2. Create a Guide

Creating a Guide is the first thing for making a Guided Process. A guide contains multiple filters and it can be placed to any Page or Post using a shortcode. The shortcode will be generated after the successful creation of a guide. By the way, this will guide will also work as product recommendation quiz.

Step 1: Create Guide #

On the Guides Tab of the plugin, click Create Guide to start the creation process. This will open a Form to enter the further information.

Create guide 1

Step 2: Guide Create Form #

In this form, 3 fields can be filled:

  • Guide Name: Name of the guide, this value will not be visible to the user. Only admin can see this in the Guides List.
  • Guide Title: Title of the guide that is visible in the top of the guide. This can be empty if anyone don’t want to show a title.
  • Guide Description: A overview of the whole guide can be written here to show below the title. This can also be empty.

After filling up all the informations click on the create button. 

Create Guide 3

Your guide will look like this. But inside the guide will add the filters and cards in further.

Step 3: Shortcode Placement #

Once the guide is created, a shortcode will be given, click to copy the shortcode and place on any page or post where to show the guide to user.

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