5.1 Connect Mailchimp

WP Guidant can be connected to Mailchimp in order to auto add subscriber from Form Element data. In example, you may have a form where you are taking user’s name, email, address and other information. To automatically add them into your Mailchimp contacts you’ll have to connect Mailchimp. Below things will be needed in order to connect Mailchimp with WP Guidant:


  • API Key: Navigate to the API Keys section of your Mailchimp account. If you already have an API key listed and you’d like to use it for your application, simply copy it. Otherwise, click Create a Key and give it a descriptive name that will remind you which application it’s used for.
  • Server Prefix: Log into your Mailchimp account and look at the URL in your browser. You’ll see something like https://us19.admin.mailchimp.com/; the us19 part is the server prefix. Note that your specific value may be different.
  • Audience List: Generally in Free Mailchimp Subscription, you are allowed to have maximum 1 Audience List. Choose the Audience list in which you want WP Guidant to be connected.

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