3.5 Slider Condition

Conditions are the process of result filtering. Using a condition, we can filter results based on user’s choice on a Slider. In example, if price range is select $50 – $100 then only products between this price range needs to be showed in the results.

Below things are necessary to know while creating a Condition:

  • Attribute: Based on what the condition is going to be created is the Attribute. In example it can be Product Category, Post Category, Course Category or other things.
  • Matching Type: How we are going to match the Attribute with the Value can be choose using Matching Type.

To create a Card Condition, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Specific Slider from Guide -> Filter -> Slider
  2. Select Slider Conditions from the plugin’s left menu.
  3. Select Attribute, Matching Type and click the Create button.


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