandon their carts. A streamlined and user-friendly checkout process is essential for a positive customer experience. 

Consider using a single-page or one-click checkout for a quicker and more convenient experience. Minimizing clicks and page loads can reduce cart abandonment rates.

Also offer a guest checkout option. Not all customers want to create an account, and requiring registration can deter some from completing their purchase. Ensure that your checkout process is fully responsive for mobile devices. Many customers shop on their smartphones, so a mobile-friendly checkout is essential.

4. Website Design and Navigation

The design and navigation of your WooCommerce website are the first impressions customers have of your online store. A well-thought-out design and intuitive navigation are essential for creating a positive user experience. 

Keep the website design clean, uncluttered, and intuitive. Use a consistent layout throughout the site, including headers, footers, and product pages. Implement a clear visual hierarchy with larger fonts, contrasting colors, and strategic placement of elements to guide users’ attention.

Ensure your website is fully responsive, adapting to various screen sizes and devices. Test its functionality on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Simplify navigation for mobile users with a mobile-friendly menu and streamlined product browsing.

Final Thoughts

Losing potential customers is a huge problem for any kind of online store or service-based website. Because the customers are the main force for growing business. The existence of the business depends on the number of trustworthy customers.

Throughout the article, we have discussed all the reasons behind losing customers in WooCommerce. Also, we have shared with you some tips for improving your customer experience. If you focus on these factors, you can build a strong group of customers.

As a bonus, we are sharing some articles that will help you to skyrocket the growth of your business.

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