3.6 Form Filter

Form Filter allows to create awesome form that can be displayed on any step of the whole guide. Forms can be used to collect information or surveys from users. A Form Filter can have multiple form element such as:

  • Input Field
  • Radio Field
  • Checkbox
  • Select Field
  • Textarea

Again an Input Field can be set of different types such as Text, Number, Email, Date, Password etc.

While creating the Filter, the type Form Filter is selected. In a Form Filter, follow the steps to add a form element:

  1. Select the Manage Form Elements  icon on the filter in which the form element needs to be created.
  2. Click Add Item button to create a form element in the filter.
  3. Now enter the label of the form field, choose input type and whether the field is required or not.
  4. Click the Save Changes button to save it.
  5. To create another form element, follow the steps again.


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