3. Filter & Cards

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To prepare a step by step guide, you have to add effective filters and cards on it. In this portion we will guide you how can you easily incorporate them.

Create FIlter #

A filter represents a single step of a Guide. Each guide can have multiple filters. Filter allows to take user’s choice in order to display result at the last phase or saving the choices.

There are 3 types of filters can be created:

  • Card Filter: Can contain multiple cards. Selection of the cards can be single (Radio) or multiple (Checkbox).
  • Slider Filter: Can contain multiple slider. A slider can be used to provide range such as price.
  • Form Filter: Can contain multiple form element such as text field, dropdown etc. to collect information from user.

To Create a Filter, follow these steps:

Select the Manage Filters icon on the Guide in which the filter to be created.

Filter Create 1

Now, Click the Create Filter button.

Filter Create 2

Enter Filter Name, Filter Title, Filter Description and Filter Type.

Filter Create 3

Click the Create button.

Filter Create 3

This is how filter will on guides with description and title.

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