Getting Started

WP Guidant is always assure you to improve the customer experience of your WooCommerce store and WordPress sites. In this documentation, we will show you how can you easily install WP Guidant on your WordPress site. Its one of the prominent guided selling & product recommandation plugin. In fact, WP Guidant helps to create conversational form for lead generation. So you can consider it as form plugin for WordPress.

1.1 Installing & Activating WP Guidant #

Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. Now search with the plugin name on the search bar.

WP Guidant Installation

Now just tap to the Install Now button and activate the plugin on your WordPress website. After successfully install this plugin it will be added on the plugin section of your WordPress site dashboard.

WP Guidant Dashboard

Now you can enjoy all the essential features of WP Guidant and implement them for your website.

1.2 How to Install WP Guidant Pro Version #

To install the premium version of WP Guidant, go to our WPCommerz website. Now go to this following path – WPCommerz > Products > WP Guidant > Pricing. 

WP Guidant Pricing Page

As you can see there are multiple packages available for you. In the premium version you can enjoy the full benefits of the plugin. Now choose your desired package and click on purchase now.

Billing Details

Now properly fill all the necessary informations in the billing page and tap to the Continue to Payment Button. After successful payment go to your My Account section and download the plugin.

We downloaded the premium version of the plugin. Its time to add it on our WordPress site. Login to your WordPress site and Go to the Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.

Upload Plugin

Now choose the file from your computer and click on the install now button. After the installation process activate the plugin. With the help of best product recommendations and guided selling plugin make your store’s sales funnel more efficient.

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