2.1 Create a Guide

Creating a Guide is the first thing for making a Guided Process. A guide contains multiple filters and it can be placed to any Page or Post using a shortcode. The shortcode will be generated after the successful creation of a guide.

Step 1: Create Guide
On the Guides Tab of the plugin, click Create Guide to start the creation process. This will open a Form to enter the further information

Step 2: Guide Create Form
In this form, 3 fields can be filled:

  1. Guide Name: Name of the guide, this value will not be visible to the user. Only admin can see this in the Guides List.
  2. Guide Title: Title of the guide that is visible in the top of the guide. This can be empty if anyone don’t want to show a title.
  3. Guide Description: A overview of the whole guide can be written here to show below the title. This can also be empty.

Step 3: Shortcode Placement
Once the guide is created, a shortcode will be given, click to copy the shortcode and place on any page or post where to show the guide to user.



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